Red Velvet Cake Recipe

Red Velvet Cake Recipe

♪ Upbeat Music ♪ Put 310 grams of cake flour in a bowl Add 16 grams (unsweetened) cocoa powder add baking soda add salt Mix well Put butter in another bowl add sugar mix them add 2 eggs one by one add veg oil add some white vinegar add vanilla extract add buttermilk add incorporate flour mixture add some more put some food coloring gel pour them on cake pans (half full) spread them temperature 180 degree celcius time (half an hour) it’s ready if it does not sticks on toothpick cool it in room temperature remove the pan filter some powdered sugar in a bowl put cream cheese in another bowl add vanilla extract add the filtered powdered sugar pour heavy whipping cream spread the frosting put another cake at top gently cover the whole part with frosting sprinkle some cake crumbs at the bottom sprinkle some more at top edge ENJOY!!!!!!!!!

100 thoughts on “Red Velvet Cake Recipe

  1. When i was done, i tought it was discussing, I didn't even dear to serve it. But it was the best (redvelvet) cake, maybe even the best cake I've ever tasted. I changed the recipe a bit

  2. It looks very beautiful and tasty but why are you uding a big quantity of powered sugar if we use a smal quantity il will stay normal?

  3. hi..i have tried ur chocolate chunk cookies..dey wer a great success….i want to bake red velvet cake for my dad's bday…but i have smaller oven in which i cannot bake two 9 inches cakes at the same time…….can i keep the other cake pan with the batter ready while the other one is baking….will it affect the baking of my second cake ? or i should prepare the batter in two batches. plz reply asap

  4. Thank you soo much for your recipe so far I have tried 3 of your cakes all were amazing from the first try 🙂💓
    Please can you help me out for this cake as it will be my forth cake that I'll be baking from your recipes 🙂
    Can you tell me whether I can use yogurt instead of buttermilk or is there any substitution for buttermilk as they don't sell here in my county. Thank you soo much for
    Please reply me 😓😓

  5. The MOST AMAZING RECIPE!! I made it dew years back and it was sooo good! Now I want to make it in 18 cm tin so how do I adapt the recipe for my small tin? According to my math I could almost use half of this recipe.Thank youu!

  6. This was great, thanks, been searching for "simple but tasty cake recipes" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Loniden Meyatthew System – (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my co-worker got excellent success with it.

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  8. Can I ask you a question..why don't you adding sugar syrup to wet the that not necessary for it?.. please give me a reply dear😊

  9. I wanted to ask, instead of decorating with cake crumbs, can I use a red mirror glaze? The one thats normally used for mirror cakes? That wld look AMAZING😍😍🔥🔥

  10. @homecookingadventure Hi Ella, the recipe is amazing. Perfectly moist and slightly saltiness of cream cheese frosting made the perfect combo. Thank you so much.

  11. I LOVE RED VELVET BUT I SUCK AT FROSTING IT, CAKE CRUMBS GET MIXED IN THE FROSTING (maybe I tried to spread a very thin layer of icing? Because the cake is fully cooled!) AND I END UP MAKING AN UGLY LOOKING FINISH.

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  13. I've tried the recipe and found it amazing, though I had to cut down on pretty much sugar to my liking. The cake batter was so moist and rich. Thank you so much ^^

  14. very well explained. Do you know by any chance what the ratio would be for vanilla sticks in grams instead of vanilla extract?

  15. La musique n'est pas à mon goût mais le gâteau!!!!
    Réussi du 1er coup! Super beau, super bon!!!
    I love it!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

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