REBECCA ZAMOLO interviews GAME MASTER Spy STEPHEN SHARER! (Hidden Clues in Escape Room Toy House)

REBECCA ZAMOLO interviews GAME MASTER Spy STEPHEN SHARER! (Hidden Clues in Escape Room Toy House)

– [Rebecca] Steve and Grace! You guys are working with the Game Master? – No, it’s not us, we came here to look to find out who was working
with the game master. – Then why is his disguise
up in a hidden room above your bedroom? – Hang on, this is getting
out of hand, Grace. Uh, Rebecca just meet us
downstairs in the swagster room. We can explain everything. – Wait, does it have something to do with that giant fidget spinner? – Uh, yeah, kind of. – Yeah, yeah exactly. – Okay, we’ll meet you down there. We need to figure this out. – [Matt] Bec, are you sure about this? – Yeah, we have to, we
need to figure this out. Hey Zam Fam, it’s Rebecca and you guys saw in my last video that we
broke into Stephen Share and Grace Share’s house and we found very suspicious hidden clues and we think Stephen and Grace might be working for the Game Master. – [Matt] They might
even be the Game Master. – Yes! So now we’re going into their merch room so we can figure this out
and solve this mystery. Come on! – [Matt] Wait! Okay, I’m right behind you. – Alright, I’m so excited to
solve this Game Master mystery. Look you guys, this is their
merch room, you guys saw. And Stephen said it had something to do with that giant fidget
spinner right there. – [Matt] Is there any
clues on it right now? – [Rebecca] I don’t know. – [Matt] Maybe it’s hidden on the back. – Oh my gosh, so let me– – [Stephen] Rebecca, we
know something’s going on. – [Matt And Rebecca] What? – You’re with the Game Master, aren’t you? – I’m not working for the– – [Stephen] She’s gotta
be the Game Master! – [Grace] She has to be! – [Matt] You guys are the Game Master! Hey guys, come on! No, hey, hey! – [Rebecca] No, you can’t trap us! Stephen and Grace just trapped us, Matt! – [Matt] Why would they do that? – Let us out! We know you’re working
for the Game Master! – [Matt] That’s why
they trapped us in here. The Game Master just trapped us in Stephen Share’s merch room. – So this was a trap. What should we do now, Matt? How do we get out of here? You guys, let us know
in the comment section who you think the Game Master is. Stephen Share and Grace Share have both been acting
suspicious since we went to the Game Master’s top
secret escape room house and now we found a ton of
hidden clues in their backyard and all around their house. Have the Shares been the
Game Master the whole time? – [Matt] Rebecca, think about it though, we did break into their house. – They have a control
room and wires to hack! Like, that is not normal! – [Matt] I don’t know what to say, I guess we just need to hang out with this Share the Love merch, the Share fam hidden closet down here. You puttin’ one on? – So I have my merch and holiday merch, I will link that in the description below but, I don’t know, do you think I should try one of these on? – [Matt] It’s pretty nice. – I can share the love. – [Matt] Or what about
the shirt he stepped on? – Oh, wow, okay. – [Matt] Let’s try to figure
out how to get out of here. Zam Fam, I think we need
to interview Stephen Share so we can finally figure out and reveal the truth of
what has been going on. – [Matt] Okay, let’s try
and get out of here, okay? – Maybe we can convince them. Hey, guys? – [Stephen] Stay in there! – [Grace] No, don’t come out! – I have a question. – [Stephen] Grace, lock the door more. – Hey. – [Matt] Did he say,
“Lock the door some more”? – Are they using spy gadgets
to keep us in here, Matt? – [Matt] Feels like an escape room. – Check if there’s any
hidden cameras in here. – [Matt] I mean, those lights
look a little suspicious. You see those? There’s one right there, one right there, and one over there. And also, what is this pole thing up here? – I have no idea. Okay, I’m taking this off, I
don’t trust them right now. We’ve gotta convince
Stephen to let us out. Hey, Stephen? – [Stephen] What? – We have some information
about the Game Master spy that I think you wanna hear. – [Stephen] What kind of information? – Information that
would give a face reveal to who the Game Master is. – [Matt] Is it unlocked? – [Rebecca] Okay, so we talked about it, if you guys are saying you are not working with the Game Master,
you need to prove it. – Okay. – [Grace] We can do that. – How do you want us to prove it? – I wanna interview you. – Okay, let’s do it. – [Rebecca] Okay. You ready to do this, Matt? – [Matt] Yep. – Thumbs up if you guys are glad we are interviewing Stephen. – You realize I’mma be interviewing you if you interview me? – Deal, I have nothing to hide. – Okay, I have nothing to
hide either, let’s do this. – And, Grace, we’re watching you also. – [Matt] That’s right, Grace. Didn’t you interview the Game Master? – I did. – [Matt] Why have you not shared any information with anybody? – ‘Cause it’s top secret information. – [Rebecca] Very suspicious. – She’s not, she just can’t
share it, it’s different. – Okay Stephen so this is
like a lie detector test, but Matt and I will be able
to tell if you’re lying because we we are experts now. – [Matt] We’ve done so
many lie detector tests that we can actually tell the truth. – Yeah we can see it in your eyes, if they move which direction, we know if you’re lying or not. – Okay, well hurry up, let’s
get this interview over. You’ll realize it has
nothing to do with me. – All of you in the Zam Fam, I want you to comment after each question if you think he is telling the truth or if you think he is lying. – [Matt] Question one. – Question one, Stephen: Why do have a control room
panel inside your house? – I think our house was just
built with a security system, I didn’t even know about it
until we stared realizing that the motion sensor cameras and cameras above our
house weren’t even working. – That brings me to question number two, Why do you have so many secret, hidden cameras inside your house? That’s not normal! Do you guys have any hidden
cameras inside your house? – We had to set them up. After the Game Master starting coming into the Share fam house, we had to figure out
exactly what he was doing and why he was coming
in, so we set up secret, hidden cameras all around
the house to figure out why. – You guys, let me know if you
think he’s telling the truth. Stephen, you had wires for hacking, we found a ton of them
in the control room. – No, those wires, we
found, they were shredded. Someone went in there and cut the wires. I found those, they were cut, they’re supposed to be
connected to something. – So, do you think it’s someone else? Like, do you think Chad Wild
Clay could be the hacker? – Wait, where is Chad? – That’s true. – I haven’t seen him since
the Game Master’s escape room. – Yeah, there were six of us,
and now there’s only four. – Where’s Chad and Vee? – [Matt] Chad disappeared at
the escape room house, too. – That is true, and when I had to solve all the clues underwater in the pool, he didn’t jump in at all. – [Matt] Not once, I had to jump in. – Wait, why wouldn’t Chad
want to go underwater? – Especially to solve clues and riddles. – Because if his hair was wet and the Game Master’s hair was wet, we would make a connection. – Yeah.
– [Matt] Exactly. – His disguise wouldn’t work anymore. – Hmm. – Why did you have the
Game Master disguise up in the room above your bedroom? I see you looking at Grace. Grace? – Yes? – [Rebecca] Why are you
using your phone right now? – I’m not using it, I’m just waiting here. – So Stephen, why was that
costume up in that hidden room? – I heard a noise, so I
went up above my bedroom and I found that costume there. I didn’t even see the
costume in my first video, it wasn’t until people
started pointing out, until the Share fam started
commenting down below that they saw something. Then we went back up, we
looked, we found that costume. – I don’t know, you guys, Let me know if you are believing
what he has seen so far. If you think think he’s lying
about anything, let me know. So Stephen, we found a Rubik’s
Cube here at your house which is very ironic
because one of the rooms at the Game Master’s top
secret escape room house was a Rubik’s Cube room. – There’s no relation to that. Grace and I have been
using that Rubik’s Cube to help with our ninja training. – And why, Stephen, would you
and Grace need ninja training? – To learn how to defeat
the Game Master of course. – So you two are both spies. – Yeah, we’re training to
be Game Master’s spies– – [Matt] What?! – To go against– – [Rebecca] To work for the Game Master?! – [Matt] Wait, wait, wait. – To go against the Game Master! Game Master’s spies, to go
against the Game Master. – [Rebecca] So you work
with the Game Master? – Against the Game Master. We’re training to learn
to defeat the Game Master, it’s a difference. – [Matt] That sounds suspicious. – That’s just very coincidental. If you guys think that is very strange that one of the rooms was a Rubik’s Cube and they have a Rubik’s Cube, let me know. When we were exploring the mansion, we ended up playing hide and
seek with the Game Master and trapped him in his own escape room, do you remember that? – Yeah, of course, we locked the doors, we got the Game Master,
we were good to go. – We trapped him, why did you stay? – I was staying to keep
guard and then I fell asleep because I got so tired and I woke up and every single person was
gone, you, Matt, Chad, and Vee. The only person that was
left were me and Grace. – [Rebecca] Okay, but then
why did you guys trap us here today in your merch room? – Because you guys showed up at our house, you broke in to the Share fam house! – [Matt] But we had notes to get here! – Yeah, we had to look for hidden clues! – Well, we didn’t know why you broke in, we needed to make sure! – [Matt] Well, can you explain why there is a sprinkler out there
with a note inside of it? – I don’t know. – Why do you need sprinklers here? It rains all the time. – I don’t know, global warming? – Okay, I have one last question, you guys, please be honest
when you answer this, do you guys have any
secret hidden passageways or any hidden tunnels here
around the Share fam house? – Yeah, we do. – You do?
– [Matt] What? – – [Grace] Yeah, the
Game Master has put clues in the tunnels before. – There’s one right on the
other side of the pond. – [Grace] We saw the Game
Master go through it one time. – Wait, so do you think
that those tunnels, those passageways lead to
the Master Tunnel, Matt? The Game Master’s Master Tunnel? – [Matt] The one by our cabin. – Wait, do you think
that’s how the Game Master is getting to all of
our places so quickly? – All drains do connect to each other. – [Grace] Yeah. – I think we need to
go explore that tunnel because that might lead
us to the Game Master. – Okay, sure, we’ll show you the way. – Who’s that?
– Wait, hang on, someone’s at the door. – [Matt] You expecting company? – Let me go get it, just stay here. Grace, come on. – [Rebecca] You guys better come back! Let me know if you think
Stephen Share and Grace Share are working for the Game Master. I didn’t mention anything
about Santa’s Little Helper because I think one of them might know who Santa’s Little Helper is. I think we need to escape from here. Okay, come on, come on. Okay. – [Stephen] Grace, they’re
gone, they’re gone! – [Grace] Where did they go? – [Stephen] Their merch
is gone and everything! Where did they go? – [Grace] So weird! They’re definitely setting up a trap! Wait, wait! – [Stephen] Wait a second, there they go! Wait, there they go, get
back here, get back here! – [Matt] To the tunnel, to the tunnel! Go to the tunnel, the tunnel! Go, go! Go, go, go, go! – [Rebecca] Go, go, go! – [Stephen] They’re running away! – [Rebecca] Hurry, run! – They’re right behind us,
Bec, they’re right behind us! Come on, come on! – [Rebecca] Go, go, go! We’re gettin’ ’em! – [Rebecca] Matt, are you okay? – Yeah, I’m totally
fine, I’m totally fine. – [Rebecca] Just go, get up to the road! – I’m going, I’m going. Climb, climb, climb, climb, climb! Something right here? Come on, you okay? – Yeah, I’m not the one that fell. We’ve gotta find that tunnel! Look!
– [Matt] There’s one up there, there’s one up there, yes. – [Rebecca] This must be
what they’re talking about! – [Matt] Jump, jump, jump, jump, jump! Which one? Which one? There’s four! – Zam fam, let me know which tunnel you think we should take! I think we should take
the first one, Matt, and see where it goes. I don’t know if this will lead to the Game Master’s Master
Tunnel but we have to find out. – [Matt] We gotta get home, Bec. – [Rebecca] Come on!

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