Reasonable Requests After Home Inspection

Reasonable Requests After Home Inspection

Would you like to know what are some
reasonable requests after a home inspection?
Let’s go because we’re about to get into it. hi there I’m a realtor and mom and I
post new videos every Wednesday for you guys and they’re basically about real
estate and lifestyle in their Orlando area. so first I would like to start with
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guide to help you through the process. so you just got a home inspection and you
know you’re curious on what are some common items that people ask for and
requesting home repairs after the home inspection? this is what we’re gonna talk
about –it is important to be fair when asking for home repairs
after a home inspection. a knowledgeable real estate agent should be able to
guide you in on the process. make sure you’re talking about what
concerns you have. the home inspection has the purpose of
highlighting all the defects in a home. so asking to replace a light bulb is
simply not a very common repair. if you are ever confused about if
you’re asking too much or and you know you don’t want to be petty or you’re
asking too little, ask yourself if you were selling your home would you be
offended and think you know some of these things are petty? to do all these
specific repairs. so common repairs needed after the home inspection well
the most common repairs that I’ve encountered are electrical, plumbing, roof
and HVAC. so some other issues include major structural issues where an
engineer will be involved, mold, pest which range from roof bats and bats and
squirrels in the Attic or wood destroying organisms and termites, water
issues or issues with water drainage, well water issues or you know lack of
pressure electrical issues where safety is concerned and you know other plumbing
defects. there’s lead paint any property that is 1979 and older is
required by law to have a lead paint disclosure. who pays for repairs after a
home inspection? if the buyer has requested repairs on the home for
major issues that we just talked about and the buyer and seller have negotiated
and agreed upon on repairs the seller will usually pay for them after the home
inspection. good negotiations after home inspection– a good real estate
agent has a track record of success with negotiating starting with the purchase
price that’s the first thing and you know if the purchase price went back and
forth several times and the seller seems stuck on a number that they wanted– they
might not be so open to negotiate repairs because in their eyes you
already got a good discount and a steal on their home because your agent did
such a good job negotiating on the purchase price. Asking a seller for
repairs after inspection and repairs to avoid— anything under a hundred or two
hundred dollars or any cosmetic issues. Loose fixtures in the home,
loose railings, cosmetic water damage that hasn’t ruined anything is just
cosmetic. cosmetic yard issues or garages or sheds. basically if it’s like a
high-cost ticketed item that is not cosmetic then you may request a repair
for these. so how to counteroffer after a home inspection? see what they are
offering and then this is where both parties have to reach an agreement. so
you know make sure you’re not too rigid when you submit your counter offer. once you
find a reasonable counteroffer that is fair to both you and the seller, then the same contract can be used and you can just cross things off
the realization will cross things off and you can initial where the adjustment
was made. your agent may also rewrite the contract altogether so that it just
doesn’t look so messy and it’s nice and clean and it doesn’t cause too much
confusion. keep watching the next video in this buyer series which is: what
happens the week before closing on a house. so right up here thanks so much
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16 thoughts on “Reasonable Requests After Home Inspection

  1. Home inspection is paramount when buying a home. Great video and excellent points calling on common sense and being reasonable.!

  2. I always think it is amazing when a buyers agent sends over a laundry list of repairs. Seller is not rebuilding the property for you. Let's keep it to health and safety.

  3. Keyword "Reasonable", right? People frequently lose their minds at this stage of the transaction (agents too LOL).

  4. Great video, Krish! Being reasonable is so important. I always like to ask which items, if not repaired, would make you walk away from the home.

  5. Great advice to establish out front. When EITHER party is too greedy or not thinking about the best way to make the deal happen, the deal falls apart. It takes two to tango….and getting to the closing table is a Tango, for sure!

  6. This is a great topic. Some things are important to have the home sellers fix, but petty things that a buyer could easier fix I think can be a little overboard sometimes.

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