REALLY EASY DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments | Polymer Clay Gift & Santa Boot Tutorial

REALLY EASY DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments | Polymer Clay Gift & Santa Boot Tutorial

Hi there, welcome to today’s video, and in
a change from badges, I’m going to be making some little tree ornaments today. I guess you could make them into badges if you really wanted to
but, yeah, I’m going to be sticking with tree ornaments today, so let’s go and
crack on. So, I’m going to be making two Christmas ornaments today and they’re
really easy, so this is one for people of all levels. So, I’m going to start with
the basic Christmas gift and you could actually make this into a badge if you
wanted to, you just need to ensure that it’s large enough to carry a fastening
on the back, but I’m just making an ornament for today. So I’m making a
square shape and for the ribbon I’m using some red clay and I’m going to
make some thin strips like so, just with my blade cutting tool and I’ll just pop
a band over the green square like so. You have to try and make sure that it’s
fairly neat and symmetrical and just cut off the ends here with either a blade
cutting tool or a scalpel would do, and just create two more pieces to give
the illusion that it’s going under the the top piece, and again just cut those
off like so. And I’m gonna make a bow for the top of
the gift so I’m using my noodle tool here to create some basic detail on
that, and that attaches to the top of the gift like so and I’ve just got a very
basic square shape here that’s slightly curved just to go over the
triangles, just to give the illusion of a bow, and I’m going to make some little
snowflake details on my wrapping paper but you can make whatever pattern you
like here so, you know, get as creative as you like,
but this is just really easy. So there we go, that’s our first ornament done and
I’m moving on now to a Christmas Santa boot and again it’s a really easy one.
So, I’m just taking off some edges like so and I’ll need my scalpel tool here,
just to go a bit freehand really on the front of the boot, and I’ll just take
out a little triangle section to give the illusion of a heel. So there we go,
how easy was that? So, I’m just going to pop that on some greaseproof paper,
because it allows you to move your ornaments around or your piece around,
without damaging the the edges, and I’m using some white clay now for
the top of the boot, to make it nice and woolly, and for some nice textured detail
I’ve got my medium-sized ball tool here and I just need to tap that down
repeatedly to create a nice woolly effect. And then that just attaches to the
top of the boot like so, and press down quite firmly. So to make our boots look a
little more festive, I’m gonna make some holly, so I’m using my little leaf cookie
cutter tool here and with my little Club tool I’m gonna cut out some teeny-tiny
semi circles because I don’t think there’s such a thing as a circular tool
that that’s this small really, so you kind of just have to use what you you’ve
got around, but I guess you could use a scalpel
if you’ve not got anything suitable. So it’s just a case of going around the
leaf like so, pressing out semi circles as you go, and that creates quite an
effective little holly leaf really, and if you go wrong it’s just the case of
starting again. So I’ve got two holly leaves now and
they’re going to adorn my little boot like so, and that really pops against the
red and some little holly berries just finishes off nicely, and if you wanted to,
you can add some detail with a needle tool. So, I think that’s worked out really
well and to ensure that you can attach some string or ribbon to your ornaments,
it’s just a case of popping a hole through. So, I’m just going to start the
hole with a needle tool and finish it off with a ball tool just so it’s
slightly larger. I’m just trying to keep it as neat as possible really, and again on
to my gift, just pop my needle tool through… and my ball tool, to ensure that it’s
large enough for a piece of string to go through. So, now they’re all done they’re
ready to bake and at this point you’ll need to refer to your own brands of
polymer clay baking instructions. So now they’re baked and cooled, it might be
nice to add some gloss to your little ornaments so they catch the light when
they’re on the tree. So, it’s just a case of picking up on whichever elements
you fancy, so I’m going to gloss just the ribbon on my gift, and I’m going to
gloss Santa’s boot because you know, why not. So there they are all done and ready
to adorn your Christmas tree. Thanks very much for watching. Give it a thumbs up if
you liked it and I’ll see you again soon. Bye bye.

4 thoughts on “REALLY EASY DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments | Polymer Clay Gift & Santa Boot Tutorial

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  2. Thank you for this, i was really hoping to do some decorations for my tree as well as gifts . They will be perfect to put in christmas cards . Perfect timing, thanks Lizziie. Just one question, i noticed you have not been painting them with the smooth liquid that gets rid of finger prints, is there a reason.? Sometimes you wear gloves , some times you dont…. i would love to know how you make those decisions.
    Im sorry ive been away past few weeks , but will catch up with you videos now. Hope you are feeling good this week. Nothing like the christmas spirit to get us warm and cosy and excited 🧡🧡🧡🧡

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