Real Food vs. Gummy Food!

Real Food vs. Gummy Food!

Hey guys, it’s Rachel and– Gina. She has a YouTube channel
called BG versus GF. You should subscribe. Thank you. Aw, and today we are doing the
real food versus gummy food challenge. Which you guys told
us to do on Twitter. Thank you. Follow us on Twitter,
if you’re not already. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge. So basically what
this challenge is, is that we have one real
food and one gummy food. Gummy candy? Gummy candy food? Gummy candy that
looks like actual– it’s supposed to be food. And our friends are going
to be presenting it to us. So we don’t know
who’s getting what. and we also don’t
know what the food is. We let our friends decide. And hopefully our
friends love us. I’m not so sure about that. We have to eat whatever
is under the tray. Yep. Well, you know, It’s OK
we have our cups of water, and we have our barf buckets. So you know what? Cheers. Let’s get onto the video. Are you excited or scared? I always wanted to be
served by a silver platter. But I’m not– This is not the one– Not exactly sure– Oh, OK. Wait. [SNAP] OK. That’s how you guys know
what’s under the platter before we know. OK. Are you ready to open this? To the honest, I’m scared
they’re going to put worms. Well, there are gummy worms. I will not– I don’t think they
would do that to us. 1, 2, 3. Ooh, that doesn’t look so bad? Wait, are these hot peppers? Are these hot gummies? I’m not too upset about this. Holy! That’s like the
crunchiest pepper. And it is sweet. It’s actually good. Uh-oh. Is it hot? Yeah. [LAUGHS] Milk, milk does it too. Thanks. That was for me. I’m scared, Ready, set, go. Eyes. And they’re– whoa! That stinks, for one. Thank you! Thank you that I
didn’t get that. I see. [SCREAMS] It’s not squishy
when you feel it. Ew. What flavor is it? Oh, poor you. [LAUGHS] Oh my god. Don’t look at it. [SCREAMS] How come you’re not
screaming and I’m screaming? [SCREAMS] OK. Let’s see what’s next. This is like frightening. Oh, a mustache. What the fuck! Oh my god, a mustache! That’s a plate of hair. Nobody has that color hair. Where did that come from? Do I have to eat that? Yeah. I guess so. I’m just going to
hide under here now. [GROAN] I guess just like lick it. This is so disgusting. [SCREAM] [SPITTING] Yay! Oh, I guess I got
the gummy pizza. I’m not complaining. What? Wait, then why is
this in the box? Did they do that to confuse us? Ooh. Mmm. Are we just hungry and we’re
like so excited about this? I’m OK with this right now. Like, I just had pizza. 1, 2– Oh! Are they alive? [SCREAMS] [SCREAMS] No! Yes! Oh, this is heavy. I can’t look at that. I– I’m just going
to close my eyes. [SCREAMS] Oh, my god. No! Ew! I see a vein in it! [SCREAM] Don’t say that! How are you throwing up? That’s OK. It’s OK. They’re like gummy worms. Yeah, oh my. You’re right. [SCREAMS] Oh, my god. [SCREAMS] Oh my god. Oh my god, Rachel. I’m sorry. I love you. Oh my god. What are we doing? What is this? Rachel? What a life. Oh, yeah. What a life. How do they shrink like that? Did it just poop? My peeps, you better
subscribe to this. Because this is amazing. And I would never do this, ever. Oh, my god. Oh! [SCREAMS] Oh, my god. It’s moving. [SCREAMS] Are you OK? I’m going to release these out
into the wild really quickly. Are you OK? Yeah. No! I mean how much
worse could it get? A bear. A bear? A bear, they took a
piece out of a bear. All right. Ready, set, go. A raw egg! I’m so grateful right now. But this is raw. Have fun. How do I do it? Just like, [SLURP]. I need a bib. What are we doing? Why are we doing this? It kinds stinks. [SCREAMS] Ew! Charge. Wait! Is that chicken legs? It’s a frog’s legs. Kermit’s inner voice isn’t
talking to him anymore. Ew! Oh my god. Ew! Ew? Yeah. Ew? Oh my god. It’s really chewy. Ew. I’m just picturing
a little frog. [YELL] I’m over this challenge. Yes. That’s honestly not that bad. Thank you. [SINGING IN SPANISH] After you bite
it, it comes apart like there’s actual layers. Look, there’s actual layers. Oh my god, wow. Look. They have pickles in here. Who would have done this? It’s so brilliant. You’re very easily entertained. I am. This is so exciting. I’m so happy. What if I threw it on
your face and it stuck? Try it. It slaps a little. This is food you can play with. This is what every parent
wants their kids to have. Listen, though. Oh! Gina! Oh, I knew it. I knew that cup of
water was going to fall. Aw. What kind of bone is that? That’s not edible. It’s a human bone. No, it’s– what would you do if
this was your turn and you got this? I’d eat it. Come on. Good job. It was actually cracking. What if someone bit me? Would I break? This is a chicken bone. Next. This stinks whatever this is. I’m much more grossed out
to eat this than the worm. Is this like old fish? Guys, is this– did
you give me old fish? You’re all holding your breath. It’s kind of fun to
play with you food. The thing is, I hate fish. What actual kind
of fish is that? Because that’s not
like regular salmon. It’s like slimier
than slimy salmon. Thanks. With like a crust. Do we have ADD? [LAUGHS] Ew dude, that stinks. In the arms of the angel– It’s 3:22 AM. It was– it was a big
process to do this. Let’s see who yawns after
watching me yawn in that video. OK, guys, so that
is the challenge. I don’t know if I had
fun in this challenge. We also filmed a video on
Gina’s channel, BF versus GF. And we did an Orbeez challenge. You’re dropping Orbeez all over. Ew! Oh, my god. [INAUDIBLE] Ew! I found it! Oh, no. Deeply depressed– and make
sure to subscribe to her. I will have her link down below. [LAUGHS] OK. So I hope you guys
enjoyed this video. If you missed my previous two
videos, click those down below, and subscribe right over
there, if you’re not subscribed already. OK. I love you guys, so much! Bye!

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