100 thoughts on “Real Engine in a Barbie Car!

  1. Friends: how are u going to win with a pink car like that??? U will lose! 😂
    Me: *starts engine*
    Friends: 😮😟
    Me: *drives*
    Friends: we should’ve not been mean, but OMG

  2. I was bored at work where I'm not allowed to watch YouTube but I was reading the news and you guys were in a business insider article for this shit. Good job boys! Been a fan for a bit and good to see you gettin some recognition.

  3. Me and my friend are 13 and we startet projekt of mini ford pick up with powerfull atv engine and its so fucking loud and we will have homemade kits and body

  4. I’ll send u my address, I would like 6 of these, 3 of them black and the other 3 white. If you can, make on of them faster than the others, put a hoonigan sticker on that one. Gracias

  5. How long did it take for oil starvation to seize the big end on a sustained corner? Just curious 😉 But very cool all the same.

  6. I love that this is a thing that exists in the world and people like you build things like this. I need to find a cheap project to work on.

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