Reading Uni News Show 2019 Ep. 5

Hello and welcome to the Reading Uni News Show I’m Nelly. It’s been announced that Professor Robert Van de Noort has been appointed as the new Vice-Chancellor at the University of Reading. Professor Van de Noort started his role as Acting Vice-Chancellor in September 2018 Following the departure of Sir David Bell last year. The appointment process involved input from the representatives from the whole of the university, including RUSU. Professor Van de Noort said: Now this Tuesday was pancake day so we’ve been out to see what people around campus are giving up for lent. I’m giving up complaining for lent. Chocolate For lent I’m giving up Netflix. So what I’m giving up for lent is avocados because avocados are so highly rated and I wanna give them up so that I can go back and appreciate them when I’m eventually allowed to eat them again. I’ve thought about this for years this thing that I’m giving up and I really think it’d be a good thing to do. That’s all from us for now but join us again next week and if you have a story you want to share contact us via our Instagram and Facebook pages. Just search ‘readinguninewsshow’. Bye! For lent I’m giving up other people and we’re bec– What am I saying?! For lent we’re giving –uslrubfsl– For lent we’re giving up other people and we’re becoming one! The Sound Guy: It’s good enough! It’s good enough… Jess: Yeah, I’ve recorded …wait sorry… Callum: Due to lack of people we’re interviewing… Ben: Ourselves. Go on click record! Callum: It literally is! Ben: No it’s n– Callum: It is recording!! I’m the sound guy! It’s my only thing. I’m giving up sleeping in for lent I’m giving up assignments… I am.

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