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[YELLING] Dude Perfect. We’re Dude Perfect. Welcome to RC Plane Battle. Here we go! [ALL WHOOPING] The rules for this
battle are simple. We’ll have three rounds with
three different planes ending with a two person finale. Good luck, pilots. Welcome to the first of three
competitions called Fly or Die. You have to fly around
while avoiding the spider web of death, the balloon
minefield, two inflate-a-boys, and of course, the fire fan. First two people to
crash are eliminated from the competition. Here we go. Purple Hoser here,
doing a little pre-game. Guarantee a podium this time. Let’s do it. Love RC planes. Looking for a W. What’s up, guys, Coby here. I’m going to go a little
bit of a different direction in strategy today– I’m just going to
have a good time. Call sign, Rocket Man. I might take somebody out
in the mid-air collision if we make top three. Rocket Man, out. What’s up, guys? Cory here with the gold plane. Not the finish I wanted
with a metal detector but hopefully we can
turn the plane around. Let’s do this. Three, two, one. [STARTING RING] [SHOUTING EXCITEDLY] Oh, my god! This is so hard. Holy cow! Holy cow! [WARNING BEEPS] No, I’m done. Garrett’s down! Come on! I’m still up! [YELLING] Cory’s down! I’m still up baby! Victory flyby! I want to take him down so bad. Bring it, dude. [YELLING] Oh! I got third! Ty, are you still alive? I’m alive! Coby’s gone! What a save! [WARNING BEEPS] Down! Time! Yeah! Land in the hand! Coming in! Coming in! Captain Ty! [DING DING DING] Nice catch. I was afraid that
was going to hurt. Finale bro! [ALL WHOOPING] Did he actually make it? I did, I was third! 2019 is kind of the year
of last places for me. Still on a losing streak. With these fancy
goggles, we’ll be able to see what our plane sees. The goal is to radio in the
code before getting shot down. All right, Cody got third
place in the first competition so he is going first. Our job is to shoot
him down before he can radio in our code. You boys ready? Yes, sir. [RAPID FIRING] Whoo! Here we are, round two. All I gotta do is
get in second place. Here we go. Boy, you’re in so much trouble. OK. 3, 2, 1. You have eyes on him? I got eyes. [RAPID FIRING] L-J-3-Y– Turn it up. [INAUDIBLE] 2-4-6? [BUZZER] [WARNING BEEPS] [YELLING] Dang it! I don’t know if I got it
right but I went for it. Oh, they shot me down, though. I will say, he got
correct the L-J-3-Y-2-4. Whoo! We dropped him. We dropped him. Yeah, we did. Six out of eight letters. That’s a good run. All right, Cobes, you’re up. My heart is pounding. Cody got six out of eight
but that is beatable. Let’s go! Here we go, baby! Oh, he’s up! Beautiful take off! [YELLING] [RAPID FIRING] 2-Y-4- C-A-3-J-L. Let’s go! Eight letters! Boom! I’m not out of it, but I
am on the chopping block. Ty, I think you’re up, buddy. Good luck to you, my man. You can’t wear sandies
and shoot planes down. What am I thinking? What’s up, guys. Unfortunately, we ran
out of this little thing called daylight yesterday. So, hey, day two. Here we go. Fresh start. I’m going to come in hot. I’m not scared. You know, I’ve got
moves like this. “Pepe, watch out! There’s a bogey on your tail!” [IMITATING FLYING NOISES] [PLANE BRAKING, RECORD SCRATCH] Oh. Can we fix that? You guys know the stakes. Tyler’s up. We’ve got to shoot him down,
launch me into the finale to play this guy. It could be Coby’s
second ever battle. Let’s go! Take him down. 3, 2, 1, fire! [RAPID FIRING] Y- 2, I think. [RAPID FIRING] Dude, I definitely
hit his belly! Y-2-A-L-3-C-J-4! [DING DING DING] I think I got it. I think I got it. What happened? He’s down! Did you get shot
down or did you– I wanted to make sure
I could see it clearly but the only way to do that
was really to come in hot. The coordinates were delivered. Bombs away, boys. Folks, That’s it. I’m out. Ty’s in. I’ll see you in the finale, boy! Whoo! Welcome to round three. Cobes, can’t believe I’m saying
this, welcome to the finale! Welcome to the finale to
you, T, it’s been awhile. Well, I’ve been there. So what we got here
at round three– Troop Drop. The closest to the
pin, if you will. We’ve got a quick detach
little button on our remote. We come flying
over– drop troops! Drop troops! They all parachute down. Mine will probably be
a foot from the flag. Coby’s will be in the pond. That’s– Flip that. –my prediction. Yeah, Coby’s going first. Hey, good luck, pal. You enjoy that. Can’t wait, let’s do it! 3, 2, 1. Here we go! Dropping now! Get there! Oh, it looks good! Come on! Come on! Come on! Yeah! Yeah! [ALL WHOOPING] [DING DING DING] That is exhilarating. I don’t know what’s
more exciting. Hey. That was the greatest
performance I’ve ever seen! Thank you! We’ve seen crazier
comebacks from Ty. Please, Lord, not today. 12 feet exactly. 12! 12 feet! 12 of Garrett’s feet exactly. Well, after a
performance like that, there’s only one
thing left to say– door’s still open. Ohh! But it’s also
ridiculously windy, so all mine could
go in the pond. The thing is, I’ve got my own
drop to worry about right now. Nine months without a
battle win, that’ll really start to take a toll on a man. And to be quite frank
with you, I’m not sure how Coby has done it this long. Hats off to you, Cobes. And congrats on
the win if it be. If not, congrats to myself. So here we go. And 3– Let’s go. 2, 1. Rocket Man we are
ready for take off. Pilot-wise, you look a lot
smoother, more decisive. He’s thinking about it! I’m dropping. He’s dropping! [YELLING] Go! Oh, no! Oh, no troops! [YELLING] It’s over! What is happening? What is happening? Yeah! He’s done it! He’s done it! Thank you, Tyler! Thank you! I have a plane in the air! Look how horrible that was! Oh, what a horrible situation. That was so– Pitiful. Bad. An American flag in
one hand, these guys representing the troops who keep
our country safe and the other. I can’t thank both
of you enough. It feels so good! Thank you, guys for
sticking with me. Private Johnson, what
is wrong with you? Hey, dude, first
of all, thank you for landing 12 of Garrett’s
boot lengths away from the flag. This one’s on you, soldier! And I owe it all to you. Get back to your barracks! Well, ladies and
gentlemen, if you’re wondering why we’re sitting, it
was simply so we could do this. [CLAPPING] Well done, Coby Cotton! I’m like, so proud
of you right now! Thank you, buddy! [YELLING] The ladies are crying at home! He’s done it. Number two, baby! Team Coby, you guys. About to start crying myself. Hold it together. Hold it together. Guys, thank you for watching. If you’re not already a
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