27 thoughts on “Ray Tomasso: Papermaking and the History of Paper

  1. hm….neeto! thnx for video….learning that 'rattle' is a paper term….all video was/is fascinating

  2. Such knowledge!  So good of you to share it.  I found this so helpful. I wish you'd write a photographic book which illustrates processes and provides this wonderful history of paper-making.  You have a great ability to explain complex processes in a clear and easily followed manner.  Your love for the craft shines through. Thank you.

  3. Your video is very informative and you seem to love what you do. I enjoyed watching the process of making paper and your knowledge sharing of all the ways others and even your experience in this field. I felt very overwhelmed at the process and effort put into making paper you are a true artesian and here by assign you paper guru. I almost turned the video off but your way of sharing the knowledge and history of this age old art was so engaging that I had to see your post until the end. I salute you Sir. I hope more people or your family keep this artistry going cause its worth keeping it alive. Goodnight paper guru✌

  4. Hey guys, my English is bad and do not understand the comment about the "internal sizing". I need to know what is the component of "internal sizing" or the recipe to prepare
    Thank you

  5. Thank you Ray Tomasso, for reading 500 volumes on papermaking so we don't have to. Best paper making tutorial on youtube.

  6. Greetings and a Happy New Year 2017 to you Mr. Tomasso.  I am very fascinated with the art of crafting ancient styles of handmade paper and fine vintage handcrafted books and manuscripts, and very much appreciate your video.  Thank you sir.

  7. What does he snort at 6:49? Dude is a fiberhead! Snorting, "industrial grade cutter." I wonder if other factually know of his, "issue."

  8. A very heartfelt thanks to you sir. Your commitment to your craft and your willingness to share openly all your hard won knowledge is impressive and inspirational.

  9. Wow really interesting. So enjoyable to watch your passion for what you do shines through and your knowledge is fantastic. Thank you for sharing that.

  10. I was doing research on papyrus (early writing material in ancient Egypt, Greek & Rome) hoping I would find more info here but disappointed it was not even mentioned in the history portion.

  11. Really fascinating stuffe!  Thanks Ray Tomasso.  Book on this, Paper by M Kurlansky was informative, but no details as you have given us here.  I appreciate your video.

  12. I would say this only one type of paper you're making, which is good. Also the fact of five centuries of lasting, gives a clue about hard copies that extend the need for paper as a piece of evidence.

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