Ranthal (റാന്തല്‍ ) Shortfilm | Sadhika Venugopal | Balaji| Krishnan Balakrishnan|Sujith Govindan

Ranthal (റാന്തല്‍ ) Shortfilm | Sadhika Venugopal | Balaji| Krishnan Balakrishnan|Sujith Govindan

Ambili.. Hey Ambili.. Ambili.. Open the door. What mess have you gotten yourself into now ! What can I say ! It’s an occupational hazard! I’m so hungry. Get me something to eat. What took you so long to open the door? I had seen you coming But I was making dinner. Aha Is everything alright? I’m so hungry. Had your dinner? Why hasn’t the baby slept yet? Ah.. Bring it here. You aren’t going to die if you skip a meal. Go get yourself cleaned up. Have you seen that thief Mani, lately? Thanks to you people, No one visits me these days. (Whistles) (sings a malayalam film song, basically about self-control) Don’t you have any mascara left? No. by the way.. Aren’t you going home today? Oh.. Come closer. Are you done? Yeah By the way, why did you ask about Mani earlier? He stole a gold chain from Sankaran Nair’s home. I heard that he is hiding somehere near. … and are you sure that he is not here? right? He sleeps in Menon’s shop We will lock him up tonight But how? We have caught one of his accomplices. He started to sing after the right amount of thrashing. He told us that Mani is going to rob S.I. sir’s home tonight. There is a bounty on his head. What bounty? A hundred rupees. Hundred rupees? Yes and if you can get us a lead, you will get it. But, I won’t let anyone else have him. He is all mine. I will present him directly to Mr. Sankaran. I’ll get the bounty and he’ll get the beating. Are you sure, he is not here? I’ll come back after winning the bounty. I’ll settle both the payments then at once. Ah! Look at that! It’s very hard to go by if you start asking for credit in this business. So.. Are you certain you will catch Mani tonight ? I swear on God!! I shall catch him tonight! I’ve taken all the precautions to ensure that he doesn’t slip away tonight Good luck with that. I’ll make it happen, wait and see. You just make sure that you cook fresh fish curry for tomorrow See you then! You heard him ! All the cops are geared up to catch you tonight! Scumbags! Do you know how much of things I robbed are still in his home ? Ungrateful bastards! When they hear of a bounty … Why didn’t you rat me out ? Why should I ? You would’ve gotten paid, right ? Are you nuts, Kochetta ? Had I ratted you out, I wouldn’t get paid. Moreover, Shankaran Nair would have evicted me the very next day.. for providing asylum to you ! Oh ! so that’s why you didn’t hand me over to the cops? Not just that Kochetta.. I dont think you are guilty So don’t you think stealing is bad? Bah! stealing ! There is no such thing like that Kochetta. In this society, we both are outcasts ..due to our line of work Also you steal from the rich to feed poor folks like us, right ? In that case.. you are not a robber… you are a communist! Interesting.. Where did you learn all these from ? You have no idea about the kind of people who vist me regularly Quite interesting. I like you. Do you? mm.. But you never intended to marry me..did you ? Now that I think of it.. let’s get married. Shall we ? Stop joking like this Kochetta! No. I’m serious. Will you marry me ? Don’t. You’ll regret these words later. I didn’t just say that out of a whim! I’m telling you this out of the confidence that.. …I wont let you and your kid starve ever again! Why dont you come with me? Ambili, realise that we are despicable only in this town. Let’s move to somewhere else where we can start over! We shall live in dignity. I will take care of both of you until my last breath. I just need your consent. Time will wash everything else. Your soul is unblemished . I’ve seen it myself. Mani, son of Raman hereby declare you to be his rightfully wedded wife with.. This gold chain being our sacred thread. from today on.. you are my woman ! Tomorrow by this time I will come back, be ready with your kid. We shall go. What about the police ? I am not going to the S.I’s house now, am I ? Then? Just to this cop called Divakaran’s, right ? A lot of my hard earned possessions are in his house I’m going to reclaim them. I’ll come at this time Tomorrow. Ok? Don’t worry

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  1. 😘😍 ഒരു നല്ല പരിശ്രമം. കുറേ നാളുകൾക്കു ശേഷം ഒരു നല്ല ഷോർട് ഫിലിം കണ്ടു. സാധിക തകർത്തഭിനയിച്ചു. എന്തൊക്കെ ആയാലും ഇങ്ങനൊരു സിനിമ സമ്മാനിച്ചതിന് ഒരായിരം നന്ദി. പിന്നെ പറയാതിരിക്കാൻ കഴിയാത്തതാണ് ഇതിന്റെ ഡിറക്ഷനും ക്യാമറയും സൗണ്ട് മിക്സിങ്ങും പൊളിച്ചു…….

  2. വളരെ നന്നായിട്ടുണ്ട് എനിക്കിഷ്ടമായി എല്ലാവർക്കും ഇഷ്ടമാവും

  3. ഷോർട് ഫിലിം ഞാൻ കാണാറുണ്ട് പക്ഷേ കണ്ടു എന്ന് തോന്നിയ ഒരു ഫിലിം മനസിന് നല്ല ഒരു ഫീൽ തന്നു ഗംഭീരമായിട്ടുണ്ട്

  4. hats off sadhika and all Crews of this short film..ejjathy vera level..ithoke alle mone kidu..ullil thattunna characters.. sadhika chechi vera level

  5. നന്നായിട്ടുണ്ട്..കുറച്ച് പുതിയ കഥകൾ പരീക്ഷിച്ചാൽ നന്നാവും.

  6. ഇതൊക്കെ എവിടത്തെ സംസ്കാരമ. വീട്ടിൽ കയറി വന്നു കൈ കഴുകാതെ ഭക്ഷണം കഴിക്കുക, ശേഷം പത്രത്തിൽ തൂപ്പുകാ ഇതാണോ പഠിപ്പിക്കുന്നെ

  7. 2019-ൽ കാണാൻ വന്നവർ ആരെങ്കിലും ഉണ്ടോ ഇവിടെ?

  8. സാമൂഹിക കാഴ്ചപ്പാട് മൊത്തം മാറ്റിമറിക്കുന്ന ഷോർട് ഫിലിം. ഇഷ്ടം..❤

  9. Good short film,
    Viewed it by studying in Times of India news paper article.
    To reach pan India viewers, please give English bottom lines for non malayalese.
    I am telugu man, working in kochi

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