Random Sculpt (Episode 3) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Random Sculpt (Episode 3) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another episode of Random sculpt. The rules are pretty easy. I will roll these story cubes and then I have to create what we get. Let’s see! OK, this will be tough. Let’s see what we have. We have a sad face, a walking stick and the globe. Cool! Let’s start with the face. This is the easiest part to start with. And now we have some time to think about how to connect all these three symbols on the dice. Yeah, by the end of this tutorial we will not only have the clay figure, but also a great story. So, here we go. Once upon a time there was a man and let’s give him a name. What does he look like? Let’s call him Edwin. Edwin Duncan. OK, so Edwin lived in a small house in a small neighbourhood and with a regular job in an office. All day long he had to count the desk papers. He had to count piles of paper and well he used… he used a calculator. A calculator to count all these sheets of paper. And, well it was one of those Mondays when his life seemed so boring. Yes, his eyes already look very boring. Bored. His eyes look very bored. So Edwin decided to quit his job and to quit his boring life. Let’s say he just packed a large suticase and filled it with some clothes and some sheets of paper and of course with his calculator. For the younger viewers I hope you know that few years ago these were not just apps on your smartphones. Edwin thought about where to go. While he was still thinking about his destination he had his calculator in his hand and he flipped it around and he read ‘made in China’. He sold his house and took all the money for a one way ticket to Asia. Where he wanted to travel around China. The plane has just arrived and he has just landed and the very new smell touched his nose. Exotic spices and strange aromas filled the air and yeah, while the head is now finished, almost finished. We’re just adding the hair. Well he felt that feeling, he was hungry, let’s say. He was hungry. But he had no money at all and all he had left was his suitcase filled with paper, with clothes he needed and his calculator. He went to a food stand at the side of the tree and asked the seller to give him some food for free. But the Chinese businessman shook his head and pointed at the calculator. I will give you food for seven days and you give me your calculator. So it was a deal. Now Edwin had something to eat for seven days and his hair had turned grey as you can see, so he got a bit older. He bought a hat, from one of the piles of paper he had, because this was very rare in China. We also have to think about the rest of his clothes, what he was wearing, So this will be a pullover. Let’s say this was a gift for his 40th birthday. He’s still eating some noodles with chopsticks, of course. He crossed the crowded street and stopped. Right in front of him there was a factory but not just any factory it was the factory for calculators. And the old businessman just hang out the sign which said: Looking for a qualified person to take over my business. Edwin just stood up in front of this man and he told the man: I am your guy! I used to work with these calculators for years and even wearing the pullover with old keys from calculators. Look! But I don’t have any money to buy your factory. And the old Asian businessman looked down and stopped. I will give you my factory for… For this pullover… No, let’s say: I will give you my factory for these expensive and very rare trousers of yours. So we will leave that out in a minute. So it was a deal. Edwin worked in his calculator factory for years and years and he travelled all around the world to sell calculators. And for example one time in the desert he even traded one bottle of water for 60 calculators. Otherwise he would have died. Or in the deep jungle he once had to fight against tigers, who wanted to steal all his machines. His calculators. As he had no weapons, he threw difficult math problems at the tigers and the tigers couldn’t solve these math problems with the calculators. Very frustrated, the tigers went back into the dark and deep jungle. OK, meanwhile we are creating Edwin’s arms. These are the arms prepared to carry a lot of calculators. The day had come and he knew he wanted to return to his home where he belonged. And he had become very old as you can see and the factory for calculators well it was shut down because of the smartphone era. With built in calculator apps. So it’s our fault that Edwin lost his factory. Nobody wanted to buy his old machines anymore. Besides Edwin we also have to create the suitcase, of course. So this will be the suitcase and I try to make it look very old so that you see that someone has travelled a lot with this suitcase. Maybe we will add a lot of stickers, we put onto it, from all the different countries he had travelled to. Well, now the very sad part is about to begin. He found himself in the same situation where he had been decades ago. No money, but with the desire to travel but this time he wanted to travel home. He wanted to travel so he went to a travel agency and asked a young lady to give him a flight ticket for his last 1000 calculators. But she refused, as she already had an iPhone with the calculator app. Thank you Steve Jobs. But Edwin asked again and said: I would give you anything for this one way ticket, back to my home. Even my left sock. The woman’s eyes filled with tears and… she said: My dead grandfather used to have this sort of socks. You get your ticket and I get your left sock. And it was a deal. Now Edwin was lucky to have a ticket back home but he did not want to take back all these 1000 calculators he still had. So he kept one as a souvenir and took those 999 and donated them to a local museum. And as a big thank you he was allowed to take one of the other exhibits which were in the museum. So he walked down he passed all the showcases with the old artefacts and he stopped in front of one special showcase. It contained… let’s say maybe a big suitcase, no let’s say it contained the walking stick. The wooden walking stick of the first Chinese emperor. You must think that I’m crazy with this story. It’s just so much fun right now. Yeah. Now Edwin is back in his small house in a small neighbourhood and without any family. And when Edwin now thinks back what he all had experienced during his life he gets very sentimental, as he is now in his boring life again. Yeah. But on the other hand he is very thankful for all these stories he could now tell to the children in his street. And sometimes he even has to smile. The end! Oh, that was great, wasn’t it? This was a lot of fun! OK. Meanwhile the figure is almost finished. Just making some detail work on the eyebrows and we are about to go into the oven to get this figure hardening. Freshly baked Edwin, from the oven. Just adding some transparent polish to the walking stick from the Chinese emperor and of course the tears in Edwin’s eyes. And maybe at the suitcase, some more shiny details and I hope you enjoyed. And I guess that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this crazy random sculpt. It is always very challenging as you don’t know what the end result will look like. A German YouTube friend of mine, Niz bunte Bastelwelt she had a really great idea. She asked me to start a challenge. So I will roll these dices again and you Niz, you have to create these… …whatever we will get. OK Niz, are you ready? This is for you. OK, this is tough. I’m really looking forward to your creation. That’ is for today. I hope you enjoyed. Thanks for watching and hope to see you next time. Bye! Oh, I can tell a lot of stories!

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