RajadhiRaja Latest Telugu Full Movie || Nithya Menen, Sharwanand || Telugu Movies

RajadhiRaja Latest Telugu Full Movie || Nithya Menen, Sharwanand || Telugu Movies

Hi dad! Are you doing fine? How’s mom? Happy birthday, dad! I wish you be happy
and healthy always. Your son will always think about you. Come in, Nithya.
How are you? I’m fine. Are you fine?
– Where’s Vijay? Upstairs. Say thanks. Gift sent by elder brother for
your wedding anniversary. Logging into Facebook… Check my timeline… See who I am and what am I… If you like press like and poke… Come online to register it… Smiley for a smile and
smiley for pain… I can’t avoid seeing it
if you put it online… I logged to Facebook… I saw all your postings… I am rolling on floor, laughing… Though I am concentrating
my heart and mind on system… I’m spending my day
and night on it… Always sends friend request… Never gets bored of it… What so ever may happen,
entire life is here only… I’m coming… Here and there near you… Log into Facebook…
Come on, do it… Upload your photos… Tag me… She’ll never fall! You sinner! I thought you understood it. What I said is… The JK wasn’t for you,
it means Just Kidding. KISS means Keep It Simple Stupid! At times roam in virtual cities… At times play wild games… Let’s dance in the showers of web… Let’s show to next gen
this is our new world… Past or present, the feeling is same… Is it you? Do it ASAP… Log out from Facebook… Look at me… Say XOXO… Get lost! Who is it? Is JK in home, uncle? You’re coming, right? He’s busy discussing business plan
with Bill Gates on net. He’ll come, please be seated. He’s sitting right before
that box since morning. Don’t boast on Facebook. All are aunties. No…no… Why bother? To meet…date…sure… I’ll take you. How many times I’ve told you not to
come in without permission, mother? Okay…okay…
– Go out. Why is he shouting on me? What should I do for it?
Did he ever speak properly? He’ll never change in this life. Our fate! Your friend is waiting for long time.
– What are you doing? Give my phone. You’re trying to trap girl on net and
he’s trying to trap me there. Girls here won’t vanish,
first talk to him and send him. Will you go or not? She’s a big torture. How many times I’ve to call you? No, I was…busy with work. Jayakumar, please pay rent
to house owner. You’re free in home, right? I get just one day to rest.
I’m going out. Give it yourself. Did that girl come? Yes. Missed that Delhi girl last week. We’ve to leave immediately
not to miss her again. Okay, let’s go. Who wants New Year party tickets? Who are the performers, buddy? Okay? Okay for me. Things have changed… Why things have changed? Change is inevitable… Would there be happiness
and fun always? Every man must change… Unexpectedly one fine day… Our past will change… What will change in which moment…
no one knows… What’s life without turns… Turns are natural… Where’s mother? Mother is visiting temple, brother. Father?
– Father too went with her. How come he’s home at 7 pm? He’s quite an enigma. Brother, phone call. Answer the call, brother. What happened to you, brother? Give it to me, brother.
– Wait. Watch now. I’ve taken appointment to
interview Mr.Rudraksha. I’m JK from Eenadu. Sir, your company is among the largest
Indian construction companies, what’s the secret for this success, sir? Stop…stop, sir. Whom do you want to meet? I’m coming from Municipal Office. Greetings, sir. Greetings, sir. Can you please tell me the problems you’re
facing in this apartment complex, madam? What’s the secret of your success as India’s
premier construction company, sir? My team is the reason
for my success. Particularly finance. I started with small projects. I was always prompt in delivering
the projects on time. Always repaid loans in time. I helped me to get loans
to do bigger projects. My company’s records are clean. It helped me to reach
the place where I am! Work…work…work… In these 30 years
I didn’t know what rest is! I’m sleepless till my project
is completed. No family, no entertainment. If man works hard, he’ll never fail. I’m an example for it. Above all this, opportunities. Some say time,
some say luck, no, I used every opportunity
that came across to me. I didn’t get dejected for
missing few projects. I worked hard to progress and
ensure the success of my next project. That hunger! Can you please tell me the problems you’re
facing in this apartment complex, madam? When we came here,
wind was blowing quite nicely. Day light was also good. Now, can’t spend few minutes
without AC. Moreover power cuts. They promised trees, parks
around the complex. No maintenance at all,
very difficult to get servants here. 1. Wind, 2. Light,
3. Labour problem My father bought this flat. It was okay then,
now it is just a match box. We want something new,
it mustn’t be flat system. Nuisance from next flats. You can see everything happening
in next flat if you open your window. It’s like jail life. Water problem is also too high. Whom do you want?
– Is Mr.Padmanabham sir there? Sir, I’m waiting in your home. I’m on a visit to Yadagirigutta
along with my family. It’ll take some time for me
to reach home. It seems he’ll talk to you.
– Who is on line? He wants something urgently,
give it on phone. Please talk to sir. Is it him? Please make them sit in hall,
I’ll come. They asked for bank loan
to do real estate business. His father is my good friend.
That’s why I asked him to come. Don’t unnecessarily recommend
people and get into trouble. Is it like bank manger’s house?
It looks like public dust bin. Unable to bear this stench! If both wife and husband work,
where’s the time to keep home cleanly? I think his wife will not clean home unless
husband offers her salary. If women become like this, then we’ve to have a wife to work
in office and a wife to look after home. Who said only wives must
keep the home clean? Hey you, come here. Why are you taking the bottles? Keep it there. What are you doing? What are you doing, son? Planning to give you cocktail
with vodka. Come here, hold this. No a thing is in proper place. Move it back. Why are you asking me go back
like bus conductor? Why should we do it? Hold this. What are you doing? Never carried so many books
to school also. Hit me with slippers if I come out
with you on Sunday. Get the books. I can’t take it anymore, it’ll be
good riddance if I jump from here. Too high. What are you doing?
– Just checking.- It’s not neat here also. Please sit down. They changed the home like star hotel. How? Who did it?
-They did it. I told them not to,
they didn’t listen to me. This is unjust, sir. We worked so much,
they didn’t offer a coffee also. But they both enjoyed their coffee. Don’t you’ve the habit of
offering coffee to guests, sir? You want coffee, right? Mother, two coffees. Mother, make it three.
– Okay, son. Now, all the things in proper place. You wanted loan for real estate business. But you arranged my home neatly. You’ve exceptional talent. I too want to keep the home
arranged like this. We don’t have time.
Both are working. My parents are old.
Unable to maintain house. How beautifully you arranged it! Why don’t you come weekly once
and do maintenance job? You need to pay for such job, sir. How much you want? But just your one house
will not work out. Can do this if I get about
10 houses, sir. Just 10? There are 140 flats here. I’ll talk to the association,
all are office going couples. They’ll surely agree. Total 140 flats. Must clean every flat once a week. It means 5 flats every day. We’ll get Rs.5000 from
each flat every month. So, for 140 flats, it is Rs.7 lakhs. It means Rs.23000 per day. A house for my parents to stay happily,
marriages of my two sisters, younger brother’s education,
I must keep on running. I must earn big money. Mustn’t waste time in thinking. Must start with this. Can’t earn big money
with just one business. Whom do you want? Is Nithya there? You are..?
– I’m JK, Nithya’s schoolmate. Madam, some JK is here for you. Who is it? JK? How come you’re here unannounced? You didn’t even call on phone. I can understand if you
don’t know the number. There’s thrill in unannounced
visit, right? I don’t like such thrills. Never again come without
informing on phone. No, I thought your number is changed. I didn’t change my number… I left it upstairs,
I’ll call my mother. Parimala, get some water. Nithya, this won’t bite, right?
– No, it won’t. Does it understand Telugu or English? Malayalam. I informed my mother. You sit freely,
Danny will not harm you. House is so beautiful. This dog doesn’t suit this house.
– What? Dog doesn’t suit the house? Is there any rule that only certain
dog must be raised in houses? It’s an animal, it roams on streets
and in drains. Would anyone raise it in home? What are you saying? If you don’t like, don’t come here. But don’t talk too much. Greetings, son. My mother. I know on seeing her.
Why introduction? You sit down. Hey, that is… Why do you keep it open?
Dust will come inside. Is this how you keep your home, Nithya?
Like a free lodge. Mustn’t be too broth, okay? Parimala, get coffee. You sit there. Can’t live without wind and light. Is it museum to keep door closed
and shown under lights? Doesn’t it look like library
to see books like this? Looks like it is for show
not to read. To make other believe you’re reading,
keep it lying around. What are you doing?
– Only then, people will consider as intellectual. You sit there, JK. I don’t like books lying around, JK. You said you did fashion designing,
taste of colour is too bad. Don’t you know where to keep
these wall hangings? This mustn’t be here. It’ll be fine there. What’s this? Radio here. It mustn’t here according to almanac. Now, this is… Your attitude is not proper
ever since you came here. This is my house,
I’ll decide which thing must be where. You’re calling it old,
your parents to get old one day, change them according
to almanac rules. You keep quiet, mother. I don’t like if things are usual. Had everything been usual like in other homes,
you wouldn’t have asked me so much. So, sit down, have your coffee
and get going. Mother! What he did just now was drama! Look here! He sent me an appointment letter
to join his company. Put a ladder to sky… Go fly above the sky… This is our new office. So, from today in our
JK Clean and Green Company, she’s also a partner. You said friend but
never seen her with you. May be they would’ve cut you
fearing your appearance. Anyway, why would he introduce
beautiful girls to us? He would dump item girls
on us even if we say no. You all are the lifeline of
JK Clean and Green Company. Our company’s growth
depends on your work. We mustn’t work just for money,
we must have job satisfaction also. Till the company stands on its feet,
no leaves, please. No problem, I’m okay.
You carry on the work. If you buy 3 bedroom flat from us, along with all the facilities, as a special case we’ll off 2 year
free service of JK Clean and Green. Come and have breakfast.
– Coming, mother. You quit your job and
started new business, I think you’ve some reason for it. I can’t work like machine entire month
for Rs.35000 salary, father. Must do a lot! It must have creativity as well as
job satisfaction, father. I can’t understand how we can live
in Hyderabad with the salary I get. If all of us want to live happily,
I must earn a lot of money. To catch the speed of developing Hyderabad,
I must run at lightning speed. If we stop for a second,
we’ll be left behind by 100 years. Urgent!
– Go, come quickly. You selected a great place
for weekend drink party. That’s why we love you so much. We’re not here for relaxing,
we’re here for new project. I thought you brought me to a place
that’s better than having drinks, you deflated the excitement
in a moment. Psycho! Let’s hear him first. If we build separate villas,
with trees, flowers plants in the middle, how would it be? Yes, that’s our plan, Nithya. New City, Green City….JK City. No more floors on floors. Only villas! First house here, 25 feet away from it, second house.
– You mean there? Model house for JK City. Well planned and designed home. See it. House is large, no congestion. Big home with plenty of
natural wind and light to blow inside. Model kitchen that could inspire
any woman to cook. Bedroom with colours and interiors
that could make you fall asleep in seconds. A beautiful swimming pool
to keep entire family healthy. In future we’ll face power problem. So, auto power switches. And solar power generation system
for every home. Keep in mind the future problems, giving all the facilities right now, without thinking about business only, plans that are very useful
to next generation, your plan is superb! Put a ladder to sky… Go fly above the sky… There’s no hurdle or boundary to you… Execute your plans and keep going on… Though tired keep marching ahead… Just keep going on like guided missile… Keep the doors of victories open… Shed sweat of gold… Won’t man become great man?
Keep on working hard… Never lose hope even in dream… This friendship will stand for eternity… Who? It was waste of going on
2 wheeler to Barkatpura. What happened? We finished the work in 6 months
as we promised. But still they’re not paying. Can you please get ready
a notice for them? What happened?
Why are you huffing? Have some water. No need. Hey you! What happened to you, Nithya? Shall we call doctor? JK! Come here. What’s it, Nithya?
What happened? What happened, Nithya? She said no. What’s your name? Looks like you both left
after deciding on phone. Yes, how do you know that? Both are wearing blue colour dress
like Tamil Nadu city bus drivers. Had you told us,
we too would’ve come in blue dress! I never noticed it. Must start immediately. Must complete the project
in 11 months. Project was discussed 3 months earlier… Nithya! What happened? That is…
– What happened? Are you fine? I’m unable to concentrate, JK. Call Naveen. Isn’t the shirt design very good? It seems this is very rare,
only 7 people in the world own it. I liked your shirt design and
posted it on FB, sir. Why? Allotted it, right? Okay, find space for our office
in all approved flats. I’ll take care of it. Follow up this. What’s this?
– What’s that? It’s super! Flowers are from the bouquet
you gave me yesterday. It gave me an opportunity to thank you. You’re rocking with thinking
and executing differently. Don’t tease me. Really Nithya, you designed
7 shirts differently. You made a creative design
with bouquet flowers. For birthdays, marriages, passing exams, promotions,
for everything they give bouquets in city. But all are in the same style. That’s the point I’m going to tell you. If we do it in different style,
it’ll attract people. A different colour for birthdays. For promotions different type. We must do it differently for
children and elders. If we design for occasion and people,
customers will be very happy. First we’ll open a shop. We’ll import variety of flowers. If one team maintains and develops it. I’m confident of turning
into good business. What do you say? Nobody got such an idea till now. Please listen to me. If we think too much and
try to do every business ourselves, we may end in
not doing well in anything. Yes, JK. Already we’re busy with
4 different businesses. This is extra, chances are slim. If it clicks, it may add to our work load.
– Yes, he’s right. We never appointed people
to do mechanically. We worked with creativity and
dedicated ourselves in work wholeheartedly, we’ve reached the present level. Actually, it we concentrate on one project,
we may lose another project. I don’t feel so. There are many companies that are
involved in 4 or 5 types of businesses. No Viswa, don’t consider
all businesses as same. Too difficult, we’ve no experience
of running multiple businesses. Wait, he’s going to say something. It’s so beautiful. Different types of beautiful flowers,
so many varieties of designs, can we know how you got the thought of
presenting in different themes to different people? JK will answer you. For introducing you to me. Whatever you say, my heart listens… Whatever I say, your heart listens… Whatever our hearts say,
we listen to it… There’s no better language
than silence… You’re the address for poetry of silence… In the path of life,
I’m like a plant… It is waiting for you in sun and rain… Whether it is river or sea…
Isn’t it rain that fills it up? Isn’t it madness to call clouds
as yours and mine? I’ll wait all life if you become
my companion… I’ll pass out in moments
if you say no… Who are you? Lover? Smile…you’re poetry… Tell me. What does your baby likes? Which school she’s studying? Stop the project immediately. Say a ring road is coming there. Stop the project work. This is govt. order. Wait for further instructions.
Got it? Okay, sir? Okay, sir. There’s no necessity for a good man
to live after trampling many others. Greetings, sir.
– Greetings. Greetings JK.
– Greetings. Greetings. Greetings, sir. Come son, got stuck in traffic? He’s my elder son. Sorry, got delayed in office. Please have juice, aunty.
– No, I’ll have it later. This is also my home, right? Get lost, boy. How much dowry can you offer? How much you are expecting? As you wish, it must match my status. Think and decide. Why do you also think like others? Can’t you find a boy
who refuses to take dowry? Wait, why hurry? 50 sovereigns of gold, car, house,
doesn’t the groom has a house? Is he living on platform? Okay, what have you decided? How will you arrange Rs.50 lakhs? How much money is with Clean & Green? Can’t you take it from it? What’s the use on money
if it doesn’t help in distress? Currency note is the only paper which
people don’t throw into dust bin. Our business is growing now. It is not right to take money from it. What made you then say
okay to your father? Time will not stop for anyone
or anything. Must do the work at appropriate time. I’m calling from GHMC
Approval Committee, you got permission for building
90 villas in Kokapet, right? Yes, sir. Have you started the project?
– It’ll start in October, sir. Stop the project immediately. This is government order.
Stop work immediately. Whosoever it may be,
they’ve to pay us. Who are you guys?
– We want to talk to you. What do you want? Quarter kilo pulses and tamarind. Why did you ask us to
stop the project, sir? You were intimated, right?
Government orders. Ring road is coming in that area. Where can another ring road come there?
Show me the order. In future.
– Future? Have you become astrologer? Look, I don’t know anything,
first stop project work. If you want any further details,
meet Mr.Rudraksha MD of Rudraksha Builders. Who is he? Don’t you know who Rudraksha is? He can do anything if he decides. Government dances to his tunes. Is government any dancer
to dance to his tunes? Who is he? It seems from JK Sweet Homes.
– Send them in. Not yet happened anything. Leave the place and go away. I’ll take care of it. If not you’ll lose everything. House owner, money lenders,
you can’t live answering everyone. You can’t bear this heavy loss. I can. If you leave the place,
you’re tension free. Okay, I’ll quit. Finish the project on your company’s name. But how much will you give me? Why should I pay you? If we do the project honestly,
we’ll get Rs.7 crores. With your experience I know you can
make Rs.20 crores form this project. I’ll give you Rs.2 crores, say quits. You mustn’t enter this business again. I’m not here to sacrifice or serve people. Not a leader is there. This is business. I don’t give a damn about it, sir. We’re 7 people, we’ve been
working hard for 6 months. Rs.2 crores will not do,
it has our investment and hard work. Okay, can I offer another
Rs.2 crores for your brain? Yes JK, I feel like breaking the bottle
while beer is frothing up. You decided in haste, JK. Do you know how many crores we lost? Did you get scared of him? He won in this but we didn’t lose. Rs.4 crores,
Rs.7 crores profit in 6 months. Actually we’ve won. Each of us will get Rs.57 lakhs. This is our principle. This is our first victory. He has money and muscle power. We don’t have anything else
other than brain. We can’t win him in direct fight. I thought Rs.4 crores is better than zero,
that’s why took this decision. That’s okay, but JK Sweet Homes
was our dream. Our plans! Everything has gone waste. Nobody can harm JK Sweet Homes. Ring road comes only at one place
not everywhere. Let’s buy another site. What happened? Why aren’t you in bed? What happened, mother? Your father’s close friend
post master died. Only he was left, he too is no more. Death will not wait for anyone, right? I’m worried. Can’t say what will happen
to me next moment! You’re too busy to earn for us all,
you don’t have time for us anymore. What if something happen to me? No use of regretting later. That’s why…please… Father, nothing will happen to you. What? You said some big project
and brought me here. Want to drain out water from Hussain Sagar
and build a big apartment complex. What’s your idea? We can give employment
to lakh people for draining water, and another lakh people
to build complex. What do you say?
– Are you joking? Tell me the matter. What else? Why are you running like this? Enough! We’ve good business
to live happily all the life. We’ll get profit always. Why are you still after money? I don’t know why? All our friends are having
the same feeling. They fear of losing JK. We don’t want to lose you. It was you who gave us confidence. I want to spend just
one day happily with you. I don’t know why! Do you know how weak I was
with my cardiac asthma?0 With the confidence you gave me… One day….just one day… I want to spend with you. You’re not the old JK. You’re after money day and night. Open your Facebook, see how people
are franticly searching for you. You’re not living for yourself. Money is more important than me. It is known as cardiac… Heavy breathing problem. Less than 20%. Her heart too is very weak. There’s no other chance
than heart transplant to her. Brother! I’m Ravi’s sister here. Are you fine, brother? Family is in difficulties. Though father is having heart problem,
he’s still working very hard. Now also he’s sleeping
with chest pain, brother. Brother, give some work in
your home to me and my sister. For feeding my parents and
to help younger ones study, we’ll work very hard, brother. Father doesn’t know I’ve called you. If there’s any work,
please tell me, brother. Bye, brother. Look at this. Did you see him?
He’s having juice like Beer. Didn’t you order anything? Ordered coffee. We all ordered juice,
why different from us? Is your future husband like us
or different… You! Stop it, boys. Why is she overacting then? All of you must help me. Will you give me Rs.7 lakhs each as loan? Nothing…sister’s marriage,
can you lend me money? Take it, father. One second, father. Lakshmi! You’ve guests! Come, son! Are you fine, son? My elder daughter told me that
she called you on phone. Where’s uncle? Sorry, I didn’t see you,
unwittingly…. No problem. Son! Come…come, brother. Father, we’re here. Sister you called brother in
Hyderabad, right? He’s here. Father! Ravi’s friend from
Hyderabad is here. Life is going on. Had to make girls work hard. My health is not that good. Whatever crop we raise here,
we’re unable to repay loan also. Life is hanging between
meager food and no meals. Who can change our fates, son? We’ve to live like this all our lives. Keep this, uncle. I’m not giving you just like that. Not charity also. This is advance for what you’re
going to do for us in future. What can I do for you at this age, son? You own that farm land, right? Yes. I want to sell a part of it to fix
my daughters’ marriages. No uncle, don’t sell the land. We’ve a bouquet shop,
we need plenty of flowers. Instead of buying from market,
if we raise it on our farm, profits will double up. I’ll arrange money for the investment. If you grow flowers,
I’ll buy from you at market price. We both would gain from it. This is the business,
I’m giving you advance for it. I’m also one of the reasons
for your condition. Please don’t say no. Did I do the right thing, Nithya? What you did is right? But you haven’t yet told who they are? That is not right. Not only to you, didn’t tell
few truths to anyone. Infact I haven’t told you about me. 01 I wasn’t like JK earlier! We must rock this New Year party.
– Yes. We must rock all the night. What is New Year party, buddy?
Where do you go? What do you do? I studied in a small village
near Srikalahasthi. Take me also with you, boss. Okay, boss. You called us boss, that’s okay
but don’t ask salary from us. Book a ticket for me also,
I’ll pay for it. Ravi was very innocent boy. Very good boy. He always talked about his parents
and younger sisters. He used share his family
matters with us. He was very close to me. 2009, New Year day… Sing lullaby to intoxication… Don’t know if tomorrow
is there or not… It says this moment be
your friend… Start your mojo…
let it stay in heart… Not in past, life is in present
and new things… Let’s see only new things… Happiness is my religion… That’s the only thing for
which I bow or pray… Before you tell your name,
give your cell number… Before i like you,
I must like your style… Before we bond,
you must show your brand… Mojo is eyes… It pricked my eyes,… Mojo is smiles… It rocked my thoughts… Let the world catch up… This world is half of me… The second half is intoxicated
with my happiness… Heart is not magic,
there’s much more than it… How much happiness it gives,
it’ll take back everything… It adds fun to it
and returns it… This is not enough… You’re my mojo… This is happiness… Give me back my mojo… The world doesn’t fit into
my things… Ravi, sit properly. Sit properly. Go fast. Ravi, open your eyes. Very difficult for a plant
to become a tree. It takes years. Just a minute is enough to cut it. You don’t know the value of life
when people are alive. You were all responsible
for this tragedy. His family had all their hopes on him. His parents are coming,
how are you going to face them? Your friend is lying dead inside. What if you were in his place? We would be crying our heart out here. Can you understand it? A son can never understand
the pain of a father. But I’m sure another father
can understand it. In the name of chasing modern world,
where are you running? Where your running will take you?
Stop for a moment and think. Son Ravi! You all are Ravi’s friends, right? You all are here, where is he? I must see him now. Where is he? Call him. Nothing will happen to him…
nothing will happen to him. He’ll not die…not die… He’ll be alive. Sir, he’s very good son. Very good son!
He’ll never leave us and go away, sir. As soon as he sees me,
he’ll come running to me. He loves us so much. Show me…show me my son, sir. Unjustly you killed him! If there are relatives of Ravi here,
please take the body. Ravi…son Ravi… My son went for livelihood,
he came back dead. What about the future of
my three daughters? The family was dependent on him. He left them in lurch. He loved his sisters so much. He didn’t take easily if anyone
passed comments on them. Over…everything is over. I don’t know what to do now! He was the lone hope I had. This family lived on his hope only. That he would take care of us. I educated only him. I stopped studies of my daughters also. But he left us forever. He left us! He left us all! Fate left my family on street. I beg you all! Though you don’t empathize with me, but please don’t cheat your parents! Don’t cheat them. But please don’t cheat your parents! Why are you going so fast? I’ve to go fast from now. This invitation card is good, see this. Don’t want this. Keep this one also. Father, we’ll not get flats in Jubilee Hills
or Madhapur that suits our budget. Better to go outskirts
within our budget. Brother, if we’re away from city,
he may find difficult to reach office. Did you see her? She’s not worried about high cost
for us to buy flat in city, she’s worried about her husband’s
difficulty in reaching office. Daughters are like that,
only sons worry about parents. What did you say? Move! What did you say?
Always you support them only. Say sorry, daddy.
Say sorry. When we were newly married,
when I was fighting with my dad, didn’t you support me? I didn’t have brain then. As if you’ve it now. If they spend everything for your marriage,
what about my position? If you do too much,
I’ll take away everything. What will you do? What will I do? I’ll take away your husband. No way! I’ll make sure
you don’t see him at all. I’ll charm and take him away with me. You’re finished. Look at her, father! If son-in-law sees you with face pack,
he’ll run away from you. A chance has come to save your friend. Found a 14 year old boy’s heart
that matches with Nithya’s blood group. The boy is brain dead in
an accident. Clouds belong to sea… Rain belongs to clouds… Rain belongs to rivers… Who owns rivers? Life is calling to you
to take birth again… Life is calling… Life is nothing but experiences… Change every moment is the motto… Every man is great…
if removes dirt from heart… Blowing breeze holds breathes
of so many lives… Your breath would cross
heart’s boundaries… For your small life,
so many people’s love and prayers… Life is nothing but experiences… Experience it… Somebody’s good deed that
your hunger is satiated… Repay your gratitude with money… When life come into this world,
when it leaves… In this journey of life,
when one searches for truth? Okay. JK, they’re here.
– Where? They’re sitting there. They are… Another’s life has united
with your life… A mother sees her child in you… There’s no language for tears… There’s not another birth… House is very fine, right? See around. Very nice. But rate is too high, right? Nothing like that, father. Look, how high that building is! May be there are 30 to 40 floors!
– Yes, sister. Did you like the house?
– Very much, brother. But quite away from my college. So what?
Location is very beautiful, brother. This is the house you’re going to stay. Then, you? Me too, father. Years’ dream has come true at last! You’re watching migrating birds. We feel the distance for
24 hour journey to America. But if we see the birds that travel 1000’s
of kilometres to come to our country, Indeed it is surprizing. Another surprizing aspect
in it’s life is death. Death is inevitable
for every living creature. What’s so special about bird’s death? There is. Nobody has seen birds
dying a natural death. Not just humans,
even birds haven’t yet seen it. Birds know about coming death. It takes care of not letting
other birds know it. If other birds know it, it may stop
the journey and think about dying bird. It may stop with it. It may fail to reach the destination,
that’s why it keeps secret of impending death… One day…just one day
I want to spend with you. I’ll be with you for a week. I thought spending a day
with you is enough. Not just a day,
we’re staying here for a week. For you…for myself too. Heart….heart….are you watching
the magic of time? Are you opening the doors
of eyes to welcome time? Paths may be different and
many but destination shore is same… Can shore be yours on
reaching destination? Winds may be different
but breathing is one and same… The breath that you inhale,
will be it yours? What’s this myth?
What’s this magic? Like a drop on lotus leaf,
there’s signature of love on my heart… Let it evaporate like water…
Sweet memories remain in heart… In the dark nights,
dawn brings in light… The world is asking to see happiness… The time spent together…
As cherished memories when far away… Happiness is hidden in it… You can’t find a path on earth
without ups and down… We can’t life without fights
and compromises… How small sky is compared
to our wishes… Search for your happiness… Heart wants to end the
never ending search… It is sending an invitation, my heart…. Why did you feel I must get operated? Were you scared I would die? Never fear death. Would death stop if we fear? It won’t. We’ve to face it. I was never scared of it. Suddenly if someone we love dies,
we may not be able to bear it. We’ve to bear it. We must get used to that separation. That is life. Don’t fear any more,
I’ll not die. The happiness I can you is
to keep you happy all this week. That’s enough, JK. This happiness, this life. It’s your gift. What can I do for you? You’ve to take care of mother,
father, sisters and brother till end. You’ve to take care of
JK Group of Companies as it’s MD. People talk a lot about fate, what you are reading now
is my fate, Nithya! The truth I haven’t told anyone
is right before you. The JK whom nobody knows
is exposed right before you. When you asked why am I going so fast,
I didn’t answer you that day, now, I’ve to tell you, I must tell you, why I was mad after
money for the last 2 years? 6 months after the accident… Did you’ve any head injury earlier? I think you had brain tumour before that. When you had a head injury
in the accident, the tumour opened up and
blood clotted in brain, when this happens, you feel dizzy,
body freezes like computer hangs. You lose power of memory. You’ll be normal again
when the blood flow stops. Actually this is very dangerous state. To tell you the truth,
you’re travelling with your death. It travels along with you. No doctor in this world can cure you. No other way. Your life span is too short. Maximum 2 to 3 years only. Suddenly if someone we love dies,
we may not be able to bear it. Ready? Hi father! Are you fine? How is mother? Happy birthday, father! You must always be happy and healthy. Your son will always be
thinking about you. I’m very happy that you got the seat. I couldn’t wish you directly. You will always have my wishes
and my support. You must study well and
reach greater heights. To make your dream come true,
have to use every moment available to you. One who keeps running without
stopping till he achieves his aim, there’s nothing that he can’t achieve! Every man comes into this world
to achieve something. Nithya, time for our flight,
let’s go. Your bank balance
when I met you for the first time, your bank balance now! You opened accounts on family
members, friends and deposited money. How come there’s no account
on your name? We can’t understand this. Why are you registering companies
individually on our names? Suddenly you want to go abroad,
we can’t understand why! Whatever JK does,
there’s a reason for it. We’re friends,
money mustn’t break us apart. Our company mustn’t
go defunct for anyone. Sign it. JK, I’m surprized to see
your life’s journey, It is amazing how is it possible for a man
to remain so calm knowing about death, but you’re a living example, you’re winning over death, if you could achieve so much in 2 years, how much you can achieve
if you live full life like others, I don’t have the strength
to say this looking into your eyes, I don’t have the strength to bear
your approval smile also. That’s why, like this, I will always consider you’re with me, to achieve as much you did,
to win over life, I’ll keep on trying. Do call us on phone often, son.
Don’t forget. If there’s no phone, Skype. What’s it, son? What happened? Study well. Okay? You must score good marks in Inter. You must study medicine. I’ll surely become a doctor, brother. You’re happy, right? What do I lack? I’ve to spend
3 years without you, brother. You take care. Mother! Father is having high BP. Take care of him. I will take care of him,
do you’ve to tell me that? Take care, son. Your journey will be good. What you did…what you will do,
everything will be fine. You’ll not face any difficulty,
I know it. Take care, father.
Take medicines on time. Tell him to come quickly.
We’re getting late. We’ve to go through checking also. Why are you creating scene
as if he’ll never return from there? Don’t think about opening
Clean and Green branches there. That country is already clean. JK, you will call us on reaching there. One more important matter. Sit next to a teetotaler. If not passenger would get drunk
and create a scene. Not like that, we can have his drink too. Good idea. Look at the French man! More than the pain of separation
from our beloved ones, a dear friend’s separation is
more painful and unbearable, A friend who gave me
this sweet pain is JK! JK is my cherished memory. That memory is my life.

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