Rainbow Willow Tree Q Tip Acrylic Painting for Beginners tutorial πŸŒˆπŸŽ¨πŸ’œ

Rainbow Willow Tree Q Tip Acrylic Painting for Beginners tutorial πŸŒˆπŸŽ¨πŸ’œ

Hi I’m Cinnamon Cooney your Art Sherpa and today I’m so excited to show you how you absolutely can paint this gorgeous Rainbow Tree easily at home. Get your ear buds get your paint, come back and meet me at the easel right now we’re going to get started. Let’s look at the materials that we have today so we can make this fabulous and easy tree. I have a 9 by 12 canvas board. This is pre-gessoed, it’s ready to paint. You don’t need to do another thing to it. The paint! I have a dark red, light red, an orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and of course a white and a black. For the exact colors check the description below if you want to get exactly what I have. Let’s start painting in the background. So take your big wide brush that you have. You want to brush for that stiff filaments that synthetic not natural hairs or bristles because you don’t want it to pull in too much water. I am going to give it a little bit wet and drag off the extra water. Off the side of my lid. I’m going check that Mehan see that’s not soaking. I’m going to load up on this side of the brush and then I’m going to flip it over load up on this side pain on both sides. I’m going to get a little bit of my black on the tip here and a little bit of my black on the tip here and I’m going to come over to my canvas and I’m going to make a diagonal brush stroke try to go from this corner to this corner is your goal. You don’t have to be perfect. It’s just what you’re trying to do to make that windy day feeling. It’s real easy process to make a windy day feeling Seaham letting it be streaky. The streaking this is helping me create my wind come here again load on this side flip the brush over load on this side little bit on the corner here little bit on the corner here. Come back. See how when you make the strokes it creates the streaks for you and you’re not even work in or ain’t taking these strokes right off my canvas trying to keep them as diagonal as I can. Right. And a little more paint We’re almost done flip and flip. Oh I put out the right amount of paint. That’s always exciting when I do that. Another little bit on this corner another little bit on this corner and just come finish this canvas off. We just want to cover all the canvas with paint. There we go and have it be nice and blustery right. Feel like blowing windy. Sometimes that happens. Happens to everybody. Don’t mess with your going. All right. I’m going to rinse out my brush dry it off and put it to the side and clean that out really good later. Now for the next part you’re going to want to try and canvas really well and that takes some kids shock that I run through a sharpener because you may not know this but you can sharpen. Kids chalk to get a nice point. I’m in a sketch in my hill and my tree and the tree shape real quick. So when I do my Q-tips I know what it’s like but listen if drawing is not your thing don’t worry about it in the description below will be a link to a traceable so you can kind of get that shape in yourself because it’s more important than you paint. Then you worry about if you’re drawing today or not. You can always learn to draw. It’s really fun. All right. I’m going to come from about three inches on the left hand side up and make a little mark and I’m going to come over to if you think about it like four fingers over from the side a few inches and make a wandering down hill. My Hill is going to wander down. That’s where this tree lives. And another thing I’m going to do is I’m going to make a beautiful burrowing Willow. And so if you think about the letters see I’m going to come right here starting at the middle of the canvas down about forefingers just so it doesn’t get away from me and make an interesting bowing shape once I have that I’m going to sketch in. My blowing Willo form and it’s just a light sketch. It’s just so I know where to put my Q-tips so that my it has shape in is whimsical. I love to think about things when they’re whimsical and so that really helps me. Now we get to start with the Q-tips which is the most fun part. So I’m going to grab a bigger bunch of my Q-tips have small bunches and big bunches but the back of the tree is fairly big a comment and I’m going to just dab them into my dark red paint. This is a dark red. So sometimes things can be red but be different kind of colors. So this one is dark red. I like to do a dark red on my rainbow because I think it helps it be really bright and cheerful. So I’m just dabbing this down oh let’s make some uneven shapes. Trees have little branches they have personality don’t they. And you want to make sure that when you’re painting your tree you think about trees with personalities. If you want to get some detail you can dab even on the edge here a little bit. Right. Sometimes there’s a bit of little furs and things that come up. I can come with my finger and tap those down. These particular Q-tips don’t give me as much hair. Little furry boots. But you know it’s all workable. It’s all part of the art. All right. When I have about two and a half inches of that I’m going to flip this bunch of Q-tips over and come get my lighter red. And I’m going to just dab a little bit see how this red against this darker red feels very like great 1G red. The contrast did these two really I think helps this tree look very special. Right now it’s come down maybe make a little blowing branch tree a little bit slowing down. I like that and I’ve got a nice result there. We’ll put these to the side and they get another little bunch of Q-Tips. I’m going to arrange them so that they’re in a cluster that I like. Oh that’s a good cluster that I like right there. So pinch those in. This is my orange. I’m going to dab those up and down into my orange. Oh that’s really pretty right. Here’s a little tip sometimes if you want to make sure that you have some brake color before you go back and do the blend into the color that you’ve got put down. Make sure you put out some very bright color that will really help your rainbow pop. Putting in some very bright colors. Oh let’s wander a little bit of this up. Like you do. I might even come back and have a little orange down this wandering tree branch. Come back into this a little bit here and there. Look at that nice. Blend that we have going that’s pretty great. I’m going to get a smaller bunch now that I have this is just for and I’m going to come and get some yellow. I’m going to make a point of doing some yellow here. Before going into the orange because I want some really bright yellow and then maybe this yellow. Also comes down. Just a little bit just a little. So you haven’t quite blended it in yet. And the reason being is when I do blend it in it’s going to start being just bright yellow and start having some orange see that how it blends right on the canvas. Smil says super fun super easy Senao are really working our rainbow. Red orange yellow. Very cool. Another little trick you can do is get a little bit of your white and add it to your yellow. That will help some of it be bright. Hey I like that that’s looking really really good with that to the side. Get another little small bunch of Q-tips this time I’ve got three and I’m going to come on. Interesting thing this green is really dark and I want it to be bright so I don’t actually mix my green and yellow together a bit to make a bright green because I want this to feel very bright and Rainbow ish. I might even take some rain back there. In this case because I want the bright green I can let them wind a little bit. Oh that’s wonder a little strange branch up here. Yes we want to can curve it here and there. Oh and get some of my darker green. Right there. Does all look really nice. Together. Flip this over. Let’s get some blue. I might put out a little more white paint because it’ll help my blue pop just the blue. I have. Right. If your blue is really dark it can help but be very bright. I’m getting a little pain on my hands but they clean up real easy so I’m not worried about it and I’m just dad this wonderful bright exciting blue. Coming on out. Now fine. Maybe up into the blue here. Look at that. That’s a rainbow tree. Now I’m going to get to Q-tips I’m going to get my purple maybe add some white to you can really see the purple I’m going to blend out a little wandering bit of this tree with the purple take that purple up the back here and take out a little blowing branch. And this just so pretty right. All done with that. That’s all I need to do. Q-tips down time to paint in our tree and. This is going to be really fun. Get your round brush. This isn’t number four round with a very nice point. The synthetic fibers filaments and they’re very stiff so that will really help me get a nice line. I’ve taken off all the extra water so I wouldn’t want this to be soaking and I want to just load this up on my brush. I’m going to come right here very lightly. Just for the line that I had sketched in OK let’s make this tree a little bit interesting. Trees are thicker at the base so that’s that can the base up I’m going to just give it an interesting little root going off that way should have an interesting little rich in it and let’s curve it back here. Nice thick trunk that’s what we’re doing is we’re building a tree that would hold up all these colorful little branches. When I press harder on the brush it thickens the line. And when I press lighter it makes it thinner. So that’s what I’m paying attention to and I’m going to just brush this black paint. I’m letting this dry up here because when I do these Twiggy little bits I want my black to really pop in if this isn’t dry then it’s going to get all muddy. So make sure that it’s dry up there if you need to dry it with a hairdryer. Go ahead. I’m going to wander down following my hill. That’s a nice line. I’m a come up here and pay attention to this wandering Hill. All I could just imagine reading a book here or. Playing here and leaning against this tree anything I wanted. This is just a nice way to be creative. Right. Just notice I’m just getting this paint and putting it on my brush. I’m just brushing it out. You can do this with any colors that you have. And remember no two trees look alike so realize that your tree should be unique and special Treach and look exactly like mine should look something like mine. You know we’re human beings not copy machines and so be very easy with yourself about your tree going to thicken the trunk up just a little bit up here. But I still want it to get very tapered because all the lines going on into that tree are going to be quite fine delicate little lines. I’m just giving them a nice basis to work for them. Now if your brush is getting slopped up one thing you can do is roll it out. That’s called offloading come back and get a little more paint right at the tip. Let’s make some graphs and I liked actually say the word cresc Scratch-Cat but I also like to start my brush stroke firmly planted to the canvas and then just flick up and lighten it as I come out. And that lets it be very delicate. See how I can make this very delicate by pressing very lightly imagines like little butterfly wings or something and I don’t make even little brushstrokes like this do I. Come. Some of them are longer Some of them are shorter. Some of them bend to the right. Some of them bend to the left you know be creative. Let your grass grow. Different directions. Come here make a little clump of interesting grass right there. Oh that’s a clump of interesting grass that’s grown right here. Light pressure. Lots of different curve to my line. Come down here Curve some grass blowing up because the wind is rustling through this hill blowing this tree right. This magical tree. Love and Peace tree right there. When you’re happy with your grass. Go ahead and make sure that’s dry before you try to put in your delicate branches. I’m going to do that right now too. So let’s put it our delicate little branches on and come over to my paint and make sure that my brushes and all glob up get just the tip in there. I’m going to take this branch all the way out wondering to the end I’m going to come out here and as I’m coming out I’m in a light light and light and my pressure and see how that makes it delicate. That’s what I’m doing. All right. Can a little more curry here. All I want to make a delicate little branch coming on here. My trick to this is a light hand pressure. That’s all you’ve got to do is keep your pressure light. Let’s make some more of this. And we need to come along here. I want to make sure that my branches are coming off of a thicker joint. So this has to be thicker than the branch wandering off from it. Here we can that’s light and delicate. Oh I’m going to wander over here. I like to make these long in delicate. You can practice on a scratch piece of paper if you’re not feeling confident. But how it might work out for you. And also if you let it dry you can just come back and Q-Tip any mistakes that you made right over any black branches that you don’t like. Coming up here. Making sure like everything wander out here we need some more branches down low holding up all these delightful and exciting branches. I don’t want to take my joint right off there and come up a little bit above wander this. Just a little bit of tree magic happening. Well maybe a little one comes down here. You just do this too. You feel really happy. With what you have and once you have it exactly how you like it then you get to sign it. Now I do like to use a really small brush to sign. So let’s pick up our little detail brush put our signatures on there together. Remember your signature is part of the artwork. So just think about it a little bit and try to make it seem like it belongs in the painting not just sitting on top of it. All right really satisfied with that. I hope you’re pretty surprised and thrilled. And you’ll check out some of the more fun Q-Tip paintings that you can do. Be good to yourselves be good to each other. I want to see you really soon.

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