Rafi And Klee Art Studio Tour 2019

Rafi And Klee Art Studio Tour 2019

what are you doing back there come on we
have a studio tour to do so we’re gonna do a studio tour how do you feel about
that hola you amazing artist and welcome to the studio tour we rated one studio
tour but we want to do another studio tour because a lot of things have
changed since then indeed studio is always changing because
Rafi has to work time and space to fit things yeah and maybe you can pick up
some tips and tricks of different things that I’ve done in the studio so let’s
get it started Klee why are you trying to hide things
now what are you hiding are your mess please collection of boxes that she
likes to store in the studio and get in my way to get started with the studio
tour I want to show you guys we have these folders we got these folders on
Amazon not the actual folder the file folder holder and this is where we have
all our online orders so that we can organize things viable there holder I
have one too yeah this is Cui’s organized mess please business station
because she’s a real business person yeah this is where I do all my
organizational things and run my online shop and write our suite jingles and I
print things and I have this Palance yeah she prints things and has a plant
that’s part of the studio my box of shame old propane and oxygen canisters
that I need to find a recycling facility for yeah we don’t know what to do with
them she just recently put those underneath there cuz she had them over
there and I kept tripping over them and this area here is for my drawing this is
my drawing table and I created this drawer here that has all the different
pens and stuff that I use and then underneath that this is actually kind of
messy but it’s our amp and this is for recording our music so we have our music
recording studio in our art studio as well that comes out whenever we’re ready
to record things like music or the podcast that we do on patreon this is
this is the recording area you can see the microphones please Mike
and then my microphone set up over here and this is my computer workstation this
is where the magic happens on YouTube this is the the video camera that
records me talking right here and then clean the background that’s you guys
right there I don’t know if you could see it though pretty much here what I
did was build a shelving area surrounding a sitting area so up here I
have a shelf that has all the additional stuff that I need for either music or
for art I’ve got my printer over there we’ve got the music for the studio in
here and then the couch and then this computer here is reserved for YouTube
videos and anything that has to do with the YouTube or with patreon goes on this
computer and over here I have all my brushes and then the brushes after I
clean them we’ll sit there to dry and then more brushes there and then studio
rags and different things like that go under their videos and when I’m done
working on videos or videos are rendering I could come out here and work
on things or I sit over here and work on this computer and work on whatever it is
that I’m working out whether I’m designing t-shirts or sending out
invoices or doing whatever so this is all the business end of the studio have
you guys noticed that everything that Rafi builds either swivels or pulls out
or comes out of like some super-secret hiding place it’s pretty cool that’s
what she said by the way it’s alright and then over here this is an easel that
I built to be able to accommodate the big pieces of art that I do used to be a
table so we’ve got the it’s a metal table with the legs that fold out so the
bottom legs fold out and that way if I need to lay this down I could lay it
down to use it as a tabletop for the big pieces or standing up like this I built
this because I realize that the easels that they have at the store
that are made to for bigger pieces are really expensive for no reason so this
is much easier and way less expensive to build
don’t don’t record this part I’m still are only not recording so this is from
an old easel that I basically cut into pieces it’s actually two different
easels that I put together to build this tabletop easel and so this moves to get
out of the way and of course I’ve got the shelving units behind this which I’m
able to get to and use any if you look around you’re gonna notice that although
it is a lot of things I do have some type of organization to my madness all
my boxes up here are labeled so I know what’s in them I have my airbrush
equipment up there I have all my golden and liquid tax stuff up there pretty
much what you’re gonna want to do is put together a system where you can easily
put things away so everything that goes into these bins that just slide into
here that is an easy system the only way for me to get this shelving unit exactly
the way to be able to fit the things that I need was to build it which is why
everything in a studio everything other than the couch itself was built by me
rafi is pretty organized but it’s definitely his organizational system so
sometimes he’s outside and he’s like could you go into the studio and get me
the thing that I use to like scrape texture and then this is me what it’s
like right there it’s right it’s right there it’s really there’s one right
there yeah see it was right in front of your
face the entire time system works for him he knows where all the things are
well yeah I mean that’s what matters is that it works for you just don’t ask
poor helpless saps to go find you your things in their studio when I was
younger my dad would send me to go get something and he would call it the
things like gruffy going to kitchen and get me the thing I would go into the
kitchen and then stand there and realize I had no idea what thing he was talking
about I would just pick the first thing that I saw and I bring
it in and my dad would get mad and be like no I said the third the third you
watched that video you recognized my spinning easel the spinning easel
actually comes as a unit that I’m able to take out to shows if you look over
here the black bottom unit that’s actually the base for the spinning easel
I use that for storage while in the studio because if not that just doesn’t
fit in the studio I’m able to use it and I’ve got a camera set up up here because
I want to do more videos me actually creating stuff using the easel which i
think is cool you look behind the easel you’ll notice that I have containers of
different paints that I mix different epoxies I have a lamination machine I’ve
got all my laminating stuff down there and this is all the stuff that I use for
mounting the backs onto the paintings and then we go here and you see cleese
space yeah do all my loud stuff that I do in the studio that disturbs the rath
you while he’s painting or trying to record videos I was gonna continue doing
the tutorial but please got other plans yeah exactly this is my main work area
you can see that it has a lot of holes and things in it everything that I make
comes from like right here and I keep random things that I have ideas for in
my tray and I have all kinds of fun rocks see all the fun rocks and then I
have all my pliers and tweezers organized here bins upon bins upon bins
and honestly plastic bins are the best for storing every type of metal because
they don’t allow oxygen in so the metal doesn’t tarnish and then we have my
beastly but small polishing station and vacuum system that sounds like a leaf
blower I actually grew up with that hammer this hammer got passed on to me
and it’s my favorite and my main heat share since duct tapes together secretly
this weekend while she was at the market I put a fresh layer of duct tape on once you did didn’t you and more rocks and
more tools underneath here yeah you got a rock tumbling machine and all kinds of
stuff there so that is cleese area which is essentially taking over most of the
studio little by little it’s a very small percentage of the studio I also
recommend that underneath your art tables if you have our tables that you
set up more storage and what you’re gonna want to do is have the lip of the
table coming out further than where you store things in case you drip any paint
it doesn’t get on the things that you’re storing under here we have a paper
cutting machine I’ve got a roller for the prints that I create the original
prints I have more bins with more storage I have a box with spray paints
and different stuff there this over here are different containers that I use to
hold my paints any lid that I could get my hands on I will use this to put paint
on these are plastic frozen dinner trays that are also great for putting paint on
yes just a different way to recycle yeah so it’s all kinds of things down here
that I could use in the last video I talked about being able to store your
paints your acrylic paints and these so that they don’t dry overnight anytime
that you’re throwing anything away if it looks like something that you’ll be able
to use in the studio I suggest you just try and use it worst case scenario is
that it doesn’t work for you and you just throw it away anyway I like using
odd things that aren’t necessarily supposed to be for the studio but give
yourself a limit to like if there’s something in your studio that’s taking
up valuable space and you haven’t used it for like four years then maybe
reconsider its value always take a look at what you got and make sure that
you’re actually gonna use it a lot of the stuff that we have hanging on the
walls is stuff to inspire us or just old creations I think in one of the videos I
talked about the wooden signs that I made and those are them got awards on
the wall this hangs on the wall and it’s one of the things that we picked up
while we were on our travels for two years how did you get over there are you
sleeping No this is our studio orange chair resting
our eyes pretty much everywhere along this wall you’ve either got old pieces
of art studio is a little bit messy right now usually these shelves back
here are empty and stuff isn’t just kind of strewn about but we’re working on
different pieces I would show you my storage but my storage is really messy
right now so we’ll just do a quick okay that’s good enough that is the studio in
a nutshell it’s not a very big space but we try to utilize as much of that space
as possible because that’s what it’s dedicated for it’s dedicated to a
creative space this chair where clay was taking a nap in this table it’s kind of
set up for when people come to do a studio visit yeah that’s true aside from
the resting your eyes chair this is our customer chair so like if I’m working on
a repair for them or a new design for them or if they’re here to see artwork
they can sit here and drink a beverage and hang out with us comfortably and
that was our studio you guys yeah hopefully you enjoyed it I just want you
to keep in mind no matter what whether or not you have a kitchen table as a
studio or you have a full what used to be a living room as a studio it doesn’t
matter all that matters is that you have a space that is yours to create
something even if it is a space that’s in a bin that you have to bring out and
put on the table then that becomes your sacred space of creation or if you have
a room that’s dedicated to it either way have a space have something an area that
is yours for you to create creation station your creation station yes have a
creation station and that’s it you guys thank you so much and if you have any
tips or tricks for setting up a studio for yourself having your creation
station just leave them in the comments section below and thank you so much for
watching you guys you guys are absolutely amazing I totally adore you
and if you liked this and you want to watch more videos like this just click
right over here to subscribe and that’s it say goodbye Klee good adios

69 thoughts on “Rafi And Klee Art Studio Tour 2019

  1. Your studio has quite the personality!!! It matches both of yours. What a wonderful tour!!! My studio consumes my tiny apartment. It has organically grown through the years; as I have as an artist. I’ve always been open to change in my art and studio adventures, so I would add…be yourself. It’s truly your motto. It’s always been mine, as well. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for the tour you two, I wish I had the space you two have, my art room/studio in 6ft by around 5ft. It’s our spare bedroom.

  3. Thanks for sharing!!! Rafi… did you say you save your mixed paints??? Great idea- any special dos or don't??? Also… great idea on the table lip!! Klee…does your work produce much rock dust? (If you do, it probably just help make Rafi's work more unique… how much for an ounce?? πŸ™‚ ) Thanks again to both of you!!

  4. I have a 2 year goal to have a good size shed as my creation station building. πŸ˜› I will have it wired for electricity including 2 outlets for glass fusing kilns. I wash my hands a lot so chances are good I will have a sink with plumbing for that. Also some sort of bathroom but I am thinking more of a composting toilet for that so I won't have to worry about the plumbing for that. I will also insulate it and put up walls once the electrician is done. I will do that myself though and then decorate the walls how I want. Probably going to resin the floors but then again maybe not. It's one idea but not set in stone yet. I want to be able to leave my house to "work" but not have to leave my yard though. πŸ˜‰ Right now my creation station is part of the kitchen and part of the living room. My supplies are taking over so I better get to creating with all the things I have acquired so I can get them out of the house plus have a better chance of setting money aside for my dedicated creation building. πŸ˜› – Heidi

  5. Klee – there are so many colored duct tape options!
    Gonna have to buy one of those folder holders! Great idea!

  6. You can refill those propane cans with a bigger tank like from a barbecue with a special adapter. I think it’s illegal to take the small ones in a vehicle after you refill them though.

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  9. I love your studio Rafi! Full of amazing art stuff. Full of love and you giys make music! Wow! True artists! πŸ™‚

  10. Thank you for all of your practical advice and encouragement. My friend Kimberly Anne Nicoll and I just had a our first real show Friday night. We kept referencing Rafi and Klee sayings the whole setup time. Thanks again!

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    Oooooooooh to just sit in the orange chair and watch the magic that is yalls Art πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  12. I just can't seem to get my space right. I have a dedicated room, and I'm never in there because no matter how much I organize, it's always too messy to work, or too full to even get into! Because I'm short, I can't really go "up" the way you guys have. But now you've got me thinking that my walls are too empty, and I just need to start putting stuff EVERYWHERE. Part of the issue, though, is that I have THREE doors and a window taking up wall space, so my actually hanging space, as well as floor space where I can lean stuff on walls, is limited.

  13. You two are so cute and I totally adore you both!πŸ˜€You’ve turned a living room into an amazing creative space! I love it!πŸ’–πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  14. Amazing studio! I have a corner on my bedroom……but it works and I love it. But Wow! You can get down and serious in yours!

  15. Guys… you're awesome!!!! How I like to have some friends like this, here in Italy! πŸ˜€
    What a great studio you have… and soooo much art stuff (the heaven for the artists). I LOVE it!!!

    Of course I'll follow you and watch your videos… you guys have this amazing vibe !!!!
    XOXO, Marcelo πŸ˜€

  16. I have a confession… I'm an art supply hoarder… I finally gathered up everything that I haven't used in the last year, and I donated it to a local youth group that focuses on art activities for the kids. πŸ™‚

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  18. Binge watching it has been forever since we met you.i bought the beautiful horse..remember???It was owen,lexi and i at the flea.i am so stoked to see u2.yayyyy.

  19. Thanks for sharing your craft space! Mine is ever changing and I pray someday I am completely organized! Dream on!

  20. Your studio looks tidier πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    I like the organization folder thingie πŸ˜πŸ‘

    I like that you have a drawing table, then a painting area , then like an office area, then a filming area,

    I like make one table do everything πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ resulting in exhausting mess.

    Edited to say β€œI cant believe you built your own easel” 😱 how awesome is that πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜πŸ‘

    Cool helpful video Rafi and Klee πŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸ™

  21. I found you because of the Etsy shipping…. "thing". I'm now binge watching all your videos. Thank you for being fearless and showing your studio. My "studio" is the dining room. It appears to be a mess, but I know where everything is. I relate to both of you so much, even though I'm not a traditional artist in the same way, but my creations are my full time job too. You can see here: www.ginnypenny.com

  22. Luved the tour. Klee!! Honey, new chair!! I got an awesome deal at thrift store and another at garage sale, Girl…….

  23. This is very cool, thanks for sharing and it is nice that you did not clean up everything and you have an actual working studio! So many studio tours give a false sense of over organization? I guess that’s what I’m trying to say. Real spaces for real people! there we go! I hope you have a lovely afternoon or evening or you know day.

  24. there is no way you would be able to produce the beautiful work you do with a neat and tidy space. just sayin! πŸ™‚

  25. Nice organisational office also that tour should be sponsored by National Geographic Science Chanel . Let's make a petition people !

  26. As someone who rents, do you rent or own your space? I just set up a "crafting area" in my teeny tiny apartment and realized it was a better use of the living room space than the way I had it previously arranged . I'm really pleased with it. Love your studio(s)!

  27. Love it! My favorite cheap hack are my peg board walls above my work tables. Endless spaces to put hooks, shelves and other gadgets that keeps all my tools a hand grab away, off my table and still visible. Great tour!

  28. Are you aware that Etsy is advertised before all of your 'leaving Etsy' youtube videos? ["It's like raaaaaiiiiin on your wedding day"] Whatever. I'm loving your creative spaces – it's giving me ideas. I want everything on wheels so I can move whole sections of things easier…

  29. Good advice…take a look at your stuff and make sure you're gonna use it. I learned whilst working at a store, that shelving is prime real estate, and if it the stuff on them isn't moving, you're loosing money. [so now I'm looking around…yikes!]

  30. OMGoodness, I sooooo Lurve this. I'm totally setting up different stations in my dwelling to make stuff, and I was taking a break, cause, yeah, slightly got overwhelmed, and I watched this video. I'm soooo pumped now. I'm totally moving "kitchen" stuff out of the kitchen and into the storage She Shed, cause, yo, I do not eat at the kitchen table anyways. Never have guests. That's all just wasted Studio Space. Onwards and Upwards πŸ˜€

  31. Hey! whose the knucklehead w/the "thumb down "? This couple just invited you to their home!
    Geez !! Moving forward…….Thx guys for the great clip. Continue w/the excellent content. Wishing you the best! πŸ™‚

  32. Rafi I have just realized that Klee is always out of focus in the background.Β  Considering what looks better shouldn't you be out of focus and in the background while the pretty one is up front and in focus?Β  Lol

  33. Hi Rafi and Klee,
    Your video inspired me to drop my own art studio tour. Seems like a no brainer for a video idea. Thanks for giving great insight on the solutions you guys have figured out over time. Did you ever see Jose Trujillo's studio? Its crazy!! I toured it personally in Arizona. He's got a whole warehouse to paint out of.

  34. hi Rafi and Klee, thank you for sharing…I would lose my mind, I need things to be little and in tidy spaces. It just proves how talented and intelligent you both truly are…Well done, keep on creating. Thanky once again.

  35. My current creation station is the size of a closet. Maybe one day I'll get the barn turned into a proper studio. Its the size of a small aircraft hangar and just houses our John Deere. The people before us raised peacocks in it, and there was massive amounts of peacock poo to get rid of. Slow and steady wins the race…

  36. I like your postings. Helps me get ideas. I need an idea on how to decide on what kind/colour frames to use for finished pastel pieces. Do you have a posting of that? May I have the link, if you do?

  37. That place is so awesome! Klee the word wizard, "Creation Station"!
    There is lots of order in that chaos. Reminds me of my own, ha!

  38. I noticed all of my art friends that actually make a living are just as bombed with "stuff" as you. It's just a fact for most very active artists. I am always struggling to keep the clutter down and question if I really need that, where do I put it, or chuck-it. I see your shelves with rubber made bins and THAT is my solution, thanks! I have large shelves and THAT will organize the "stuff". I too use acrylic and oils and other things. I also build my frames and customize them, sometimes integrating artwork into them. I also have an eye-resting station, with lamp, books and sketchbook. It is also a visitors spot, keeps them from fingering my stuff.Β Ever have someone put their finger on a oil-painting while still [email protected]# So I feel ya! What a AWESOME STUDIO and thank you two for being so open, honest, and thoughtful. I love you two.

  39. I love it! I wanted to take over the living room as studio space. My family wasnt thrilled. I'm finding a different space in the house. Much smaller. πŸ™ lol

  40. I saw a sewing studio with plenty of wall space, because everything was stored in cubes beneath a large cutting table.

    The cubes were assembled. A large piece of plywood was placed on top of them. The plywood was covered with heavy canvas.

    Each cube contained a portable basket. The baskets hid all the clutter. The baskets could be easily transported to where they were needed. The baskets made it easy to pick up and put away as well.

  41. I turned the entryway of my house into a studio by setting up a kitchen table and most of my supplies, but I also have a painting table my husband made for me, and a kiln, pottery wheel, and related supplies out in the garage. I wish I had room in my house for my potter's wheel tho cuz the garage is hard to heat and it gets really cold in the winter.

  42. You guys have a very cool studio! So much room! My studio is, literally, as you said, a kitchen table. I have a one bedroom apartment & not much room. In fact right now my studio is shoved over in a corner and unable to be used b/c I have to move said table to fit the Christmas Tree into the living room. I will find a way to still paint though – I just have to get more creative about it – there's not much room. But i'm o.k. – i've done a few dozen paintings in a space that I didn't think was going to work initially – so that makes me very happy! Winning at making art is FUN!

  43. That was cheating! I wanted to see the storage and you skipped over so fast that even a pause just ended up all fuzzy. But thanks for the tour. Just giving ya a hard time.

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