Quilters Select New Rulers

Quilters Select New Rulers

Welcome to Nifty Notions from SewVeryEasy,
my name is Laura. Today’s nifty notion is more of an update, just to let you know that Quilters Select has come out with some new ruler sizes for their collection. The new sizes are 3″ by 18″, a few more squares to add to the collection: 6½” by 6½, 10″ by 10″, and a great big 18″ by 18″. 8½” by 24″ Let me show you some of the features of the Quilters Select rulers. The rulers have this creamy yellow color to them which makes it very easy for you to see the numbers over top of the fabric. The marking lines start at ⅛, ¼”, ½”, ¾”, and of course our 1″ marking. There’s all the standard angles that we use the most: 60°, 45°, and 30°. It has a double numbering system: I have one-two-three-four-five going up, and in the lighter color I have one-two-three-four going down. So it doesn’t matter which angle I use this; I’m going to be able to count up or count down. So at a glance this is going to be really easy to use those numbers. The most known thing for the ruler is the non-slip surface. The back is not tacky at all. It feels like a very soft velvet. That velvet holds onto the fabric very well. That anti-slip is most noticeable when we’re doing squares. Normally we need to cut around the two sides, pick up the ruler, and do the other two sides. Or, we will cut two sides and then turn the mat to cut the other two sides, because lifting up the ruler could mean shifting the fabric underneath. With this non-slip surface underneath, we don’t need to move the mat; we will only need to move the ruler. Once our two cuts are done we can just take this ruler and turn it. That fabric just stays right on. It doesn’t come off at all. This means I can cut my third side, turn the ruler, and cut the fourth side. There’s no trying to cut in front of me or on a bad angle. We now know that block underneath is definitely exact. Another nice thing is those corners don’t move as we’re cutting. I can cut small pieces and not worry about that end shifting one way or the other, because the ruler is holding it down. I can just pick it up and move the ruler to the next cut and nothing underneath is moving. I like to cut a lot of time with two rulers. I have one side that needs to be cut off, but I’m right-handed so I would need to turn that edge to cut it and then turn it back. With two rulers: I place the first ruler down, lining up the edges, leaving that edge exposed that I want to trim off. If it’s something small, I’ll be able to just turn that. The fabrics not going to move. But if it’s a long row, I might not want to move it. I’m going to be able to take the second ruler and butt it right up against the first ruler so there’s no space between the rulers. I can now pick up that first ruler and trim that edge. That fabric sticks so well, I don’t worry about how thin I need to trim that off; it stays. Even the smallest piece of fabric I can still turn, Trimming that first edge off will allow me not having to move that big piece. From there I’m going to be able to cut the pieces. The rulers are sold mostly at quilt shops. A lot of times they’ll let you use them because they’re using them themselves, so you’ll be able to test it out for yourself and see if you like it. Between all the different squares and all the different rectangles, we are now covered. Thank you for joining me today on SewVeryEasy. Feel free to subscribe and, as always, come out back. Let’s see what we’re talking about next time
in the sewing room. Bye for now!

31 thoughts on “Quilters Select New Rulers

  1. I have those rulers, and their rotary cutter, they are real nice..thank you for another wonderful video.

  2. I have a couple of these rulers but I find them really hard to find in Ontario. Somehow I think you are from Ontario? Do you know if there is someone in Southern Ontario that has them? I’m not too far from Waterloo.

  3. Hey Laura, great information as usual. Who clicked the thumbs down on this video? What's not to like its just info? Wonder what you did to make the 2 jerks unhappy? Lol take care

  4. Those would be very helpful for beginners as well. You can take an extra amount of time fidgeting with fabric after a lil bump or in a quick mind change. Until you your muscle memory is established just enough … lol a bit funbly.

  5. Hi Laura, I absolutely love watching all of your videos, they are some of the best videos out there 🙂 Do you know where I can order these rulers online? The nearest quilt shop near me is a few hrs away (I live in rural NE Ontario) and the only way I can get anything quilting/sewing related is if I order online -_-

  6. Thanks for info. I have few of those rulers but the coating started coming off. Great information but I won't buy it again thanks

  7. I am doing a one on one series of sewing lessons in my home with one young lady. . And just watching your videos has helped me know how to teach someone else how to sew. You have been very helpful to me in that way as well as learning for myself. Thank you.

  8. I love mine, but her prices are outrageous. I would love to buy some more sizes, but the cost is prohibitive to many folks.

  9. I have most of those sizes, BUT, I love that the fabric stays put on those rulers. I'm gonna have to add some of those to my dream list. Maybe I'll get them at some point.

  10. These are the best rulers in the world. I gave all my omnigrid rulers away. Change is always hard but always good. I think you need to buy their cutting mats to appreciate the easy of movement.

  11. Thanks Laura, I love learning about all the latest rulers and gadgets. Whether or not I buy them doesn't matter because it's nice to know what is available in case I ever have a need for them.

  12. Laura, where can these rulers be purchased? I’ve searched the web and haven’t been able to find them.

  13. I have 2 of these rulers and 1 of the cutting mats. I do like them, but they are not special, as perhaps the price would imply. I am very careful with how I use all of my rulers and how I store them. I use these 2 rulers the most because I bought them specifically for their sizes. I am finding that the "grippy" coating on the back of my 2 rulers is wearing off and just the acrylic ruler remains without any grippy coating so the fabric can shift ever so slightly if I am not hyper aware. Once this grippy coating wears enough, the rulers will be the same as any other ruler. As far as the cutting mat is concerned, it does not self heal as well as some of my other mats, wearing much faster and I will have to replace it sooner. I support my local quilt shops and was willing to spend the extra money, once. Unless this company's manufacturing process improves, I am not willing to purchase them again.

  14. Wonderful rulers! I plan on getting one or all as soon as I can. Another thing I like how Laura pointed out the markings on the ruler about 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and so on and especially the marking after 1/2 on the opposite side. This is a remarkable discover for me and now I know where to cut on those unfamiliar sizes! THANK YOU LAURA!!!

  15. Love these rulers. So far, no problems with coating. Company sounds like it is interested in a resolution(?) for the lady with the coating problem. In Phoenix, AZ 35th Ave Sew and Vac and The Other Quilt Shop carry them.. They seem thicker and less likely to break. Yes, they are pricey, but if they last, they aren't any pricier than other companies' rulers. I'm struggling a bit the rotary cutter. It doesn't feel right in my hand like Olfa and changing the blade is an issue, too. Anyone else having a problem with them?

  16. Upon your recommendation, I bought the 24"X 6" Quilters Select ruler, this is the best ruler I have ever used. Yes it's spendy, but worth every penny. I love the fact that the company does not have large dots all over the ruler, and the non-slip feature is wonderful! Thank you so much for my new GO TO ruler.

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