Putting a STRONG MAGNET into FLOATING ISLAND to make it FLY (Fortnite Battle Royale) – Polymer Clay

Putting a STRONG MAGNET into FLOATING ISLAND to make it FLY (Fortnite Battle Royale) – Polymer Clay

This magnet is so strong. Hopefully it doesn’t damage my camera. Hey guys. I’m really excited. Today we will put this strong magnet into Floating Island to make it actually fly. Well, let’s see if it works. This is Floating Island. It’s so beautiful, as we know it. The location where I want to spend my vacations on. Some of you came up with the same idea like I did a few months ago when we saw the very first version of the Floating Island. I always wanted to do this. Using a very strong magnet on this presentation table thing which is used and seen in some stores. Well, let’s see what’s inside. Let’s see if we can use this strong magnet for our creation. Maybe we can make it even a little bit smaller. Let’s remove all these pieces, these rings. It’s quite difficult to work with. It already looks like the shape of the island from Floating Island. The rocks. So, all we have to do is cut out this blueprint from Floating Island and start creating. This is our very first step. We will focus on all the beautiful, beautiful details on this vacation island. Well, now we have a swimming pool on it as well. We have a motel, so I guess it won’t be boring right there. We have a very thin layer of grey clay and we have some ocher and this will be the swimming pool. In order to get all the proportions, right I just cut out the paper from the blueprint and we should get it right then. OK. So, this will be the inner part of the swimming pool and it’s almost finished because well we are just adding some textures to it and now there is this tiny hut on it, as well. It is a little bit reddish from the front, so this is why I used this clay color and we have a wall, as well. Well, when working on these tiny details, it’s always great to have any kind of reference, like this blueprint, but I also used my laptop, as well. So, I had this location on replay mode so I could always check and compare. This was really helpful. This is the main part, the middle piece. The island which used to be in Loot Lake Good old times and now we have some very thin layers of green clay for the grass. So we start putting on the vegetation or the plants. Well later, but the grass will be added right now and then we will focus on the buildings and we have many vehicles, as well. We have some cars and the truck, the truck on the roof. I have no idea how to create it with clay because it should be really really small, but well one step at a time. Let’s see how it will turn out. OK, now let’s start with the very first building. It’s in the front and it has also a grey roof after oven hardening We will start painting many many details into the creation, but for now let’s focus on all the different layers. To be honest. I had just no idea how to start this confusing project. When you look at the building you are not really sure where all the walls are and what’s underneath and why it all works like this building. Well, I thought it would be a good idea to start from the bottom and working up to the top and this is what I did with the building. Now we will add some of the windows and details everything which needs to be created with clay. This room, for example and we have these wooden parts as well and then we have the tiny building in the backside also, with the huge balcony. I created this one with a very thin layer of clay. Hopefully it doesn’t break in the oven. Well, we will find out in a minute. Let’s put this spice to the side, put everything onto the plate and we start working on the island itself. I place it onto the plate and let’s try to get a thin layer of brown clay. Well, not too thin. Maybe the thickness of of a finger for example because we have some different levels. I’m cutting away these stair things. This is what I mean by levels. It looks like that and we have some fascinating details on the lower level. We have a bathtub, for example, we have a toilet, we have many many cars. Ok, I already put these into the oven so they are quite hard right now. Just for like 10 minutes that they don’t break when I push them into the clay. This is a really good way to create in different steps. And now we mix some grey and brown to get all these rocks you just saw that in the background in the replay and now we have some grey on the floor and stones. Let’s add some stones to it. So, what’s next? Yeah, you see these green spots as well, which somehow make the island a little bit more alive. Yeah, we have some planks as well as some pipes and as I told you we have some vehicles. So I wanted to mix all of these vehicles that they really look old. This is what I did with this color. I think we have like three of these old cars. Probably these are the cars which sank into Loot Lake. So, this is the bathtub. I thought this would be important and we also have a toilet. Yeah, that’s true, but it’s open. Okay, let’s see what’s next. Well, we have these pipes. We created these, a boat and some more wheels I think. Now there is another huge pipe. We have some stones lying around, some more pipes, some broken cars and this yellow truck. Some of these vehicles are quite characteristic. This blue van, for example. Is it really a van? I’m not sure we have a grey car and we have the truck on the roof and this is a must-have for our creation. This is the back side of the truck. We’ve also created the wheels underneath and now we can focus on the vegetation which makes this place look even more like you want to spend your vacation on this island. In just a minute. Well, an island like this would really exist and you would just go there via helicopter and you just have to stay on this island. Somehow like spending your holidays on a boat, because you just can’t leave it. I really like how these trees turned out with the mixture of yellow and orange for the leaves and now we make the filling of the empty, unfortunately it’s empty, the swimming pool. And some details as well and now the ice cream truck which goes right over there. So we use different layers. We have green white and green again. Well, it’s not really green. It’s more like turquoise and then we have this broken ice cream thing on the roof. A matchstick, which I’m coloring brown will bring us really good yeah, what’s it called. Well, it’s just the wooden structure underneath the house that it doesn’t break or fall down. We have all these signs. We have the one with a Motel and the one underneath which says a k… I’m not really sure and I can’t read it because it’s too tiny and the Burger, the Durr Burger on the top. I can’t remember. This is probably the sixth time I’m creating the Durr Burger on such a small scale, but it’s always a pleasure This is Kevin The Cube. Yeah, I have heard that it has changed over time. Personally, I haven’t really seen it in the game but if it’s true if it really has changed this means that there will be probably another life event, maybe and Kevin will open crack open something like that. We’re ready to go into the oven! Freshly baked Island, Floating Island and all the trees. Look at that beautiful tree and we can start painting the house for example. We start with a motel with a roof, two different layers. We have the huge pens and then I have this tiny tiny black acrylic pen to get in all the details for the roof, for example, look at that. It’s so beautiful! Well the lines aren’t that beautiful but in total when you see the artwork in total, it just looks nice. At least I think so. Yeah. So there is other piece of the roof and We start assembling all the trees. Yeah, that’s right. The very first time I’m actually drawing some more details onto the trees itself for this pine tree, for example. And I used the blueprint a lot to get all the exact positions where to get the trees in because it’s still many many trees on such small space and and we also have these very tiny pine trees well all I skipped on the bushes because they would have been too tiny. This is sign, the motel sign and for the structure underneath well, maybe we can also use the matchstick, yeah. The firestick let’s try with that. Probably we should paint it. It’s half yellow and half silver and let’s see if it works if we just glue it onto it. We have the ice-cream truck. The wheels as well and now we can glue it we can glue all these cars and vehicles onto the creation. This the part I was most looking forward to because I’m not really sure what fascinates me, but it really brings the creation to life. The doors are open of the truck this is the camping van, the blue car the silver car, which is lying somewhere on the side the ice cream truck and of course the huge track on the roof. We will put it where it belongs. Hopefully, there is noone inside if you’ve been inside the truck in the game I’m curious if it’s possible to enter it. Now, there’s another sign as well and we will glue it onto the roof as well Here we go. Yeah, okay. It looks great. Now we have mumps. I’m not really sure but I think that’s it for the island. Now that we finished the island we can work on the magnet, on the very strong magnet. I can tell you what what was my idea. Well, I thought I would just coat the magnet and include it into the creation, but still I’m not really sure if it works if it changes somehow the balance of the magnet. Nevertheless, let’s just find out. Let’s just pretend that it will work and that all these details I’m currently working are not wasted and then we can oven harden this thing with a magnet which should just be done in like 10 minutes, maybe we add some more details. That looks nice. Put this into the oven. Finished. got a bit darker and then well the big moment has arrived. Maybe we should add some more acrzlic paint to get this glowing effect onto Kevin and now I’m really excited if it works. Let’s plug it in. Well it’s currently floating over Greasy Grove, so I thought it would be nice, but it’s underneath and now… That’s quite hard. Why doesn’t it work? It’s so difficult What about now? Okay, I think we got it. Whoa now, let’s place the the island on top. Look at that! It’s so beautiful. Look at the floating island! Look at that! That’s it! Floating Island. That’s so fascinating! What an exciting experiment. I really hope you enjoyed today’s video. As always, please let me know what I should create next. Well, for this island I know for sure that there will be some changes in the game, so, let’s see what happens next, so we can make another video which is quite similar. I guess that’s it for today. Have a great weekend and take care guys. Bye! The magnet is so strong! Maybe we can just talk about spending some vacation time together on this island. Who’s with me? Well, we should find out how to get to this floating island. I will book a helicopter.

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