Hi Internet! So, I was looking back through all the comments that I got while I was out of town, and I noticed that YouTube user Tina Sparks got very very angry at me about vaginas. In case you missed it, this summer I interviewed the fabulous and badass Vagilante, who dresses like a giant vagina. And because princesses are not supposed to talk about vaginas… this made Tina very mad. She also decided to tell me about how horrible and violent the Women’s March was, and how Trump won the popular vote. So ANYWAY… Thank you, Tina! You totally reminded me that I have more footage from the Vagilante that I never used! She taught me how to make PussyGami. Which is Pussy Origami! I present to you: the Vagilante’s PussyGami tutorial! Dedicated to you, Tina. So you’re good at origami. Yes, I am! And I would love to show you how to turn an ordinary piece of paper into a vagina. With Pussy Magic! *sings* Pussy Magic! I mean… I do know how to fold… You have some really good vagina puns. Oh god, its like really… I can’t keep up. That’s what he said? *Laughing* AAAAHH SAVE ME!!!! It’s too good! Also what he said? So this is my specialty: PussyGami. Oh my god. You wanna do some? Give it a try. Wait. But from the side. Really though. Yeah… it’s a little bit floppy. Which I guess is an okay trait in a vagina, but that’s just… *Laughs* Let me show you. OK. So first: You put it like a diamond shape, so this point is facing you. And then you fold it half way over and crease And then you take a little seam and fold it up and away from you. So, you can make this thinner or larger depending on how big you want your labial folds. I have to make decisions about the size of my labial folds? Yeah. Only god can judge us. So now you take this seam, this crease here: You take this side, and fold the corners together. What if my pussy is asymmetrical? ALL pussies are asymmetrical. And then you just fold over. So, at this point you can also do some fun stuff like you can make this one a little bigger or a little smaller because all of our folds are a little bigger or a little smaller. How many times to I do this?! So you’re gonna look for these little triangles here You can do two, or three. And then turn it this way. You’re gonna fold it down one more time. So now, flip it over. It looks like a boat! And then you’re gonna do the same thing on the other side. And so this is where you choose where your clitoris is going to be. So, I’m going to want the clitoris to be at the top the clitoris has to be at the top… it does. Fold it again, in half Floop. And then, you’re going to fold the side that you don’t want to be the clitoris, first. And you’re just going to fold it like a little triangle And then you’re going to take it, and fold it on the other end. I like to blunt the edge here a little bit Cause I don’t think labia have- I personally don’t have corners on my labia, so… I don’t have any sharp edges on my pussy And then you’re going to turn it over And remember which side has the top fold And then do it again so that the top fold is the same on each side. So facing the same way. She is doing a really good job Smoosh the corners! No vaginal corners. And now you’re going to take it with these flaps facing towards the ceiling You’re gonna take it about one third of the way down Fold it down And crease Then make a tiny little fold up, and then down again like this: Up and then down again! See? It looks like that. Then you’re going to fold in, and in. without smushing that edge So like this. What the- You want these to overlap. yes, like that? At the crease you just made: you’re gonna fold back. And then you’re going to take this end, and accordion it in together And then fold that back Ok, so then you’re going to fold the top together and then fold it out like this So it will look like this Now, you’re going to pinch up here Then you’re going to start to slowly fold the lips back Oh! yes. And then on the other side, you’re gonna pinch, and fold back Yay! Now, gently- this is going to turn into the clit You’re gonna take this little lip up really get your finger under there Start to slowly peel it up. until you feel the resistance Pinch it, or I like to twist it a little And then, depending on what shape you want your pussy to be, Cause right now, it’s kind of this tiny little thing You go in, with your finger behind there and you bring out all the lips And you can do whatever you want You can kind of smoosh it around Make all the foldy bits into whatever shape and size you want your pussy to be AWWW, its so cute! Pussy! Guys, I successfully made a pussygami! Maybe you just want to fold these back a little, but you don’t have to Your pussy can be any shape you want. Your pussy can do anything! If you ask Disney, they’d say this doesn’t exist. Just the promise of it! That’s about it. It really does end up looking… like a vagina. What is your opinion on VaJazzle-ing? I mean, I do have glitter on my pussy… FUCK YAAAAAS

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