PUPPETS MUPPETS AND KIDS see Dark Crystal Labyrinth Sesame Street Fraggles and more with Harzel

Is that Jack? Ya! Do you remember Wayland Flowers and Madam? It’s Gumby! And Pokey the horse! Gumby and Pokey. That’s from the Corpse Bride. Hey Harper, do you know who this is? Coraline. Shouldn’t they be fighting the dragon? Dog City? But there’s a cat! Is there a cat in Dog City? You’re right. The Doorknocker. Dark Crystal. There’s Mokey, Green Swim Fraggle, Gobo The Dozers. Emmet Otter People don’t want to stare at that all day. Miss Piggy. Elmo, Cookie Monster, Roosevelt Franklin, Harry, and Hoots. And Big Bird. Bert and Ernie. Hazel has one eye, you’re going to have four eyes. It’s Rolf! I like it Harper. Good job. Hazel are you making a goat? Good job girls.

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