Production Tip Jar: Pressing Designs Larger Than Your Heat Press

Production Tip Jar: Pressing Designs Larger Than Your Heat Press

Hi, I’m Josh Ellsworth with Stahls’ CAD-CUT
Direct and thanks for tuning into this Production Tip Jar were we’re going to show you how
to accommodate oversized prints on your smaller heat press. One of our most popular materials
is CAD-CUT Glitter Flake. Glitter Flake is great for a variety of applications one of
which is an oversized print on a pant leg. In toady’s video we’re going to show you
how to accommodate this print on a pant leg on these yoga pants with multiple steps in
heat pressing. So, come on over to the heat press and let’s get started. We’re working
today on the Hotronix Fusion Heat Press and we’re actually going to use the swing away
functionality of it. Because it makes it a little easier to keep your items stationary
on the press while you’re going through the process. You can use any clamshell style
press or any swing away style press to accommodate this. The point is let’s break it up into
sections. I’m going to start things by preheating my whole print area. Adjust your time temperature
and pressure accordingly for the material you’re going to be pressing. I’ll preheat
for a few seconds on this part of the pants and then I’m going to slide it down and
while I’m here we’ll preheat the lower half for a few seconds. Once everything is
preheated I’m ready to lay out my work. So for this I’m just going to lay the pant
leg and make sure the bulk of it is lying on the table so it’s not going to be sliding
around on me. And we’ll start by positioning my design. In this case I’ve already cut
a 2-color design that we’re going to use to apply. C H S and Tigers…and you’ll
notice the Tigers won’t fit completely on the heat press. So I’m going to have to
do it in 2 sections. The Glitter Flake material does feature a sticky backing which is nice
because I can kind of stick it to the whole pant leg to make sure that it is going to
stay in position. And then we just break it up into multiple hits. Cover the whole thing
with a cover sheet. Press the first portion for the recommended time temperature and pressure.
Glitter Flake is a warm to a cool peel material so I can actually slide the pant leg and complete
a second application without having to worry about peeling the initial one. If you’re
heating and reheating certain parts of the design it doesn’t really matter. It’s
just going to melt and remelt the adhesive. That’s what makes this all work with pretty
much any heat transfer film. 10 seconds and complete the second application. Swing this
away and I’ll let the whole thing cool down and peel it together in a moment. Once everything
is cool I begin to peel the backing away. And it’s that easy. Everything on there
is going to last for the lab certified durability of the product. So to conclude it doesn’t
matter if you have an 11 by 15 inch heat press, a 15 by 15 inch heat press or a 16 by 20,
you can begin by accommodating oversized high margin prints utilizing this technique. Thanks
for tuning in to our Production Tip Jar.

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  1. Goof video now you guys should decorate some shirts and sweats and Jeans with a liitle fashion to them not pertaining to schools and polo shirts not just left chest logo

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