Prisoner from Snowfall Challenge (Fortnite Battle Royale)  – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Prisoner from Snowfall Challenge (Fortnite Battle Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay Tutorial! Today we are going to create the Prisoner skin from the Snowfall Challenge and… we have to set him free first. There is still ice. Well that was exciting. Nobody knew what would be inside the ice cube, inside the castle and now we know. I knew it two days before some of you probably. I saw the leak, the images and here we go. That’s the prisoner skin from the Snowfall Challenge and he looks so amazing even in the first stage. It has four stages in total because he is becoming… Fire king. Is it Fire King? I think so. Yeah. You see the blueprint. It’s up on my website if you want to recreate this creation, as well. Just check out and go to the downloads. It’s for free as usual and this is the skin color we just mixed and we can put it onto the wire, the skeleton of our Prisoner. And while mixing the clay you see that I already try to get this pattern. This kind of pattern into the clay, because the skin of the Prisoner skin looks so dirty and you can see all the muscles inside. And this is how I try to achieve it. These are the muscles on the arms as well and he already looks very great I think. Let’s make a thin layer and put it on the backside of our prisoner. I have to tell you I’m really curious what is happening next because Epic Games somehow started to tell a real story now. Well, they did that before in former seasons, but now you have these two arch enemies like the Ice King and the Fire King and I think this is just the beginning of a really great storyline. Now take some brown clay and we will use that for the legs of our Prisoner skin and the legs, well the trousers look like as if they are made out of bandages. This is why I try to get in a pattern using my modeling tool, but probably this is not enough. Maybe we should also make a very thin layer of brown clay and just wrap it around like that. Oh yeah, look at that. It’s working pretty well. Now what’s next? Let’s take some brighter brown, some white, maybe some more and this yellow, because he is wearing different kind of… He was looking when I was creating. First time he saw me creating with clay and he was really excited. So the Prisoner skin is wearing all these different kinds of fabric and in the first stage it’s… He cheered me on! It’s dirty and later on in stage four it’s all getting really bright orange and red because he even gets flames on his shoulders where he now has some ice crystals, but well, it will take a while till we create the ice crystals on the shoulders. Let’s focus on the legs first and also on the feet now. They are pretty simple to create. It’s not all the difficult boots, we had on all the various skins from Fortnite. It’s just barefoot. Let’s take a scalpel, bring these feet into shape. I posted some images on Instagram while creating this and I haven’t asked for it, but you sent me some background stories on this character, which I really love and I want to share some of them with you. The first one. Itspizzatime29: In the castle on Polar Peak, there was a round table with five chairs. The Ice Queen, the Ice King Valkyrie, Rragnarok and the Prisoner all sat in their respective chairs. The Prisoner was saved as a young child by the Ice King and was originally a person made of magma, but when he was saved he cooled down. As the years went by the prisoner grew up and started to find out more about his past how he wasn’t a real ice person, which led him to rebelling and disobeying the Ice King’s orders. After they confronted the Prisoner about his behavior he snapped and overturned his chair at the table as he stormed out of the room. The heads of the Ice Monarchy decided that was enough and imprisoned him before he got out of control, but of course he was freed as the ice imprisoning him was formed and now he’s searching for the keys to remove all the remaining locks and get revenge on the Ice King by undoing the snowstorm across the island. That was a really epic story, thanks a lot! I think it is really impressive how you come up with all these stories, although you just see one of the skins or a project I’m creating. Thanks a lot for that. Now we just created the belt with the main locker and now I removed some clay parts from the arms in order to get some locks there as well. This really is a poor guy. I think he has three or four locks in total, so I think we we are creating four of them. At least in stage one of the Prisoner skin. We have the main Locker on the belt then we have another tiny two on the arms and the big one right in the face to cover his ice for a guy. These are the two tiny ones. The metallic clay. This one I mixed it myself. You have just seen that with silver, with gold and I think it’s in English it’s called copper. Is it right? So I really wanted to get a dirty metal look and just by taking one of the colors wouldn’t have given this skin justice, because it looks so dirty and I am also using a really new technique. I haven’t done that before. After oven hardening we will paint we will draw some shadows onto the skin and it will look amazing. This is the left hand for thumbs. It has almost the same body expression like Ragnarock. You remember the one I created. It was also very very detailed. Yeah the chains the most difficult part in this tutorial, because we have different ones and the clay is really thin but somehow it works. I was really surprised, but also really happy. Now this is the upper part before we can attach the chain to the neck. This is the ring around his neck. Now I have another short story for you from mxxicanralph. I hope his name is pronounced the right way. Ragnarok and Valkyrie had a kid who used up the essence of red fire instead of blue. When the rift took everyone back, the Prisoner was able to make it to the rift and he stayed. Ice King had raised him since then, but when he found out that he has firepowers, he locked him up covered in ice, so he wouldn’t ruin the Ice King’s evil plans. His flames were so hot, that he melted Polar peak with ease and exploded in flames because he hadn’t used any fire for years. The explosion broke the ice and chains and he saught for revenge on the Ice King. And also you wrote that I should do the castle from Super Mario 64. Dude, I love that idea. I was also really happy that you liked the Super Mario scenery I created in the frame as you know, I bought three frames. No, there are two left. Let me know what I should create in these other two frames. Just write it down in the comments, so that I can read them, your ideas. And also, of course, if you have other ideas, further ideas for Fortnite creations just let me know either from the current season or from the upcoming events. I’m also really curious about that. Now, let’s create all these tiny thorns. No, these aren’t thorns. I don’t know what this is I’m creating right now, but it looks really badass somehow. We will place them right on the head, the Prisoner’s head and the head itself onto the torso. There are some more ice crystals on the helmet and there’s another chain on the backside of this poor guy. And the last working step and we are ready to go into the oven! Freshly baked Prisoner! Let’s remove him from the plate and oh no! Let’s take the chains. This is a silver pen. Now the funny part starts. I was really looking forward to this and also and also to free Prisoner from the ice. I really put this creation into the ice. You have seen that in the intro of this video and well in the outro, let’s find out how long it will take to set him free. when we are using a hairdryer. This is what I was talking about this grey pen. Look at all the shadows, it looks way better with the shadows. It gets a little bit more contrast. Also the muscles, you can emphasize them as well. Oh this looks so amazing. Yeah, I also use the white pen. I’m not sure if you have seen that for the crystals on this skin, which is also really amazing. some super glue for the chains and… You think I have no hair? Look again! That’s it, the Prisoner skin! This is like ASMR, right? Okay, let’s see how long it will take to melt the ice of the Prisoner. Have a great weekend and take care guys. Bye! I’m flying!

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