Primitive Technology: Water powered hammer (Monjolo)

Primitive Technology: Water powered hammer (Monjolo)

The creek Hollow half log Sawing log with stone Breaking off untidy end Bipod of sticks and loya cane Water flows down spout Damming water Rudimentary water wheel After rain A fallen dead tree Making fire Scraping char away Log burned in half Burning other end Tidying end Chiseling trough Cutting handle for adze Chisel will form adze head Tying head on with bark fiber cordage (made in previous videos) Hot coals to burn trough deeper Chopping char away Clay stops wood burning away where it is wanted Hollow stem blowpipe Carving a pivot point Lining up holes Burning hole Circular breathing (avoids hyperventilation) Burn from other side Broke through This took 4 and a half hours Pivot point Carving mortice for hammer head Inserting hammer head Inserting axle Tripod of sticks and loya cane Putting hammer on axle Lashing axle with loya cane Hammer works when water fills trough out weighing the hammer end. The hammer lifts up and the water tips out causing the hammer to fall onto the anvil. Hammer makes 5 strikes a minute, or 7200 strikes a day without human effort A small stone (possibly sandstone) Carving a bowl into the anvil Old pottery shards Charcoal Water powered hammer (Monjolo)

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  2. Хорошо.но если на конец молот кторый дроблеющий прикрепит камен будеть мощнее

  3. 「マイクラやってるから俺サバイバルとか余裕ww」

  4. Anybody else always turn the volume down when he starts fires using a spindle? It like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.

  5. I see absolutely no purpose to this. You guys are right about him putting a ton of effort to no longer have to hammer. It's more trouble than it's worth. The hammer is slow and weak. It does in a far worse manner what he could do much faster. he's losing time and energy by just using the water hammer

  6. Back when I was a young juvenile delinquent, I designed something similar to water a weed plant. Growing a weed plant is a felony, so me and my friends didn't want to be seen frequenting the spot where the plant was. I made it out a bunch of stuff. Not from nature but instead from the recycling center near by. Instead of filling up every 20 seconds like the monjolo it filled every 2 or three days, dropped a bucket of water and then went back into position to be filled up again. It did this by weight on one of those weight lifting resistance band. The bucket would fill up and only tip over and water the plant when it was heavy enough to move the resistance band. It worked great for months until someone else found it and destroyed it. They also left me a note, praising my ingenuity and strongly urging me to use it for something other than watering a weed plant lol

  7. Сделал себе такой на балконе,буду орехи колоть вечерами.

  8. This is awesome! I would love to learn stuff like this! I wonder if theres a survival retreat where they put u out in the wilderness…I would sign up! Gonna search for it…lol

  9. Waiting the whole night hoping for that thing to work, and discover that it didn't must have been the paleolithic equivalent to misplugging the phone and waiting for it to charge.

  10. The most extracted is how he make a hole to the big wood with fire.. Genius.. This knowledge usefull when you don't have modern stuff..

  11. While it's not super impressive in this state and it would be much, MUCH, more effective to just hammer things by hand instead of using this, on a larger scale and made with either different materials or with a larger/faster flowing water source, the monjolo is an extremely fast and effective automated hammer and can (If made under better circumstances and with a better water source) produce far more power than a human and could even be used for heavy metal smithing with a iron capped or stone head.

  12. Принцип действия понятен, но производительность никакая. Руками быстрее

  13. I dunno if this one's worth it. You gotta spend like 5 minutes hauling whatever you want to crush out here, when you could have just hammered it yourself in 10 seconds.

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