Primal Fear (5/9) Movie CLIP – Meeting “Roy” (1996) HD

I’m losing this case. You know why
I’m losing this case? ’cause my fucking client
is fucking lying to me. N-n–I nev-nev-
never– That’s bullshit! That’s it. No more bullshit.
No more games. Everybody thinks
you did this! Everybody! I’m the only one
who believes you, And I am that close! So I want it all out–
all of it, right here. Did you underline
that book? Hey, hey! Look at me. Did you underline
that book? N-n-no, I didn’t. I don’t believe you. That is bullshit! I told– I don’t fucking
believe you! I saw the tape! I saw the tape. I know what he
did to you. No, no, no! Don’t fucking do this. I want you to tell me
the truth. You fucking killed him,
didn’t you? You’re so full of shit!
You did it, didn’t you? Don’t like to me. You little fuck!
You killed him! You son of a bitch!
You fucking killed him! What the hell
you want now? Quit your cryin’! I can’t understand
a goddamn word! You little sissy!
You make me sick! Well, looky here.
Who the fuck are you? Who the fuck are you? This is my cell, jack! Who the fuck are you? I got you now. You’re the lawyer. You his lawyer,
ain’t you? Yeah, with your fancy suit.
I heard about you. Well, my, my. You sure fucked
this one up, counselor! They’re gonna shoot aaron
so full of poison, It’s gonna come out
his eyes! Where is aaron? Aaron’s cryin’ off
in some corner somewhere. You scared him off. You gotta deal
with me now, boy. I ought to give you
a beatin’ on principle! Look at me. You ever come in here Pullin’ that tough-guy shit
on aaron again, I’ll kick your fuckin’ ass
to Sunday! You understand me? I understand you. Aaron gets in trouble,
he calls you. You’re the man. Aaron couldn’t kick
his own ass. I mean, you seen him,
with the “duh-duh-duh.”

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