Pretty Grunge with Gel Press by Kate Crane – part 1

Pretty Grunge with Gel Press by Kate Crane – part 1

Hello. Kate Crane here from England in the United Kingdom. Welcome back to another video for Gel Press From Prints to Project
series. Today I am embracing my inner grunge. I was lucky enough recently to go
to Creativation in Phoenix, Arizona with the rest of the Gel Press team. And
I can’t tell you how much I learned from watching the others teach and demo in
our booth. I learned such a lot and so some of that I’ve applied to the way
that I’m working. I wanted to get grungy but I wanted to keep it pretty, you know
I like pretty colors. So I’m going to be showing you how to do things like this.
Now often you can do a first print and a second print so you can make
coordinating papers that work brilliantly together. You will end up
with so much more pastel. I experimented with different colors. And then I’ve used
my Sizzix Big Shot to make these cute little embellishments of pages and
finally I’ve used all of my grungy shabby chic backgrounds to make this. Now this would work in a journal so I could stick that straight into my journal or I
could frame it like this Thanks so much for watching. Don’t forget to join me again in a few days for part two. So today I’m using my 8 by 10 plate,
but for this you can use any size. I’ve also got a smaller plate here but it’s
one of the things I picked up in Creativation was to use a smaller
plate as your palette, which is such a good idea. I’ve also picked out a variety
of paints of one for my pretty colors and I’ll explain what those are as I go
along. So I’m going to start with some of this light rose this is an Amsterdam. One
of the key things in this is to let each layer dry. Now if you live in a hot, dry
climate that won’t be a problem if you like me in northern Europe things take a
little bit longer if you don’t let them dry you won’t get those nice crisp clear
grungy layers coming so separately. Then I’m going to remove some. So I
picked out magenta for my second layer it’s the Dina Wakley and I’m going to
add a little bit of a fuchsia this is another Dina Wakely. With it’s placement
mainly around the edges. I’ll smooth it out in a moment. Going to use my stencil
now and a bit more fuchsia I’m going to add some alcohol ink now. I’ve picked
out butterscotch. And this is something I saw being demoed by Sally Lynn MacDonald when I was at Creativation. I think in the past have been a bit frightened of
putting alcohol ink on my Gel Press plate but I’ve discovered that it all
lifts straight off so it’s no problem. Going to add a bit of contrast color now.
This is a Pebeo. It’s an iridescent it’s a Blue-green and it’s got an
iridescent sheen to it. Remember with this kind of technique what you put down
first comes out on top of the print so this will all be underneath layers. So just some of that may show through. So I’m adding a titan buff light
and I’m just going to put a layer all over the top. This needs to be really
thin because I want it to lift up everything that’s underneath. if I put a
thick layer on all it does is lift the top layer of paint off. And this is the
moment of truth. So this will look either fabulous or it might look a bit of a
grungy mess but that’s all part of the fun. There’s print one. Now there’s still
a bit on there so I’m just going to see if I can lift any more off. I’m liking that too. That looks a
little bit like old wallpaper So I’ve got my lovely pretty grunge prints and in
next video I’m gonna show you how I’m going to finish these off and turn them
into a project.

36 thoughts on “Pretty Grunge with Gel Press by Kate Crane – part 1

  1. I also like the grunge prints. with as much different paint as you have on the plate I am surprised at how much of the white comes through on the first print. can't wait to see your projects.

  2. Really pretty and i like the art on the wall behind you! I never thought to use embossing folders for pattern and texture. Great idea.

  3. Absolutely brilliant. I'd seen the wonderful Robyn McClendon do this technique on her channel, but I didn't quite understand how it worked, with the drying between layers etc, but you've made this really straight forward. Now I'm going to have a go at it. Looking forward to part 2.

  4. What a great technique! I tried it, but it didn’t work like yours did. Perhaps it’s because I became a little impatient and used my heat gun a couple of times. Anyway, after applying the titan buff and pulling the print, very little came off the plate. I applied more titan buff and tried again. No. So I applied some hand sanitizer as that takes the paint of the gel press plate. Voila! I pulled 4 prints using the hand sanitizer each time. All prints are so different!! I’ll try this again! Thanks.

  5. Cannot wait to try this! I think I might take the pulls from the smaller plates as I go, to get pieces of colour coordinated paper to go with the big prints… yes, I am that stingy with my beloved Ranger and Liquitex paints… thank you so much for sharing!

  6. I love the effect you have achieved …. thanks for sharing the tip about using a second gel plate for rolling out the paint, just a brilliant idea! I've managed to create a couple of prints that I am happy with using this technique.

  7. Hello Kate – would you please, please show us how to use the gel plate on a canvas? Would so love to see your process 👍

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