Pressing Candles Through Small Holes with Hydraulic Press | in 4K

Pressing Candles Through Small Holes with Hydraulic Press | in 4K

Welcome to the Hydraulic Press Channel Today we are going to do a video with your favorite tool, Maker 5,000,000 and all the stuff here are requests so a big thanks to all that have recommended something. Let’s start with the stretch Armstrong because it’s my favorite from all of these Yep, so here’s our guy. Looks like he is going to stop the press but we’ll see about that! and here we go! Uh Oh! Is our tool broken? Because the head is here… Oh, the tool is just fine! And… what the hell is this? Looks… pretty interesting I think the tool got a little bit bent here you can see, but I think we can fix it. Isn’t big deal. And here’s the end result. And we have turned the Armstrong guy to Donald Trump. What the hell?? [ laughter ] It’s just like Donald Trump [ laughter ] How the f*ck this happen? But I have to say that Donald is quite tough guy There’s a lot of pressure and he’s doing pretty well fine. and the next one is Kenetic Sand so this will be pretty soft and easy for the tool. Check the tool it’s all concrete like bent there is now 150 bars of pressure, and the sand doesn’t want to come out How the hell this is possible? It is really soft and there is, like, a pretty good amount of pressure It’s pretty hard now… yeah, it just doesn’t want to come out. But, it still works! Yep, and for the next one we have three candles burning there, and I think it’s going to be pretty good because they’re so nice colors! And here we go! [both exclaiming ] Woah! That was nice! Check how long these are! How did soft sand it didn’t clump and then the hard candles did They come out really easily These are really nice! And then the next one, rubber band ball. And my wife said this is going to be boring but I can already tell that this is going to be really interesting, so… Here we go! Uh Oh! The tool is bending again and the rubber bands are not coming out. It survived! [ wife ] That’s what I said. Yeah. Wife win… and I loose. And then the next one… pulp it’s a bit like paper but it doesn’t have clay or any other stuff than the wood fibers there and it’s wet to make it like soft and flowing. I’m quite sure that we can extrude it out. So here we go! [ Laughter ] Oh!… What the f**k! [ Water ] Yeah, we made this pulp pancake. and it seems that most of the pulp didn’t make it out but some made it, and made it… quite fast. And, then the next one. These are [ indecipherable ] squishy toys and there was quite a lot of requests for these and they should be pretty good because they were really expensive there is 50 Euros worth of stuff here right now, so I hope you are really going to enjoy this one It takes quite long time… and I’m a bit afraid that my tool is going to break…..(wife: Again!) feels really soft It actually feels like real cake… It’s soft the same as the real cake… Taste it! [ laughs ] It says that not to eat on the package but nothing about the pressing… yeah pretty interesting. I’m not completely sure was this worth of 50 Euros, but I hope so! And this will be quite interesting we have big clump of ice there and… I think it’s going to come out Uh Oh! Uh, yeah the ice is melting But it doesn’t, like, extrude. I’m actually quite surprised! Yeah, and the melting is just through the heat transfer from the tools to melt ice with pressure you will need a lot more pressure than we have there now. Holy sh*t! It… it didn’t like Extrude out, but it changed its shape. It is pretty hard. It’s like just solid ice. Yeah, and this is also really interesting We have duct tape… and, I think it’s not going to come off there, but let’s try! Er… nope! I’ll try again. Oh… Yeah, it didn’t come out… Yeah, and then we have the stupidest thing left Two power banks, in one go. We will put some sharp screws under the power banks to make sure that they explode. And, DON’T try anything like this at home It’s really stupid and dangerous.Yeah, and here we go! It’s really stupid! [ clapping ] I was hoping little bit bigger explosion… [ heavy metal music continues ] Yeah, and that is all for today! Thank you for watching, and have a nice day! And, for today’s extra content, we have a [ indecipherable ] It has a really long and dangerous nose and it can sniff you to death, so we have to deal with it…

100 thoughts on “Pressing Candles Through Small Holes with Hydraulic Press | in 4K

  1. You should have a give away of some of the extra stuff youve been left with after pressing stuff it would be cool to have a couple strips of candle or a chunk or cool looking metal or anything from this channel just cause it's cool

  2. I can almost guarantee with the speed that the ice melted and the fact that it re-froze immediately, it melted because of the pressure.

  3. Duct Tape…why aren't we skinning//making submarines in nothing but it? Stands up to more PSI in this test than it would under the deepest ocean trench

  4. Акцент мне нравится , прям по русски говорит.Только на американском.

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