Preparing Effective Support Material for Visual Arts and Craft Grant Applications

Preparing Effective Support Material for Visual Arts and Craft Grant Applications

Preparing Effective Support Material For Ontario
Arts Council Visual Arts and Craft Grant Applications There are a lot of elements that go into putting
together an effective grant application to the Ontario Arts Council. Support material
is the most important. We’d like to offer you some tips and advice. Grant applications are typically made up of
these components: the application form, the artist’s statement, the résumé, the budget
(if required), and the support material. Once your application is received, the program
officer assembles a jury to review applications and make decisions on who will receive a grant,
based on the program’s criteria. Visual support material is the most important
part of your grant application in visual arts and craft programs; it can make or break your
application. It shows the jury your work as an artist.
Excellent documentation of your art is a must, so be meticulous. Read the program guidelines carefully. Different
grant programs require different kinds of support material. Submit the required number
of support materials and no more. Submit a strong, cohesive selection of recent
work. Select examples that are relevant to the aims of your proposal; it’s important
not to confuse the jury with a mixed bag of past work. Ensure that your images and other support
materials are formatted to the current technical specifications detailed in the application
form. Formats can change frequently so double check the guidelines.
Please test all of your support materials thoroughly to make sure they are formatted
correctly and run smoothly. The Ontario Arts Council works in a PC environment; so test
your materials on a PC computer. Do not include: art works created while you
were a student, or original artworks including book works and photographs, diagrams, sketches,
photos, printouts or photocopies. Depending on the type of work you do you may
submit still images or audio-visual documentation. Order and number your digital files in chronological
order beginning with the earliest work. Use the Support Material List to identify
what you are submitting. Here are some important things to consider in order to achieve the
“best possible quality:” Is the lighting appropriate?
Is the image focused? In high-resolution? Is the image sized properly?
Is the background neutral? Each image may show only one view of one work.
Do not include extra views or details within the same shot; use a separate image to present
detail shots or alternate views of a piece. There are, however, a few exceptions: up to
two shots of exhibitions that feature your work only, may be included. Also, art or craft
works created in multiples or sets may be shown in a single image. Do not include text with your still images. If you are working in installation, video,
audio, performance art or electronic media, you may submit audio-visual material in combination
with or in place of still images. For each minute of audio-visual material, subtract
one still image. Video should be used to document art that moves, and should not be promotional
or gallery-produced. Remember to provide clear directions on start and stop times for viewing. For Performance Art pieces, high quality well-lit
video documentation is preferred, edited to show the progression of the piece. A combination
of video and still images of past performances may also be submitted. Do not include an artist
statement in the video. For interactive / kinetic works and installation
works you may include video, as well as still images.
Following the Support Material Guidelines closely will give you the best possible chance
of succeeding with your grant application. For more information visit [Background Music}

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