Powerup Paper Airplane | Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

Powerup Paper Airplane | Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

Born from a crowdfunding campaign is a paper
airplane you can fly with your phone. This clever invention allows you to build
different types of paper airplanes than attach the flight module and take it for a rip. An onboard camera streams live to your smartphone
to give you eyes in the sky. Able to do tricks like a loop and barrel roll
this invention allows you to increase power to the motor keeping the plane in the air. When you throw the paper airplane it launches
with 70% power which can be increased or decreased depending on the height you want to go. Made with carbon fiber and nylon, the lightweight
flight module is controlled by tilting the phone side to side mimicking the same motions
on the plane. Charged through a micro USB port this device
starts at just $20 with different more expensive variations available depending on the application
like sending love notes across the office. Link is in the description if you want to
check it out. Be sure to join the family hit subscribe and
until the next one, have a good one.

4 thoughts on “Powerup Paper Airplane | Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

  1. Looks like a lot of fun. Titan, you find out about a lot of crazy stuff. I love what I learn with this channel. Keep doing your thing, Titan!

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