Pottery Compilation – Nerikomi Patterns and Techniques

Pottery Compilation – Nerikomi Patterns and Techniques

welcome back to the studio everybody my
name is Jim and this video is dedicated to all things Nerikomi. 7 Nerikomi
techniques 9 Neriomi blocks and 14 pieces of finished artwork that use the
nerikomi process. So, if you want to learn how to make nerikomi patterns
or how to make nerikomi follow along as we jump into this video. thanks so much for watching hope you
learned something. Let me know you think in the comments and if you want to
subscribe for future nerikomi tutorials and colored clay tutorials and
I will see you in the next video

13 thoughts on “Pottery Compilation – Nerikomi Patterns and Techniques

  1. It was awesome to finally see some of those pieces finished!
    Oh, and I always wondered, when you're making the cubes, do you model them first, then cut them in half, take part of the inside mass away and "glue" it all back together, or do you make each side separately and then just connect them in one piece?

  2. Really like the "shell"/"fan" pattern. I hadn't seen that before.
    Also, isn't that "my" glass you make (and are holding) at the end of the video. I did get it and hope to post an "unboxing" for you this weekend.

  3. Very nice effect, do you use conventional clay at all times, or do you do like the air drying types of 'clay'? Have you tried to throw nerikomi/agate on the wheel?, and if you've done, how did it turn out? My sister said it was a bad idea that you were 'banded' 😁😁😁😁😁, think she fancies you……..

  4. Stupid questions….1. Can this be fired in a regular ceramic kiln? 2. Can it be fired with other kinds of ceramics such as porcelain? …and 3. You used Mason pigment, can you use mixed varieties of pigment in the same firing?

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