Potes de sorvete decorado com decoupage

Potes de sorvete decorado com decoupage

Hello, welcome to my channel,
in today’s video I’ll give you one more tip how to reuse these
ice cream, This time I’m going to pack this bag.
to put make-up or jewel case with decoupage, and if you are not yet enrolled in
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The other ice cream pot I made was with fabric, and the one I’m going to do with
decoupage the first step is to pass the first,
this primer that I’m using is for pet and glass metals, Now I’m going to straighten it with the roll to stay.
well uniform, I will speed up the drying process with the
dryer, so here I already gave the first coat in the
pot now I’ll do the same thing in cover. so to do this job I will
use this napkin and I’ll use the four parts,
now with the fine brush I go wet it in the water and work around it
the part that I want, the napkin he has three films,
I’ll discard the two below and I’ll use only the one from the top drawing, all the work done with decoupage has
have a white background because they do not appears, not the highlight in the figure of the
napkin, well I’ll apply the napkin and then I’ll paint with the
ink, spread well with a brush to glue, apply
the napkin, then place the plastic on top and goes stretching with the
bushing, And look how it’s going, but it’s not yet.
finished I’ll do the same process still in the
cover, now I’m going to use ivory paint only for
give a little beat and merge stay that white background, and I’ll do the same with the color ink
Cappuccino, made pot and the cap now I go
to paint the fish, to make this suitcase I’ll use these four fish,
in fact they are pullers, I go paint them and I’ll do them by foot,
I’m going to paint with white paint, while the fish are drying I go
pass the shellac in the pot, the shellac for waterproofing the part, you
also can use the general veneer, or the acrylic varnish frosted, and now I’ll wait for the drying,
so now it’s ready here, look, already it’s dry,
now I’ll stick with the glue instant, So now I’m going to cover the
I’m going to use this handle here. puller here you find in stores of
hardware or building materials, had people in another video that asked
if you had to cut the bolt, if the bolt was great, but no, look here the size
of this screw, when you go to the hardware store,
Do you already explain that you want a handle with small screw, and that is to do
crafts that they will already indicate a handle with smaller screw, or if you
like some other model that the screw is larger
you can also buy and cut the screw,
So I’m going to turn here, you have a ball. here in the center of the lid, I’ll look here and do
a little hole, look, it leaked here I go to draw and I already know where it will be, ready the knob has now been placed
I go to the finishes, to make the Finishing I’m going to use lace, pearls
rhinestones, and I also chose this one loop, here then after glued
So, I’ll put the lid here and go. put this income with the glue of
silicone,, so now that I’ve put the rent
I’ll make the tie for finishing, it is
super simple and easy, put a droplet of glue here, turn this way, put another
drop of cola, turn now to that side, and hold
to glue, I’m going for a satin ribbon in the center, I’m going
paste a rosinha of this here of rhinestones and stayed like this,
now I’ll put it in the middle too with the silicone glue, and it became
now up here on the lid me too I’ll put the half pearl, and here is finished our work
today, these jewelery suitcases, the difference between them is the foot in the other
video I did on fabric I did without the fish and other topics, this one
I put the details of pink, these two I made with half pearl,
this one I made with rhinestones, You can also do with
puller, looks very handsome, anyway, the finish is at your discretion
because each one has a taste, I hope you have enjoyed the video,
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  1. Paz de CRISTO Ana Paula. Soy nueva en tu canal y me siguen gustando tus vídeos. Tw felicito y mi apoyo. Saluditos 👍👍👍

  2. Ana Paula, fiz um trabalho com pote de sorvete como aqueles que ensinou em outro vídeo mas eu gostaria de saber o que posso usar para proteger e impermeabilizar o trabalho. Obrigada

  3. Might as well leave off the english subtitles because that's not english🤣 Why not just show what you're doing more clearly, like those videos where they're showing a diy but there is no talking?

  4. Que hermoso trabajo has hecho con materiales tan sencillos, me he suscrito a tu canal y gracias por subtitular en español para poder entender todo el proceso, es realmente hermoso tu trabajo, te envio un abrazo desde España 😘😘

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