Potato Puppets! (BTS)

Will: Toot toot toot toot toot toot tooooot EEEYYY Paco: We’re about to start shooting, but we don’t have Greg (boo) We don’t know what to do (aw) Paco: We need uh… we need a (BURP) [WTF look] Ryan: What? [Laughter] Ryan: Greg is not in town 🙁 Will: [Singing sadly] Greg is not in town Greg is not in town Ryan: Hella sad Greg is not in town Everybody sing ‘cuz Greg is not in tooooown Paco: Why isn’t he in town though? Ryan: [Still singing sadly] He’s working on Star Wars Which already came out [Laughter] Ryan: I hope.. I hope it came out already [Laughter] Paco: Excuse me? (mmmhmm work that sass gurl) I’m not that fat Paco: EXCUSE MEH? I’m not that fat! [pointy sassy finger] Okay? Paco: Oh oh Paco: Excuse meh? I’m not that fat! Sean: Clean up your mess now, Paco Clean up your mess Paco: With only my mouth Derek: Dang, you make those Pringles look kinda good though Paco: It’s probably gross You got some Marley and Roku pee Derek: Some Ryan pee Will: What are you making? Ryan: Ummm Sean: A smiley face Ryan: Can’t make a – I don’t know how to make a Don’t know how to make a colon Colon D Ryan: This is the uuuh – initial one The initial D? The initial D! Ryan: That was fun, huh? Ryan: Ready? Alright, I’m going to go right now [fail] [Laughter] Ryan: All that build up I’m a bad domino-er Alright, ready? [fail.. again] Ryan: What the hell?? Damn dude.. I really can’t They asked me if I could do the domino’s, and I really can’t do it Paco: Can Ryan do this? [face palm] How about this? [Laughter] Paco: YAS [Laughter] YAS [dying from being too sassy]

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