[Polymer Clay Tutorial] Snowman Earrings – Christmas inspiration

[Polymer Clay Tutorial] Snowman Earrings – Christmas inspiration

Hello dear polymer clay enthusiasts! I’m
Mihaela from LearnPolymerClay and for today I have prepared a pair of earrings that
I thought looked a little bit like a snowman and in this tutorial I used
white polymer clay, fimo liquid and a lot of glitter. I hope that you’ll like
this tutorial and I hope you’ll find inspiration for your work with polymer
clay. I’m using a silicone mold to make a heart-shaped piece that I am going to
put inside the snowman earrings. So as you can see I’m filling the mold with
fimo liquid then I’m checking if I need to pour some
more fimo liquid and then I am going to pour some nail art Sparkle and I’m using
a violet color and then I am trying to to create like a heart-shaped pattern
inside the mold .Then you just have to bake the liquid clay for 20 minutes at
the temperature recommended by the polymer clay manufacturer, of course.
While this piece is baking I can make the Snowman earrings so I’m using
white polymer clay that I’m trying to keep white and this is polymer clay that
I have previously conditioned and that I passed through a medium setting of my
pasta machine but I think for this project you can also use a lower setting Then I cut two round shapes using a
larger round cutter. I’m trying to make the two earrings in the same
time to make sure that they look alike So I’m using a little bit of water and
a Lisa Pavelka texture sheet and I’m texturing the clay. I used it twice to
have a larger area to work with and then using the rigid blade I cut all
around, I trim off the excess clay I’m using the rigid blade to lift off
the piece from my working table and then I’m going to use decorative scissors,
children scissors to make a beautiful border for this polymer clay textured
sheet And I will do this on both sides then
I’m going to cut in the middle and then I’m going to cut again and thus
I’ll have four pieces. I have four cutout pieces that I can use to decorate both
pieces for my snowman earrings. So, as you can see I flipped the pieces because I
want to have the beautiful border cut out with scissors I want to have this
border in the center of the earring and then I’m using parchment paper and pressure, I’m pressing gently of course,
to connect the two layers together, to press them together
and then I used the same large cutter to to cut out the design and again I’m
using a tool and my hands to smooth off the edges and for the center of the piece I
decided to use a smaller cutter but large enough to allow me to put the baked
heart bead inside it so I’ve checked if the heart-shaped bead would go inside
this jewelry component and the part that I am removed from the round cutter I
will use it to make the upper part of the earring and of course I’m using my fingers
and or you can use your acrylic blade to smooth off the edges. Then I’m using the
same pattern from the same Lisa Pavelka texture sheet and the roller and I’m
texturing this sheet of polymer clay that I passed through a medium setting
but I don’t know you can play a little bit with the size of these polymer clay
sheets I like statement earrings so it was okay
for me to use a medium setting for each of these polymer clay sheets. I flipped
the textured polymer clay sheet and then I’m going to use a toothpick
that I’m applying between the round textured pieces and the base which is
going to be the textured back of the earring
so as you can see I applied the toothpick on top of the base and then I
am centering, I am positioning the two jewelry components on top of the toothpick. Then you’ll just have to use your craft knife. I have used
parchment paper to to press the layers together and this is very, very important
it is very important to to have these layers of polymer clay well connected
and then you’ll just have to use your craft knife and cut all around the piece. So this is the textured back and I’m using the same pattern from the
Lisa Pavelka texture sheet to texture the part of the background that I didn’t
manage to texture the first time and then I’m using the back of the
handle of my craft knife and the dotting tool to perfect the look of the piece. And as always I’m taking the time to
smooth off the edges and to make sure that my piece will not need sanding
after baking. I’m enlarging a little bit around the hollow shape in the middle of the
bead because I want to make sure that I’ll be able to place the heart
bead inside of the earring so I’m checking. I’m doing this last
check before putting the earrings into the oven and I’m going to bake them for
45 minutes at the temperature recommended by the polymer clay
manufacturer and then I decided to add a little bit of silver glitter on the sides
to have a beautiful impression, a beautiful rendering of these pieces and
I’m using fimo liquid and I’m going to pour silver Sparkle on top of these
areas that I coated with fimo liquid I’ve tried white Sparkle but I I
didn’t like the result so I decided to use this silver Sparkle and in order to
be able to collect the sparkle from your working table you can put a piece of
paper underneath, decorate your earrings with sparkle and then lift this piece of
paper and just collect the sparkle and put it back into the bottle, into the jar So I’m doing my best to add silver
Sparkle on top of the fimo liquid and then you’ll have to bake them again
for I don’t know 15 minutes and I forgot to mention that it is very
important when you bake white polymer clay to tent your beads, meaning you
should use I don’t know a baking pan on top or you can use parchment paper and
make or cardboard to make like a tent and you won’t have the heat going
directly into the beads and white polymer clay and translucent polymer
clay are a little bit delicate to bake so it’s better to think of
tenting the beads when you are using as I said white and translucent polymer
clay and then you can use a paintbrush and remove the silver Sparkle from the
areas where you don’t want to have silver Sparkle I also tap a bit of the pieces to
remove the excess Sparkle. So I baked them, now I have all the pieces baked and I’m
using scissors to trim off some excess clay from the baked fimo liquid
heart-shaped beads Normally this would be the face of the
bead but I decided to use the back to make the back the visible part of the
bead. I liked more this effect. So this is how the earring is going to look like when
when assembled then I used a handdrill to drill a hole inside the heart-shaped
bead and thus I will be able to use a jump ring. You can use a needle tool to enlarge the
hole if necessary , then I’ll just attach a jump ring to the heart to the
heart bead, I’m opening the jump with the jump ring sideways and close it sideways
as well and I will move this area inside, so I
will rotate a little bit the jump ring to have this closure on the other
side then I’m using a jewelry finding, an eye pin to attach the heart bead to
the Snowman earring. I’m making sure that there is enough room for the bead to
move around, then I added a small spacer bead, a silver decorative bead. I’m
trimming off the excess wire from the finding and then I will just use my
round nose pliers to make a loop and I will attach an earring finding in
silver color And in order to do so I had to open the
loop that I’ve made using the round nose pliers, now I’m closing the loop and I will also attach a silicone
protection closing for the earrings. So these are the finished earrings. I hope
you’ve liked this tutorial and I hope you found inspiration for your work
with polymer clay. In fact I decided to add a little bit of silver wax because I
don’t know I thought they would look even nicer. So I’m applying a thin coat
of silver wax and I’m also applying a little bit on the sides of the heart bead
and I think I like this look better. So again I hope you’ll like this tutorial and
I hope you found inspiration for your work with polymer clay. Please let me
know if you like my tutorial, please subscribe and also check out my other
tutorials! Thank you!

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  1. Would be easier to see if you used a different color than white on white paper. LOVE your tutorials. Your very talented.

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