Polymer Clay Gingerbread Man Tutorial

Polymer Clay Gingerbread Man Tutorial

Hello it’s Amy from Amy’s Claythings.
Let’s go ahead and get started. Today I’m using Sculpey III in the color
tan. You can use any brand that you would like and the color as long as it’s
tan or beige, should be good. We need to roll this out, you can use an acrylic
clay roller or, what I like to do is use my pasta machine, that way it’s all even
and that works out better for this project. What I do for this particular
piece is, I roll it out on the thickest setting and, on my machine, that is zero.
But I actually want it twice that thickness, so what I do is I take my
blade and I will just cut the large piece out like so and then I’ll simply
lay it on top of the other piece. Then what I will do is, I will use my
acrylic roller to gently roll it on just so that the two pieces are firmly
together. So, then I take my cookie cutter and I
place it where I want to cut and then I just squish and squish until I get it
down throughout the entire thickness of my clay. Then I just pick it up and I make
sure to smooth out the edges. Make sure everything is fairly even. Next what I’m
going to do is, I’m going to insert the eye pin because I will be making this an
ornament. So I’m going to take the pliers and what I did is make the squiggly line
so I can stick it in. And what it’ll do is make it really stick in there so I
don’t need to use any kind of super glue or anything to hold it in place. So, get
that out of the way so we can see what I’m doing, and I’m just kind of
eyeballing for center, after I get a piece of hair, and make sure you’re holding on to the
pliers nice and tight, try to center and then gently slide it in and get it in
all the way. And there you go. So now I’m going to use this little
toothbrush and I’m going to texture and I do this to make it look like an actual
gingerbread cookie. You just go all around front back sides you don’t want
to miss the sides. You also want to make sure that the toothbrush you use is
not one that you use to brush your teeth. I got this little toddler brush at like
a dollar store and it comes in very handy for this. So
you’re basically just stippling the toothbrush on top of the clay to give it
the texture. So now what we’re going to do is add some shading. I have this old
brush here, it’s got a lot of wear and tear, but it’s perfect for what I need it
for. I use chalk pastels for shading and this is just the jar I keep them in. Just
some colors that I mixed together to get it the way that I would like to do it.
I just take my brush and dust a little on there and then just stipple it
on just the way that we did with the texturing. Make sure you get front back
and the sides. I still do a lot of experimenting with
this so you can try different colors and see how it turns out and how you like to
do it. So here he is looking nice and toasty! Now we’re going to do a little
paint. First I’m going to take some black. I like to shake it up and get it into
the lid. I use this dotting tool use, the thicker end of it, and I dab on a
little paint. Then I just make the little circle for the eyeball. Then
like to make sure it’s nice and round the way I like it and then just do it
again. So, while I let the black dry, what I’m
gonna do is the little buttons that go down the front of the gingerbread man.
So right here I have these little, I’m not even sure what to call them,
rhinestones? I don’t know they’re plastic, so I don’t bake them. I have a lot of
colors there to choose from. I ultimately decide on the darker blue for
this particular project. Sometimes I like to do two buttons and sometimes I like
to do three. I decided to go with three today. So then I’m just I’m taking
a toothpick, and I’m gonna get some of the glue on there. I’m using Weldbond
and I’m just squeezing out, I’m sorry it’s off-screen, I’m squeezing off just a
little bit onto the toothpick. I’m going to dab it on the back of the piece. Then just place it on the
gingerbread man, after I drop him. Then I’m going to place the other two, after I get some glue onto the toothpick and then let’s do the last one. Okay, I’ve got all three on now. I’m gonna
close my glue and set it aside. Now I’m just going to use my tweezers just to
kind of press them down real good onto the gingerbread man. Just to make sure
that they’re really stuck. When I do that, a little bit of glue comes out of
the sides, so I’m just gonna take the
clean end of my toothpick and very gently just pick away at that glue. The glue does dry clear, but it’s kind of shiny and I prefer to to keep this matte. Okay, so next it’s time to make the
little mouth on this guy. I have some little paint pods with multiple colors
and I’m going to use, obviously, this red one right here. I’m going to use that one
for his little smiley face. So I’m just using the dotting tool again, this time
I’m using the smaller end, and very simply just making a smiley face. I like to play around making
different kinds of faces. Today we’ll be a smiley. So he’s nice and happy! Now I’m gonna
take my white paint, shake it up, and I’m gonna use the white to make the
tiny little eyeballs. I use the small end of my dotting tool again. Dab on a little
white and just very carefully place where I
want the eyeballs. After the paint is dry, you just want to glaze your piece. You
want to do that because we did use the shading with the chalk pastels and we
have paint, and this way it will keep your piece looking fresh and you don’t
have to worry about any of it coming off. You then hang it to dry. I like to leave
it for 24 hours to make sure it’s completely done. All right now it’s time
to turn this guy into an ornament! I’m gonna take my jump ring, I have two
flat nose pliers, I’m gonna use these to pry it open just like that. Then, what I will do is, slide it onto
the jump ring on the gingerbread man and close it up. So, now it’s time to cut the twine. For
this particular project, I like to use this red and white twine. I just think it
looks kind of Christmas-y. I like to measure it out to about seven inches for
this size ornament. You can cut any size you prefer, this is just how I like to do
it. So I go to seven inches, approximately,
and snip. So now I take the twine and I slip it through the jump ring. I pull up the string and I just try
to make it so that it is centered. So I try to get the strings even. Then I
just make a simple knot and try to pull it close to the top, and pull it nice and
tight. Now you have your finished gingerbread man ornament! I think this is
so cute and I am totally obsessed with making these little guys. I hope you have
fun making them, too! Thank you guys so much for watching.
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  1. Thank you all so much for watching my 1st official polymer clay video! Please let me know if you make some gingerbread men &, if you share it on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook use the tag #AmysClaythings

  2. Great tutorial! Would have never known it was your first one! Love the eye pin trick!
    Definitely going to try that. What glaze do you like to use?

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