Polymer Clay Dream Machine –  2 Minute Cleaning Secrets

Polymer Clay Dream Machine – 2 Minute Cleaning Secrets

[intro music} [Title frame] Polymer Clay DREAM Machine – How
to clean the roller blades in 2 minutes or less…Really! Presented by PolymerClayer.com and Nancy Ulrich.
A helpful video posted on the Polymer Clay Dream Machine review page. http://www.polymerclayer.com/polymer-clay-dream-machine.html You will need a clean towel, a small
adjustable wrench and some baby wipes. Do not use the included mini-wrench for loosening
and tightening your pasta machine screw heads. You will want to tighten them down firmly
and quite frankly that tool isn’t up to the job. Get a small wrench from the garage. Get a towel. Lay your machine upon it on its
side, front side up. The crank handle hole will be on the right. Turn counter-clockwise to loosen the screw
heads holding the polymer clay pasta machine blades Place the screw heads where they won’t roll
off the table. And also put them so that their position helps you remember where they need
to go when you reassemble the blades. After you remove the 3rd screwhead, the blade
and blade support will fall off. Reach between the base and the rollers and pick them up
for cleaning. Separate the support bar from the blade and
set it aside carefully. Grab a baby wipe and clean both sides of the
blade and support bar. When they’re both clean, re-assemble by aligning
the blade holes over the screw heads on the support bar. Fit the assembly into the holes
on the machine. Replace the screw heads and tighten them clock-wise with the wrench. Make
it firm, but don’t strip the screws. Flip the machine over and repeat to clean
the back blade and support bar. Once you’ve cleaned the back blade of the
Dream machine, place it back on its base. Insert the handle and wipe down the guides
and rollers. Actually it took a minute longer to explain
how to clean your ArtWay Polymer Clay Dream Machine than it will take you to do it. Have questions? For more polymer clay tips
and tricks visit PolymerClayer.com.

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    At this time I can't afford any new tools at this time as I am unemployed right now and trying to find a new job. But at my ageĀ (55) it's very hard to find work. I have heard a lot of great news about this extruder so maybe later when things get betterĀ . Have a Merry Christmas !!

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