18 thoughts on “Polymer Clay Cutlery

  1. I recently purchased similar serving items from a restaurant supply business that was closing. I was hoping to work toward covering the handles in clay. Thanks to you I have a better plan, you have obviously worked out all the issues. I hope to give them as Christmas gifts, trying to plan ahead.

  2. Beautiful tute! Love the end results, you are one of the few Americans that speech English beautifully, you diction is excellent and I understand you! Thank you dear!

  3. Patricia, I'm so happy you made this tutorial. When I saw these pieces in a previous tute, I thought they looked fantastic–so professional–and am so pleased you are sharing your wonderful techniques with us. Thanks so much!

  4. Thank you for sharing your method! Honestly I thought it seemed like too much work at first, but then I made some crochet hooks this way, and I think I would have ruined my cane slices otherwise!

  5. "A large tool helps to smooth things out better than a small tool" Cracked me up! I'm listening with ear phones and my husband is looking at me like I'm loosing it. I love your videos. I have lots of questions, but I find that as I'm watching your videos, you are answering them all. Very much information and easy to understand.

    I remember when I first saw poly clay many years ago, I thought it was glorified Play-doh. WOW it's come a long way, Baby! I have recently started working with it and I'm in love! You have been most helpful. Can't tell you enough how much you have helped!

    I guess the only question I still have is about baking temps and times. Have you done a Tutorial? I'd love to see one explaining. I noticed that most clay artists bake things much longer than the package suggests. Does the longer baking time make a difference, if so, what is the difference. And questions like that. THANKS AGAIN! Hugs to ya!

  6. First of all, absolutely gorgeous work and I don't just mean these lovely cutlery pieces! I have recently found your videos because I am thinking about trying polymer clay as I already do bead embroidery and would like to take my work to the next level. I have to say you are absolutely inspirational and are definitely one of the top poly clay artists on YT. Quick question- are these cutlery dishwasher safe with the clay on them? Oh! And is the finished clay food safe? Any tips you can give to a beginner wanabe poly clay artist would be much appreciated! Thanks so much for all these great videos!

  7. Thanks for sharing. . Awesome idea for my nephew who lives by his self. . And is a football fan that I can ad his colors to match . . 😎 😎 😎

  8. Wow! Patricia, very well done, I love your sanding tools and I really didn't think you would have got the veneer to fit, so very clever you are. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I got here because I was thinking about doing this to a set of silverware, but I am not sure how durable it would be.

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