Polymer Clay Art Inspiration, Gig Harbor Washington

Polymer Clay Art Inspiration, Gig Harbor Washington

Hi guys, its Cindy Lietz, your Polymer Clay
Tutor, and today on the PcT Road Trip, we are here in Gig Harbor, Washington, which
is the home of Artbeads.com And it is just a gorgeous day here, we’re sitting here
in front of the Marina and we had a little picnic and stopped for a little bit. Now where I’m sitting right now…I’ve
been looking for this little stone that I can drill a hole into, to make into a charm,
and I wanted something… a nice beach stone. And I came down to this little rocky area
at the beach, and I didn’t find the stone I’m looking for quite yet, but I did find
some other inspiration. What I found was some broken seashells, and
I found them in different sizes and things. But what’s cool about them is that they
have a really great texture on them, which I was thinking would make a really great mould. And some of the pieces would make perfect
jewelry, if I just sorta ground the edges on my JOOLtool possibly, and put a hole in
them. Some of them have some really beautiful coloring,
there’s all kinds of different shells here, different types of clams and some mussels
and things I also found a pretty little feather. And some of the seedpods around here…they
are from what I know as wild carrot, I’m not sure what the real name is…I think it
could be Queen Anne’s lace, but I could have that wrong, anyways, they’re really
in a neat stage, they’re finished their flowering and the seeds have all come out,
and they’re a great texture. And the whole reason why I bring this up…and
I’ve brought this up a few times before, that when you go out on a vacation, or a day
trip, or you’re out on a road trip, you should just keep your eyes open as an artist
for inspiration, it’s everywhere, and it’s…it’s really inspiring, it’s you know…look for
colors and textures, shapes all kinds of things like that and you will be able to expand on
what you’re working with, with your Polymer clay jewelry. So I hope you liked that, if you did, leave
that in the comment section below, and I would love to hear your stories, if you’ve ever
found inspiration when you were out on your travels, leave those in the comment section
below. And don’t forget about our great resource
over at polymerclaytutor.com where you can use the search box there, to find all your
answers to all your Polymer clay questions. We’ll see you next time and bye for now.

6 thoughts on “Polymer Clay Art Inspiration, Gig Harbor Washington

  1. That is so true Inspiration..earlier today I took a walk an found a leaf so am going to work on that…everywere I go I see ppls necklaces bracelets..as we all do lol..Inspiration..love it

  2. Recently I found a fully intact shell on the beach (daytona Florida). I still haven't decided how to incorporate it into a piece.

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