Polar Peak (Fortnite Battle Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Polar Peak (Fortnite Battle Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay tutorial. Today we are going to create Polar Peak. I haven’t played season 8 yet, so let’s find out if I have to upgrade this place again or if it just looks like that. When you look this tutorial you know a little bit more about season 8, because I know nothing about it, but well, I was so busy shooting this video, creating Polar Peak and also doing the video editing stuff, that as a reward I will find out this evening what’s all new in season 8. I will look at all the new map changes, of course if Polar Peak still looks the same and also at the all new skins, so I’m really looking forward to that. But for now, let’s focus on the creation, let’s create this beloved place from season seven, which is Polar Peak. This is just white clay. A very thick layer and I take the scalpel to try to get the shape of the top from Polar Peak, right? When you would ask me to create the whole mountain I would say just no, that’s stupid. I could have gone with the aluminium foil for example, to get a good feeling for the mountain, but I think this is okay to just create the top because this is where all the exciting stuff is happening and you can see the castle from the Fire and Ice King. I’m not sure which castle this really is. So, to whom it belongs? This is the color called aqua. I take a very thin layer to get this typically ice crystal blue. I did the same on the tutorial of what’s it called? Oh, yeah Frozen Lake, right? Yes, it was Frozen Lake. Well, this is the same technique I used for all the map pieces I already created from Fortnite. I think this is piece number 10. I can’t believe I created so so many locations and still I know you’re asking for the huge map I should create by combining all the different pieces. I don’t really want to say that it is impossible, but this is just so so much ridiculously much work. I think I will look for a different solution. I thought about creating some of the parts really detailed and the biggest part would be just let’s say acrylic paint for example for the forests or I would start all over again, but with the way smaller scale, so this could also go that the whole map is just the size of my desk for example. I think this would be also funny to create and this would be just one weekend instead a whole lifetime to create in this scale the whole map. I always use this printed out blueprints. Yeah printed-out blueprint. Doesn’t really make sense, but you get me, because I can use the scissors to get all the different parts. Let’s say I want to create one of the buildings. I just cut out the one from the paper and I have a really good blueprint and I know how huge the tiny clay thing has to be. This is one of the places which would totally work as a standalone map. I can’t tell you why it’s just the atmosphere right on Polar Peak. You have all the different buildings and I think it would be just interesting to only fight on the top of the mountain, which is possible, of course. This is the entrance. This would be also the perfect Counter Strike map. Yeah, we take some grey and a little bit of black. You always tend to take too much of black clay, so be really careful about that. This grey even gets darker after oven hardening. I should have gone a little bit brighter for the building. Now these are the two towers for the entrance. and I’m pretty sure I missed out a lot of details. For example there are some kind of bridges inside the entrance, don’t worry I will create a bridge between those two towers, but inside when you go inside there are these architectural masterpieces. Yes. This is the bridge we will put on top. It already looks really nice and it gives a really good clue what the real size is. It’s just ridiculously small. I mean compared to my fingers. One of these towers is… …well tiny. But I was happy that with a scalpel, for example, you are able to create these tiny details and it really looks okay I guess. There are the two towers and they will also get the fins. This is just a simple technique for the pins. I was looking for a really easy way to create them, because on the map there are so many pins. I wanted to to get the technique which is really easy to replicate. I just also placed the stones and this is the left building when you get in, when you are landing with a glider. It depends from which side you are coming. This is the roof. Maybe we should go a little bit higher for this building. There’s another tower Somehow this location also reminded me of the Viking village. Not only because it is on top of the mountain, which both are, but also because of the buildings. They don’t really look similar, but they both look really old and haunted. I enjoyed creating that one as well a lot. Yeah this evening I I read about something called the Momo challenge. You have probably heard about that. I haven’t heard about that. Well, I also haven’t seen all the news in season 8 yet in Fortnite and just because I upload on YouTube doesn’t really mean that I always know what’s going on on YouTube. So this Momo challenge… Oh boy I don’t even know what to say about that. If you don’t… If you are not familiar with it, it’s about videos for children where you’re putting Momo inside. This character saying that you should commit suicide and stuff like that. And I would not believe it. I couldn’t believe it when I read about it. I just heard about it today. Probably it’s out a few days. What kind of challenge is this? I mean this is not a challenge. This is just ridiculous, this is, come on threatening small children. I don’t really want to talk much more about it, because I don’t think that it would be justified. Come on. So, back to the creation because I really get depressed when thinking about this bullshit. This is the right building. Yeah, let’s focus on the good stuff on YouTube for example a nice tutorial on how to create Polar Peak. These are the stairs, the stairs inside the building and I was not sure if I should create the stairs, because they would have been a little bit smaller, but I went outside my scale to just create it. Still thinking about this Momo challenge. This is really… I don’t even find the right words for that. What’s that? Yeah what am I creating right now? These are two tiny flags and I think they both turned out pretty well. They are right in front of the building. And now some more fins. We will place these as well. Here we go. And well, the entrance is finished of the castle. Now we will cut away a little bit of the snow. Well, I should say we are shoveling away all the snow. That makes sense, which always reminds me of this day when a good friend of mine moved and the moving van couldn’t get the parking slot right in front of his house, because there was so much snow this winter. So before even carrying all the heavy furniture, we had to take the shovels and to remove all the snow in front of the house, which took us like two and a half hours and we were so exhausted after that. No, no break, because well he was moving and we had to get all the furniture. And one hour later we even had a small accident with another car, because there was just so much snow and everyone was exhausted driving in these conditions. And when we arrived at the new flat which was on the fifth floor, no elevator, we were carrying up all the heavy stuff. It’s probably that high like the castle I’m building right now, And well the firemen were standing in front of the new building, which he was moving to and we were just like oh what is it about? Why are you blocking the street and they told us that there were so many ice crystals on the roof from the new flat of the huge building dropping down on the sidewalk and we would have just half an hour before they would close the sidewalk and also the street. This meant for us we had to get out all the stuff from the moving van into the new flat in just half an hour, which was just insane and we were just throwing the stuff and just placing the couches and the tables on the sidewalk to get it all out. And yeah really funny story. The same day I got home in the evening. I was really exhausted and my now wife my former girlfriend thought hey, it would be funny to take this deep road with all the snow. Of course, we got stuck yeah. Let’s go to the oven. Freshly baked Polar Peak and now let’s take this white pen. Yeah, probably the story wasn’t that funny at all, but well this day was just all about snow and blocking the everyday life so much. It’s still in good memory. I try to put all the white pen where the snow would be and now I try to get the roofs a little bit darker with this grey pen. The same pen I used for the prisoner skin the video from yesterday. And now I try to get the white color on all the roofs. I was not really comparing to the reference images and in-game videos I made I just… I tried to feel like the snowflake falling down. Where would I land? Ok, enough. I think this is the last working step. Look at that! Polar Peak! Guys, I guess that’s it! Polar Peak! Sorry. That’s it for Polar Peak. Now, I’m really curious if they have changed it in season 8. Let’s find out. I don’t really want to know. OK… Map changes Fortnite season 8. All new map changes in season 8. They didn’t change it! Let me know what you think about this creation, what I should create next from all the new map locations. Volcano, volcano! And write it down in the comments. I guess that’s it for today. Have a great weekend and take care guys. Bye! Volcano! Oh, look at that! Polar Peak is spinning!

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  1. What you should do is make a giant green layer of clay and display all of the places on it

    Instead of attempting to keep up with the map changing you could make every location ever on the map
    Ex. Anarchy acres even though it was destroyed back in season 5

  3. You know you should stop taking request except for the skins and make every single Place in the fortnight map and connect them all together to make the entire map

  4. Can you please do the polar peak monster out clay from fortnite since we finally saw what it looked like pls

  5. ClayClaim i know this sounds weird but can i have the polar peak model? Its just that i really like polar peak and im upset that the polar peak monster ruined it and it would be nice to have a model of it so i still have polar peak with me even if the whole ice biome is destroyed

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