Pokémon from Lego (Ash Minifigure) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Pokémon from Lego (Ash Minifigure) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey, guys! As there are no Pokémon figures from Lego, I decided to create my own Ash, the Lego version. Also on this video there’s a collaboration with Octoboo. She created the most valuable item for hunting Pokemons in real life. OK, let’s start creating Ash Ketchum from the Pokémon anime series, the Lego version. Start mixing your blue clay colour. This will be for the trousers and of course, we want to get that characteristic Lego look for the trousers. So, we have to to do a lot of cutting, to get this well-known block look of Lego. For the feet I decided not to make them in different colour. Something like that. Because the upper part will be much more detailed and so feet and legs will be just the same colour, as it is on many Lego figures. This will be the belt. Just prepare a slice, a thin slice of brown clay. And we will add some tiny details to that, so it looks nice and there will also be. I don’t know what’s it called, the middle part of the belt. It’s very characteristic for Ash. And you need a very tiny black triangle. Place it in the middle and it will look nice. This will be the torso. Take dark blue for that. And for the arms we need white and pink. I’m heading and preparing the arms. The hands will be made out of a different colour, as Ash is always wearing his very cool Pokemon gloves, to fight and to have the best grip when throwing the Poké Balls, well, I assume that, I don’t know it for sure. And in the game Pokemon Go is avatar wearing any gloves? I didn’t notice that, but I will pay attention to that the next time when I play Pokemon Go. Right now I’m on level 8. Some of you.. …are just like level 40, 50 or what’s the highest level to reach? I don’t know. But I just started. You have to know that here in Germany the game has really literally just started only a few days ago. OK, let’s focus on creating our Lego figure. Just adding some more details for the clothing, And this one is a very tiny detail, just a button. Ash has these two silver shiny buttons and then we can start creating the head. As you know, normally I start with the head, with all of my creations and with all of my figures. But on this particular model, I thought let’s start from the feet and go to the top. Just like you would build a Lego model. I just mentioned that I’m playing a Pokemon Go Maybe some day you can add me as a friend. My name is ClayClaim on this game. I really love that game, but it still has so many bugs, always when catching a Pokemon or nearly every second time the app is freezing and shutting down. and this is very annoying I think. Just preparing this sign on Ash’s baseball cap. Does this sign has any meaning? Do you have an explanation for that maybe? You can leave it in the comments, that would be great. And then we are adding hair, a lot of hair. And I thought how would Lego deal with Ash’s hair and I thought, hey, maybe they would create an extra part for that so that some of the hairs are pointing in different directions. Now we will create Ash’s face and for that we start mixing red and white for Ash’s mouth. Just making the dent and placing it in the middle. It’s some kind of a triangle Just preparing the dents for the eyes. And just take only very tiny pieces of white clay and we will also place the iris in a minute. It’s more like it sits along, well it isn’t a ball, it’s more like a worm, tiny black worm. The eyebrows, very characteristic and very thin. Well this was one of the most difficult parts. The figure is almost finished. I wanted to give Ash some kind of equipment and what would that be? Of course the Poké Ball! Make a very thin black layer of black clay and just place the red hemisphere right on the black layer. The white one as well. It’s so easy and you get that nicely detailed Poké Ball. Just adding a tiny piece of soft clay, placing it in Ash’s right hand and the figure is almost finished. Just placing a tiny reflection in the eyes and I’m sharpening the legs just a little bit. And then we are ready to go into the oven. Wohoo! Here we go! Freshly baked Lego Ash. Now we are gluing the arm to the side and since the figure wasn’t standing so well I decided to take some sand paper and now it’s standing pretty well. That’s it. I hope you liked this tutorial and it was the most complicated figure I did so far and the tiniest figure I did so far. but it was a lot of fun creating this Lego version of Ash. As I mentioned it earlier I did I a collaboration with Octoboo and all you need when hunting Pokemon in real life is a great bag. Because you can put in it your extra pack of batteries, something to drink. So, please check out her tutorial as well. And visit her channel. Well, that’s it. Let me know if you want me to create more Pokemon themed tutorials or more Lego themed tutorials. Thank you for watching and please subscribe to my channel if you haven’t. See you next time. Bye!

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