Pokemon Clayart For Halloween

Pokemon Clayart For Halloween

Hello, Today I made Pokemon Clayart for Halloween Hello!! I am Tapclay Today I exhibited Pokemon at once The clouds are made of cotton and pastels. The floor was made with foam board The bottom was made using black cork clay Cork clay has a peculiar smell, but it’s good to stick Decorated the floor like this I also made wood using cork clay The tomb was also made of cork clay Stick well I put the Pikachu and Mimikyou pumpkin that I made last time in the middle Put some candy-shaped clay in the middle I also made 3 lollipops I made these Clay candy with my wife while watching TV Shiny Yamask Morpeko and Morpeko(Hangry Mode) Mimikyu Lunatone I think I made it well Corbat Shiny Litwick Drifloon Shiny Chandelure Shiny Lampent Shiny Gastly Shiny Haunter Let me introduce Pokemon! Drifblim Duskull I made This for Halloween There’s a little bit lacking, but I tried to make well I’ll make other Pokémon well Thankyou Bye!! Cute, Right? Have a good day!

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  1. I love how you made Lampent, Duskull, Crobat, Haunter, Gastly, Lunatone, Drifblim, and Drifloon all fly! It is so cute!

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