Pokemon Clay Art: Spheal – タマザラシ

Pokemon Clay Art: Spheal – タマザラシ

Take a large piece of clay and roll it into a ball. Take two small piece of clay, shape them into a triangle and flatten them. Attach them to the center of the circle and blend it in. Take a medium piece of clay for the tail and shape it into a triangle with rounded corners. Carve two lines into the tail. Gently bend it. Attach it to the bottom of the body, between the flippers. For the snout, place two small round pieces of clay a little above the center. Gently press and blend them together. Cut the top half off and blend into the body. Use two tiny triangle shaped pieces of clay for the teeth. Take two round pieces of clay, flatten them slightly, and cut them in half. Attach them to the top of the body and blend it in. Using a dotting/pointy tool, create a tiny dent in the ear. Bake! (Follow your clay package instructions) Paint the top part of the body light/sky blue. Paint the belly ivory/vanilla. Paint two big circles and one little one on each side of the body. Paint the teeth white. Paint two black circles for the eyes. Add a white dot on top of the black one. Paint a grey dot under the white one. Finally, add a thin layer of glaze. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe!

22 thoughts on “Pokemon Clay Art: Spheal – タマザラシ

  1. DUUUUUUUUUUUUDE!!!!! THIS POKE'MON IS MY SECOND FAVORITE POKE'MON IN RUBY AND SAPPHIRE!!! You made my day once again Kaizahr!!! Keep up the out of this world work!!!!!!!

  2. You got yourself a new subscriber! And what kind of Sculpey clay? Just those normal ones in those big packaging? I got Fimo soft…I figure it's too soft to maintain the shape or anything. Hard to work with since it's so soft… 🙁

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