Pokemon Clay Art: Chibi Charizard ft. Giovy’sHobby!

Pokemon Clay Art: Chibi Charizard ft. Giovy’sHobby!

Shape a medium sized piece of clay into a ball. Take a smaller piece of clay and roll it into a ball. Attach the smaller piece of clay to the larger one and blend them together. Press and smooth out the snout. Take two small pieces of clay & shape them into cylinders. Attach one on each side of the head and blend it in. Slightly flatten the ends of the horns. Take another piece of clay, roll it into a cylinder, and cut it at an angle. Attach the pointy end to the back of the head and blend them together. Take a large piece of clay for the body and shape it into an pear. Create a small hole on the top. Attach the neck and blend it in. Take two round pieces of clay and gently flatten them. Attach one on each side of the lower body. Roll out a thin piece of clay, wrap it around the thigh, and blend it in. For the tail roll out a piece of clay and make one side pointy. Bend the tail however you want. Attach the tail to Charizard’s lower back. Make two small ovals for the feet and attach them to the thighs. For the wings, pinch and pull one side. This long part will the the outer part of the wing. Then pinch the other side just a bit, and also pinch the top and bottom. Create an outline for the inner part of the wing and gently press it down. For the arms, shape two pieces of clay into ovals and attach them to the body. Insert a small piece of wire into the wing and attach it to Charizard’s upper back. To make the flame, take a ball of clay and gently twist it. Insert a piece of wire into the tail and place the flame on top. Baking time! (follow the directions on your clay package). Color the entire body orange. Color the inner part of the wings blue. Draw an oval over the belly and color it ivory/cream. Paint the underside of the tail ivory/cream. Paint the flame yellow. How to paint the eyes: draw a triangle with rounded corners. then add a curved line near the wider side. next, draw a semi circle. finally, draw a smaller circle inside the bigger one. Color the big circle black and the area around it blue. The pointy side should face inwards. Paint the large circle black. Paint the area around it blue. Paint the edge of the eye and the circle inside the black one white. Paint two slanted black lines on the snout. Dip your paintbrush into red paint, remove as much paint as possible, and rub the paintbrush onto the fire. Finally, add a thin layer of glaze.

23 thoughts on “Pokemon Clay Art: Chibi Charizard ft. Giovy’sHobby!

  1. Nice Collab! it was really nice to work with you Kaizahr!
    And your Charizard looks so cute and well done man 😀 Great job!!

  2. awesome video as always, im so amazed how you can get the coloration of each pokemon just right ahahaha

  3. Super cute Charizard! I was so happy to see you collab with Giovy because I love both of yall's Pokémon tutorials, & I am subscribed to each of you! I hope to see you two collab again in the near future. 🙂

  4. I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS. They're very entertaining and you're really talented! I always end up with fingerprints when I use clay xD. You should consider making Turtwig 😁

  5. Hola, quedo bello, pero tengo una pregunta, la arcilla en el momento de hornearla reduce su tamaño? Y la parte que esta en contacto con la bandeja no queda lisa? Es que quiero empezar en esto 🙂

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