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I’m Jenny Villalobos and you’re watching Brush & Style Thanks for being again with me, here, in your channel Today, I have my most recent painting exhibited back here I would like that you too, work on something similar That from the comfort of your homes you work on different projects and techniques and you could learn it with me Stay tuned so you could learn a lot of techniques and achieve making these beautiful paintings Today, we’re going to work a teacup and a plate we’re going to make it with decoupage using a napkin The materials we’re going to need for this technique are A glass cup, it has to be transparent a Little plate decorative napkins A hard bristle brush and a soft bristle brush A little foam/sponge white acrylic varnish napkin glue and gesso now, let’s begin -A glass cup and plate -Decorative Napkins -Foam – Hard and Soft bristle brushes -Varnish -White Acrylic -Gesso -Napkin Glue The first thing we’re going to do is to clean the cup with alcohol to eliminate the grease and the paint can adhere properly So, here I’m going to put As we are going to make a stripe with the napkin I placed masking tape In the top and at the bottom So we get a stripe at the middle In this part I will apply Gesso, with a sponge I will start applying in this stripe right here Well extended A coat of Gesso So, later we can place the napkin right there And we can see the design properly, not too transparent We must apply a white foundation In this occasion I’m applying Gesso Because Gesso adheres so well to glasses and crystals Like so, working on the whole stripe Very well extended Here, I finished applying the Gesso I’m gonna let it dry While this is drying we’re going to work on the plate This one is already clean I already cleaned it with alcohol Now, what we are going to do is apply napkin glue In this part, all this part We’re going to put the napkin on this side, so we can see it in the other So, we’re going to get rid of the folds the napkin has The layers one by one We take this one It has another one we take it off So we only got the one with the design on it This is what we’re going to work with But, we are going to work with the napkin inversed In this way like so so we see it this way Well, the first thing we’ll do is applying glue to the whole plate well extended to get it very well applied I finished applying glue on the plate Now we’re going to stick the napkin So We’re going to put the napkin on top, backwards We are going to place it Watching it’s centered And with a plastic bag or a piece of plastic to place on top So we don’t get any wrinkles we place the plastic and with cloth We start from the center to the sides We apply pressure very carefully in order to not break the napkin softly applying pressure from the center to the sides very well glued Once it’s dry, well dried What’s leftover on the sides We are going to remove it with sandpaper But it has to be dry I keep doing the same Here, the whole napkin is glued We’re going to apply another coat with the glue on all the surface where the napkin is, very softly In order to not break it like so When I finish applying the glue, I’m going to let it fry Meanwhile, let’s work on the cup As the Gesso is dry I’m going to take the tape off To paste the napkin So, here I took the measurement with a ruler This has about two centimeters and a half And following that I cut the napkin I cut so it has a little bit more than two centimeters and a half I’m also going to take the layers off like so And this is the one I’m going to place So the stripe turns out like this So, I’ll start applying glue I apply, well extended I applied the gesso so the design popps out If it doesn’t have a white base The pattern will get lost or faded So I’ll apply in sections And pasting with the same brush I’ll apply the glue on top And spreading very well spread trying to not get wrinkles I finished pasting the napkin Obviously at the bottom it is going to appear a little wrinkled Because the bottom is smaller We get a few wrinkles, but it is no problem While the cup is drying We’re going to work on the plate that’s already dry so It’s quite translucent we’ll apply a white coat at the back So the napkin pops out with the foam, I’ll apply white acrylic in every part of the plate So the design pops out I’m going to let the acrylic dry Meanwhile, we go back to the cup As the glue is dry already In order to keep using the cup We’ll apply varnish to seal the napkin so we can wash with water and soap and the design won’t vanish We apply varnish, this one is solvent based I’ll apply a thick coat Also with a soft bristle brush A thick coat On the whole stripe This is going to protect the napkin and seal it properly And we can keep using the cup Once we applied the acrylic and it dried With the sandpaper We are going to remove the edges To take off the napkin excess I finished polishing the edges, now I will apply the varnish on all the surface of the plate to seal well applied, and very thick And here’s our technique totally finished The varnish is dry, we can wash it. with soap, and nothing will happen Here I prepared a delicious Colombian coffee I hope you liked it If you liked it share it and please give it a like Subscribe and activate the little bell And Remember the Soul’s testimony is art in color

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