*(*(* Planner Sticker Haul including Planner Accessories feat Crafty Rat Designs *)*)*

*(*(* Planner Sticker Haul including Planner Accessories feat Crafty Rat Designs *)*)*

hello and welcome to another video my
name’s Ashleigh if you’re new I’m really really happy that you’re here especially
at this time of year I’ve got some amazing things come in so especially if
you like Christmas but I have a look around my channel a bit and see what
I’ve done in the past and if it seems like your thing there’s a nice red
button that says subscribe on it and if you feeling really really fancy you can
press the the bell next to it and that will notify you when I upload a video
which is really exciting but loads of Christmas stuff coming up and also
vlogmas and on my community tab on the main profile of my channel if you go
there a few times along it says community there was actually a poll that
I put up because I’m not sure whether to do vlogmas weekly or daily this year
because it is it is some hard graft and I had to see the video every day last
time I looked it was level pegging which is bad news for me because it means I
need to make a decision I was kind of hoping it would be unanimous so if you
want to say and in that head over to my community tab and give that a vote while
there’s still time okay so I’ve got a pretty exciting video
it’s always nice to UM package things and show things off isn’t it and this is
a very special package it is my PR package for questions if you do not know
already I am part of her PR team and she has actually just open
application to get in so who knows this is her but this is her anniversary Rat
Pack she’s done that pack before and I’ve done a video before so I’ll link
that down below as well if you fancy seeing what she’s done before I have no
idea I need to check the stock if there’s any left because they were
flying off the shelves of this one and I will check the other one as well if any
of them are available I will link them down below if not I’ll just link her
shopper than the next time she releases one even have to be close many fingers
but before I get into that I’ve got another little package to show you and
that it’s from a lovely shop called autumn crafting Jamie the lovely owner
water in question sent me these a while ago it has to be said I did a video
straightaway but I wasn’t happy with it it was before I had the studio lights
and then life just got all sorts of in the way and I just never got to it so
I’m doing it now she very very kindly sent me some things to review so I’m
gonna give you a little look so the first one is this adorable little fox
sheet with kind of like a brown Alan G Fox and a grey fox
I always did wonder if she sent me these because I’ve got a husky and this kind
this looks exactly like rogue when she’s sleeping she sleeps in like a doughnut
shape um so I’ll get plenty of use out of these absolutely gorgeous the
printing is lovely and the cut the cutting is beautiful as well this papers
not overly thick but it is nice and I’m not sure she’s using the same paper now
though she’s moved to a brand new website she’s got so many more products
she’s got planner kids she’s got foiled stickers she’s just got loads of stuff
over there so definitely go check her out I will be putting her links down
below she also sent me this lovely mixed sheet so there’s some cameras bunting
light bulb champagne balloons roses and headphones I go an absolutely gorgeous
and these look to be like the size of a standard planner box so if you bought
birth you can just put that across to mark that absolutely gorgeous then some
cacti the printing on these because they’re um bright bold and more simple
designs for the print absolutely gorgeous on these and then a sheet of
more bunting so you’ve got some large and some small and what I love about her
stickers if she doesn’t do a planet and kits and some like lettering stickers
and stuff but she also does a lot of sheets where it’s just images like this
which are also really good for journaling if you’re not a planner such
as this one it’s like winter florals absolutely gorgeous so there are the
five sheets she sent me thank you so much Jamie it’s
so kind of these assemblies she has given us a discount code as well which
I’ll pop down below however it is Black Friday this week as the video is going
up so what I recommend you do is go over to hit Instagram I have a link down
below because I believe today she’s releasing what the freebies are going to
be four different tiers her Black Friday sale and then if you follow her you’ll then know what
the code is and what the discount is when she released releases that I
imagine it will be more than the code she’s given me so go over to Instagram
show us some love check out our website I’ll put everything down below but if
you are watching this after Black Friday there’ll be a code for 20% off no
minimum no expiry date but if it is like two years in the future you have to be
watching this maybe just check with a list it’s still live
so thank you so much Jamie I really recommend her her shop with her stay
because she’s got some really cute things and her brand new website is
gorgeous and work lovely on mobile now a big shiny package so excited to show you
guys this better worked a really long time putting this together it was for
her second anniversary so second rat-pack
get second anniversary there’s also some other bits that I got as part of my PR
duties as well as the tip but I will be sure to explain what isn’t it is and
isn’t on the kit here we go to the sort out so I’ve separated some other bits
from the kit this is the kit there’s some ephemeral biodegradable she says
she always does like Lee packing cards as well so if you’re a journalist
perfect for that and the ephemera pieces are all kind of foliage and something
for the blueberry not sure it’s actually a blue group and she’s recently changed the car stock
she does die cuts on and it is EB so yeah gives you an idea
lots of florally loveliness all in there the kit is surrounding kind of like self
care and it’s quite botanical and self carry then she’s got some collabs so
she’s got a cherry blossom in the market square paper clip and this cute little
rat and she’s designed it in such a way that the paper clip is on the leg so
when you put it on your page in your planner you can have it a little bit at
what I suppose it looks like the rats are lying on the top of your page which
is really really really cute absolutely gorgeous
then we have a little paper clip from crafty Charlie Charlie has a lovely shop
as well lots of planner clips and there’s a lot
of acrylic work as well and it’s just this I hope that I can was doing this
justice it’s just a little tiny sparkly gym paper clip
that’s crafty charlie I will live a costly the collaborators shops as well
down below the dancing love as well there is a little charm and it’s just
this little heart which looks like it’s kind of got some beat and metal in the
middle it seems like so the color my lobster clasp really pretty then some
stickers another backing card and then another
collab with the coffee monsters coach is so so cute we’ve got the wrapped watering the MOT I think these Accord in
the plant part so so cute these will be perfect for likes in the spring not that
I do much got them but and then you’ve got this self-care prompt sheet so
you’ve got pamper sesh 15-minute pickup spend time with friends relax with your
favorite drink by client friends get an early night cook yourself a meal or bake
something yummy why your favor outfit pajama day do some exercise and go for a
walk and their writing like it’s just to tell you what she envisioned visited
that they would represent of see if and just use them as um well as well we have
a self-care booklet and this is fab b6 eyes so if you do have a b6 insert then
this will fit in perfectly which i b6 planner I do actually have a clear one I
might use now but I haven’t but Becca’s idea was that you could actually just
use this completely separate from your planner because it’s a self-care thing
and sometimes you went ourselves care things to be separate from your work and
your intense kind of functional planning so you’ve got a sheet of sticky built in just say self-care so you can mark when
you’re going to do it and then just got some lovely quotes and some of this and
drawn botanical stuff and then she’s actually
got a definition of self-care there and some self-care from things I love doing
stop for a second mindfulness exercises I am grateful for you spread that quotes and inspiration
hello lovely the rest of this notebook is filled with pages for you to write
whatever you like you could use these pages to journal make notes or continue
your mindfulness so that’s good and she’s got some clothes as well very
nicely done and then some writing prompts at the back there as well oh
these are stickers too oh they’re like type ready-made titles
oh that’s gonna make things so much easier I can’t wait to start this Oh brilliant that’s a really fantastic idea actually should definitely do different
ones of these or sticker sheets like journaling prompts that’d be a really
good idea and then last but by no means least let me tell you it’s it’s a
sticker album I cannot believe it like seriously this is so beautifully
made as well and look so gorgeous this is pretty much me jeans and like a
jungle it’s got a lovely logo on the side as well absolutely gorgeous and
there is tons of room in here I might feel I might feel this now with all my
wrap stickers but I shall wait because I’m not finished yet that’s the last
thing in the box so just to recap those the sticker album the self-care booklet for two sheets of
stickers the charm paper clips and I think I think it was 25 pounds but
considering you get this sticker album and included in that this is just
amazing very well done Becker so if there is
none left to be honest it was nearly gone but well
by the time I actually received it they were that popular I will leave all
Becca’s links down below so you can follow her join her group and then next
time she has anything like this you will be informed so this is kind of like my
regular portion okay so I have this monster PR rats and this is mine how
gorgeous is he this is onyx I have a discount code obviously that’s always
down below some part of my PR team which gets you 10% off five pounds minimum
order and just mention onyx for freely however like I said before if you are
watching this as it goes up it is Black Friday this week and I know that Becker
is doing a lot for Black Friday freebies releases discount roads so hold fire off
my discount code if you’re approaching at Black Friday when you watch this and
head over to a group for Instagram and everything just so you’re in the loop
for what she’s doing for Black Friday but during Black Friday you can still
put onyx in the notes if you want to get hold of this little guy tangled up in
lights and then she’s kindly sent me the other girls I have rats as well
absolutely gorgeous and then I got some more sticker sheets
to go my album so I’ve got the leading ones because I really really really want
to start I really do um I just don’t seem to be able to do it then I got the
PR rattie’s november sheet she does these each month although I think I
missed the October 1 which I’m bit upset about and but you can only get them for
that month so at the end of November you will no longer be able to get this so
grab that quickly and I got the drawing one because I’m doing a lot of designing
at the moment I already did a lot of designing for my patreon card sheets but
I’ve opened my XE shop to do digital collections link is always down below so
I’m doing a lot of designing all the time so I thought I’ll get these and I
got another mini kit and I got the mystic one so this lovely kind of blush
pastels one and it’s kind of kind of wiki they’ve got some boots and a mug
picture and all boxes and the whole box yeah it’s an appointment labels from
boxes the date covers habit trackers some to-do lists a bill Jews and deco
washi and some more boxes and then the checklist and the icons I’ve changed planet again so look out
for my Christmas planner setup so the mini ones are going to come in very
useful because yes I have moved out of my basics so if you want to see what
I’ve got in to make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss that video I hope you
enjoyed this one I do like to show my bits and pieces obviously as part of my
PR duties but also I like to show support for small businesses and lovely
things so I really really hope that you enjoyed this video
dobe lots of links down below so make sure you go and check in there and I
also have a Facebook group now if you did not know already got a few people in
there at the moment would be lovely to get some more people in there I’ll have
that link down below as well but it is called the onyx Raven pose creative nest
if you just wanna longhand search tips in the Facebook box be lovely to see
there I really want to create a really active really engaging creative fun
place and it’s not just for planners it’s not just crafters it’s not just for
artists it’s for everyone to whatever craft you’re into I’m creating you into
knitting embroidery whatever you like come on join my group
and share your joy for all things creative over there and I’ve babbled on
for quite enough I think so I’ve got to go edit this and get this straight up so
I will speak to you on my next video thank you so much for watching bye do you know everyone’s been so noisy say so many people round it with silly
exhausts on the cars

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