Planner Ideas for Crafters and Polymer Clay Artists

Planner Ideas for Crafters and Polymer Clay Artists

Hi guys, it’s Cindy Lietz, your Polymer Clay Tutor
and today’s Studio Tip, I’m going to show you how to set up a Planner for Crafters. So lots of us have planners that we use, day
timers and organizers for planning our business life or work life or personal life but the
Crafting Industry has gotten their hands on it and have made it a lot more fun and a lot
more personal and in fact, the latest CHA which is the Craft and Hobby Association Convention
just came out last week in LA and one of the very common themes between a lot of the companies
were planners so as a creative person, I use a planner every day and I just want to show
you mine and see if it might fit into what you’re doing. Now, I’m just going to do a brief overview,
there’s a couple– there’s a section in here particularly that I will need to do it on
another video because it would take up too much time but I just want to show you what
I’ve got here. Now, in the old days, we used to– I used
to have a smaller planner like this that was very very business-oriented, you know, a lot
of contacts and to-do list and all that kind of stuff but I have now switched over to one
that is not only prettier but a lot more fun. So, this is my latest planner. This is a particular– I chose this particular
size for a reason and I’ll go into that in a second but this is what a size called an
A5. Now, on a A5 planner is– it’s a six-ring
planner and the pages are–oh I can’t quite remember it’s like seven by what is it– OK
let me just make sure went out for you grab one here measured on my thing. They are five and three-quarters wide and
just over eight inches long. So the pages in it are a decent size to work
on but they are also small enough that I can actually take this planner with me when I
go shopping and that kind of thing. This particular one is made by a scrapbooking
company called Simple Stories and this is the first planner that I got and it was more
of a boxy style binder and I have the pages in here that I got and it had only two rings
and the pages were 6×8 and this worked out quite well for me but if I have anything that
I wanted to do, if I like– say for example, there was another company that I really like
their pages, they didn’t work into that planner but with an A5 planner being a standard size,
there are lots and lots of companies that carry A5 size planner sheets and so I can
get them from them if I prefer the different styles. In fact, Filofax has some and you can go onto
Etsy and print up your own printable A5 planner pages, there’s just tons and tons of options
but I really I have– I really love this one. This is a new one from Simple Stories called
Carpe Diem and they have lots of pretty colors, they even have kind of a Platinum colored
one but this one is laid out quite nicely, it’s got a few pockets in the front and you
can customize it or you can decorate and stuff a bit here I’ll give it this way a bit. I’ve got you know, typical little thing saying
I don’t go over the top of my decorating but I do like to decorate a little. So I’ve got some you know Journaling Cards
just because the color look nice and the the topics were neat. I’ve got you know sheet of My Dreams and To-Do,
To-Buy List, some business cards, cute little paper clip that I made and some sticky notes,
nothing too exciting here and then I have a pocket that I can put my Michaels coupon
in and whatever else I need, a shopping list or whatever. Now, most planners are set up with it what
they call a dashboard in the front if this one has it’s usually a plastic page in the
front sometimes are quite pretty this one has some silver foiling on it and you can
customize it this– usually this plastic page you could stick sticky notes to or whatever
you want. I actually have a little sticker that I stuck
on here years ago. Doug and I owned a 56 Fargo truck that I absolutely
loved and when I saw this sticker I had to stick it there so I can see it all the time
because I want another Fargo one day. So it just sits there is some cute decoration
but here’s you know the typical stuff. Now, the front section, the way I’ve got my
planner setup is the front section is my calendar section Everybody sets up their calendars a little
bit differently. I’ve got you know my year in a glance, I’ve
got some calendar pages this when I printed up from something I googled I think it was
just a printable year planner and then these pages came with with the Carpe Diem Planner
and in fact, these inserts over here are the inserts that go in it. I am not using these particular ones currently
just because I have a different plan. I’m using– we’re working on a big project
that needs more detail so but this is my January page calendar page and I’ve got like little
stamps that I’ve stuck to it and stuff then like I said, the next section would be where
you would keep your– your calendar to do’s and all that kind of stuff your– your daily
planning. Now, I don’t know if you know this but most
planners are set up where you’ve either got a week at a glance or like a week on two pages
or a page per day or a page on two pages, there’s lots of different options the Carpe
Diem one has, theirs is set up so you have a week on two pages just like this and they’re
usually undated so you can start at whatever time the year you buy it and then just you
put in your dates and then use them accordingly. I will probably go back to this at some point
but like I said, currently I’m printing out my own. This is two pages for one day and I just just
because I’m working on a really highly detailed project that has lots of information that
I need to track. So I’ve just printed those out myself and
they’re in there so I can only put about a month’s worth of those fillers in there. Otherwise, it’s going to bulk up my planner
so here’s the rest of the month. So you would set this up however you like
you know I’m however your schedule is you know do need every day, lots of detail or
can you just do the whole week through. So it really depends on what you like then
the next section I always focus on and what I’ve got here that’s more specific to someone
who is working in their studio which you could set this up however you like. Now, for some of you– you just craft as a
hobby so you may have sections here two different tab sections that would have, you know, inspiration
photos or project plans or our list of stuff to buy that kind of thing in there. Mine, because I’m more business oriented with
my with my crafting, I’ve got Vlogs, I’ve got a To-Do List in the center here, I’ve
got my Vlogs which are the YouTube videos like today and charts that kind of thing I’ve
just printed these up myself, I also have ideas what I have to you know, if you guys
send in their special requests for me to test something or do a certain technique I just
write those down on my blog ideas section and then I cross them off as I do them. Now, I have a tutorial section, this is where
I’ve got all my tutorials every tutorial that I’ve ever done is listed out here and I have
pages and pages of them. Actually, it was a surprised when I started
writing them out, how many were actually there and forgotten I’ve done that much work and
that there are so many tutorials but there’s room for me to continue writing on them as
I create new tutorials then I’ve got tutorial ideas and that kind of thing. So for those of you who are not teaching or
doing tutorials, your sections may be more project-oriented rather than like specific
projects and that kind of thing, then I’ve got my Studio Cam area and I’ve got stuff
there, goals, planning, all that kind of stuff. So all my personal kind of inspiration, planning,
that type of stuff is in the center section. Then I’ve got set up and this is what really
attracted me to this particular style from the Simple Stories is they have these really
great pocket pages. Now what’s the other company? OK, Project Life. Project Life also has pocket pages and they’re
interchangeable here too. I’m just going to show you, you can get them
in all kinds of different configurations that this is like a blank page so you could put
whatever you wanted in there, these are little two by two pockets. There’s these ones here that have like four
by fours and little pockets so you can use all of the Journaling Cards that are out there
for scrapbooking and you can cut out photos. This section here is just my– this reminds
me that I’m a creative person and so this is my sort of play area and makes the work
see more fun so I’ve got little things about myself– this little arrow sliding across
the dog’s face, don’t want that– but I’ve got Doug and Fisher when Fisher was a baby
and I’ve got little shaker pockets of polymer clay beads, a little slice of a polymer clay
in here, just really cute little things that make me happy, remind me that my– of my family. Now, I wish I had current pictures of my kids
but they being teenagers and early– young adults, they seem to only share pictures with
each other and not with their mother so I need to get some pictures from them so that
I don’t just have baby photos of them in here but this section here, is especially great. Now, I’m going to go into this section in
more detail in another video but I do want to show it to you. This is– this section here is the reason
why I take my planner with me every time I go to Michaels or to an art store or anything
like that and this is my supplies section. This is where I’ve got printed out blank color
sheets for as many products as I can find and that I can have in my studio every time
I– for example, this is a printout sheet of the Prismacolor pencils and all the colors
that they have in their line and then every time I buy a pencil, I color in– I sharpen
the pencil and I color in the the right color number and then that when I take go to Michaels,
I flip this open, I see which pencils I don’t have yet and I can buy those ones and that
way, you’re not doubling up your colors by accidentally buying things that you already
have or you can have a good idea if you have good ranges in the different products. That way, you can just buy stuff on sale when
you see it and be quite efficient with that. I have them for pencils, for markers I want
to go into this in more detail in another video because I actually have tips for how
to stamp in them, where to get some of these charts and that kind of thing but you can
see, I have them for inks and and all kinds of paints and stuff. Then I can’t find charts and I haven’t gotten
around to making charts so sometimes I just write out the stuff on paper. Then in the last part here, I have– Carpe
Diem has some pocket– zipper pockets and that’s the one thing you’ll see when if you
go out to a craft store right now, there are planner pockets and accessories and stickers
and bookmarks and all kinds of super cute paper clips. In fact, because of all of this
I think I’m going to start making some polymer clay paper clips that we can make for our
planners and that kind of thing so I’ll do that in the future and then
here’s a homemade pocket I made out of a piece of scrapbooking paper just to put
some extra stickers and that kind of thing in and there’s a notepad at the back.
So I just thought I would show you that. I am very much enjoying using a planner. It’s
so tactile, I can write out my ideas right away, I’ve got everything in one location. You can
use a planner like this for doing color and color chips and all kinds of stuff. That will be another
video as well and I’ll get into that another time. But I just wanted to show that to you
and see if it gets your mind running for some ways of organizing your life. Alright, so I hope that was interesting for you
If it was, do let us know if you liked this video. If you’ve got your own planner tips or really
neat ideas or links things like that, that you would like to share with everyone,
do let leave us a comment in the comment section below. And if
you’ve got products you like me the test, ideas things you don’t know about,
whatever kind of videos, and you have looked all through our Channel and you can’t find it, then
make sure to leave suggestions for those as well. Alright, so we’ll see you next time and bye for now.

32 thoughts on “Planner Ideas for Crafters and Polymer Clay Artists

  1. You have some wonderful tips that I am going to use as well especially for the inspirational ideas area. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Thank you for the tips! I use one of my planners for my 'polymer clay stuff' as well, like ideas for videos or charms to make 🙂

  3. As ever, thanks again. I love the pages for the markers, inks and such, what a great idea. I have recently gotten into clay and had to make a memo on my phone what colors I had because I couldn't remember. While I'm not sure I want to drag a planner around with me at this point, I can see where it would be a great asset. I just started buying alcohol inks too so I can see the benefit of having something like that. Love the color chip idea, too. I just made one up for mica powders on black vs white clay to see what they looked like. It could be something to take along to compare colors to other things one might find whilst shopping. I can't wait for the next video, thank you!

  4. I always love your color-tracking ideas!

    I am in love with planning right now and am using an English A6 Hobonichi. I'm so in love with it. The paper is absolutely gorgeous and I love a daily planner.

  5. HI Cindy, I had a question, if I use two different types of polymer clay would I have to adjust the temperature? If I use premo and fimo what would I have to do?

  6. Awesome ideas and tips! Like another subscriber, I'm not disciplined enough to post, or rather use a planner effectively, buuuuuuuuttttttt there are MANY aspects of this "tutorial" that I do like and may be able to follow through with more efficiently and effectively. Thank you for sharing your processes! I/we look forward to more of your tips regarding organization. And, this, this is definitely about organization. 😉

  7. I love your supplies lists. I have though of doing that but I have been at a bit of a loss for ideas. The colored pencils one is genius. Can't wait for your next video. Thanks for all your hard work. 🙂

  8. Love the idea of this! Not sure I'd use the diary section as my electronic one is pretty comprehensive (& backed up regularly! 🙂 ) but the sections to list details of products etc is brilliant! Currently I use an A5 notebook for everything – sketches of designs, project ideas etc in the front and useful lists in the back, all of which are handwritten. I'm curious – do you have a separate journal or notebook for sketching designs? I often find ideas pop into my head when I'm not at home. My notebook is light enough to always have in my bag, so I can use it to rough an idea out right then. I've found that if I waited until I got home I will have forgotten half of it! 😉 The journal idea has inspired me to think about separating sketching from everything else. Thanks again for another great video!

  9. I also got the Carpe Diem in Robin's Egg & I love it! So pretty! I ordered a vertical setup because I prefer that. Love your videos, I'm new to polymer clay & you have kind of been my video mentor. Thanks!

  10. oh my gosh! thanks so much for sharing this idea! I've been wanting to start my own channel, and I think this will help a lot. thank you!!!

  11. Hey Cindy, I just came across a product on YouTube called Jett Sett, it's a plastic moldable vise.  Have you ever heard of it?  The first video I saw was on Cooltoolsvideos site and the video was Metal Clay: Wild Roses Necklace Project.  There are some other videos as well.  I think there could be a lot of possibilities for using this product with polymer clay.

  12. The inventor of Jett Sett is a good friend of mine, his name is Tyler. I use it to hold my jewelry when I pave' set diamonds. He also has 2 JOOLTOOLS & loves them. He shares the same mentality as me, as we both love to bring innovative tools to help make the job easier and fun! It's sold at Rio Grande. All the classes were using it 2 weeks ago at Rio Grande's Winter Workshop. It's great you should try it, you will be hooked! xx Anie

  13. I always skipped the planner addicts and their planner desks when watching craft studio tours. I recently got into clay and watched your tour and just thought I'd give your planner for crafters video a go just for ideas because I wanted to start a notebook for my projects and inventory. I'm also trying to organize my life because I've been missing due dates for paying bills and I need to better jeep track of my candy orders.
    I love the way you talk. just watching your video made me order the Carpe diem. and I'm saving money to place a second order for page protectors and a SECOND Carpe diem because one isn't enough for what I have planned (for some reason your planner looks like the rings are bigger than mine but could be the camera) and come Monday I'm getting ready to reorganize my studio to free up room for a planner section because the accessories are too cute to not be displayed but right now I have no desk area.
    anyway I love the way you talk, you seem like a really sweet person!
    thanks for the links to the charts also!

  14. I am trying to get use to using a planner again. Got mine at Target. Had to shop around to find the best bargain for what I needed.

  15. I'm trying to find the pocket pages that you have for your pictures and journaling cards. I can't find them anywhere.. Can you help point me in the right direction? Thank you! ^~^

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