Plan with Me Summer Spread // Lily and Meeko Designs

Plan with Me Summer Spread // Lily and Meeko Designs

hi guys this is Alexis from reflections
of abou coholic here with another plan with me this was my previous week this
was a let’s planet kit a very summery I noticed on the Instagram that I’ve been
seeing a lot of people with let’s plan it wheats and kits and spreads and I
really think is because she has so many really bright amazing summer kits and
this was one of them so I really love this one
so this moving on to this week this is the week of July 23rd through July 29th
I believe this year is passing by so quickly I can’t even believe it so this
week I’m using a Lillian Miko designs kit I’ve used to Lily amigo recently and
I really debated on which get to use this week but ultimately the two kids
that I was choosing between we’re both Lily and Miko design it so I said well
it is what it is and if I wasn’t filming I wouldn’t care so just trying to be
more authentic and just say hey this is this is what I would have done anyway so
this cat these are the full boxes we’ve got the bottom washi separate strips
petite these are separating we’ll see and we’ve got the work headers
the weekly trackers we’ve got the icons the heart checklist the half heart check
boxes from Flags weekend dinner here half box quarter boxes and habit
trackers and we’ve got the ombré heart check boxes we’ve got headers and washy
streets these washy shirts are really pretty and we’ve got date cover state
dots and glitter headers so I think we will be back to the beginning nope I’m
strong so then we have long washy strips in little things that’s it like this one
and um very summery again it’s so hot it’s unbelievably hot so summer is all I
can think about I’m buying all the fall kits right now because I’m so over at
this heat but for now we’re gonna get started with biscuit if you’re
interested in watching when you plan stay tuned let’s get started
and you can hear my kid in the background a little bit I only have one
but sometimes it sounds like I have five and it’s just ridiculous so I start off
at the bottom while she as usual and a little bit about my planning style I
call this planner my reflection later everything that goes in this planner has
already happened I use this planner to compare it with my main planner to
compare the things that I plan to do with what I actually got done to check
and see if I’m being realistic if I am
being efficient productive things like that I also use it to manage my anxiety
remind me that I’m doing the best I can as a mom and things like that it’s it’s
my dose of reality so after I get done with the bottom washy I put up the date
covers I covered the page flights at the top and I put down some glitter headers
across every date and then I moved to my sidebar so on my sidebar I start off by
putting the Polaroid full box and there were so many cool boxes I could have
used but that was my favorite I then put down a washi strip and I’ve this week
header to track my grateful thoughts I scratch the header when I was trying to
work with it and so I end up pulling it up and I ripped my planner because I was
too lazy to use undo which is kind of the norm and replaced it with another
washi strip so then I put down a daily tracker to track my bar classes
another washi strip at Pat box two marks on audiobook a quarter box to mark the
book that I’m reading and a daily tracker a habit tracker to track my
greeting for the week and Ben I filled everything in the audiobooks sticker is
from sweet bean plants and the book sticker is from once more with love I
believe or maybe kena Prince I’m not quite sure I became Prince and then I
moved to Monday I put down the bar sticker from Pemberley prints to mark
that I went to bar class that Monday I then put down a heart check link list
to mark a few things I got done that morning
I went to the bank I filmed this plane with me not this way
it’s a plan with me before this I think I filmed the last part of it and then I
ate tacos that made and I worked on some emails in my case for work I then put
down a quarter box and put down that sticker from above their bubble their
studios to mark some mommy and baby time I then put a washi strip down to just
kind of have a separation and to mark that my husband had a softball game
so I put down an appointment label put down some deco from the kit for
sunglasses to mark the softball game and then I put down that washed hair sticker
from what’s wrong with love to mark that I wash my hair that Monday I then put
down one of the personal strips like it’s a strip that goes I think in a
personal cleaner or personal tan and I couldn’t rip it because it wasn’t normal
washi so I did and cut it down and then I put down but to do header cut down a
heart check box and I kind of had to move that audio book sticker over a
little bit and of course of course stickers were forged and then I put down
the laptop sticker well actually have to move the move things around so I could
fit another strip to kind of be like a bottom and I filled in a filled in the
heart check box and then put down a laptop sticker from Kimberly Prince
and so the to do just had some things I had to do for work and some things I
could look at it would be you and things like that and then I moved to Tuesday so
on Tuesday I made coffee and that coffee stickers from the kids I then put down a
little mini page flag to put down I had a status hearing and another one to show
that at a shop show cause during that morning I put down a washi strip to kind
of separate some time and then I marked that I put down a header and then marked
few things I got done afternoon namely my eyebrows and I I put down that topi
the pandas sticker to mark my shopping because I did eyebrows I got soccer
cleats and I went to Victoria Secrets and so soccer cleats is like this joke
between my husband it’s basically worked flats and he just
talks about like I treat them like soccer cleats because I have to replace
them so often and usually what I do is I get the exact same ones and I just read
by them over and over again and then they get scuffed up and I buy another
one he calls in my soccer place weekend’s evite no one I mean no one
should do what I do to shoes and so yeah so I finished off the day but I noted a
visit that I had and I put down a briefcase sticker for little key points
which anything gets closed right now and then I was – Wednesday so when I went to
and say I’d put down that strip from the kit it’s a quarter strip box thing and
then put down some deco I thought that little band thing so cute it actually
reminds me of the scooby-doo band like I don’t know that’s what I thought
I would like to see see it and I just so in love so I marked that I got some
happy mail and it completely made my day I wanted to mark my bar class and then I
noted underneath that I was pretty awful and class that day and was just and have
a lot of energy and I underperformed I then put down a glitter hat box to mark
that I went to Target and box and so I don’t even remember what I bought you
know and you just pick up stuff to pick up stuff and then I put down that fine
unnecessary ish stuff is from simply me Tish and I had to also pick the people
all while I was there I put down a washing strip and noted that my Jacob
pooped in the potty amazing so excited and then I put down that sticker from
one to Olaf lug 2-month I cook broccoli beef and it was a bath night that bath
name stickers from planner frenzy and I finished off Wednesday by putting that
I’m head from the coffee monsters going to do tomorrow how tired I was then I
went to Thursday and Mark that I did by the morning again and then I had a
protein shake and I made an omelet I that was for my husband and that’s from
the study colleagues which i think has an array now but I’m not quite sure what
it is and then the egg sticker is for our from plans with the nest and it’s
really funny I’m just gonna kind of go back to like on Wednesday I worked like
the poop in the potty and I was so proud and I felt like you turned a corner
how beautiful that PO Boxes and then on Thursday I didn’t mark it in my planner
but I should have and on Thursday I’m feeling so good I’m feeling like this
kid is actually going to be able to go to preschool and then he pooped on the
floor like the floor of the living room then
he gets up since you know we didn’t catch it
and he goes and he climbs in mommy’s bed and I touched him because I pulled a
sheet back I’m like what is that so when I say like I was so meeting whine like I
was so done with that kid like I told my husband and he knew by the look on my
face that he was cleaning up that poop because I was so done and so the rest of
the day in the planner I’m working on that stuff down none of it really
matters and we Hank we hung out with a friend and just the wine just one of
those things it’s because my kid who’s done before like poop on the board he’s
going to be 13 and in diapers and that wine just one of those stages
from simply Mukesh I believe yes it is so move to Friday because I can talk
about that forever so I’m just so upset I had a hearing I’ve used another one of
those sideways flags tomorrow I promise you with you I cut down that strip that
pancake sticker is gosh I think the happy blue tree
I think so and Mark that we had breakfast then I whoops of work and that
munchkin with the gavel is from Lenore love
I’ve been marked the rest of things I didn’t work that afternoon enough heart
check box I’ve been and had that margherita sticker and that rubbery
sticker I promise I knew these things I think it’s from I don’t remember if you
need to know please comment and I will tell you I should know I really should
um and then I’m worked up we went to choose happy hour and I had a margarita
and then I put down some washi strips and there’s some gaps there but I didn’t
care and I put down some deco and then I moved on furniture shopping with that
sticker all those stickers are from the kit so we went furniture shopping and
then we came back and we cleaned up the clean sticker the hand lettered sticker
it’s from stick with my shop and then I was basically in charge of cleaning up
the toys and the bathrooms and then I put down that tofu the Panda sticker
with the bucket on his head from stick with me shop because it was so cute I’ve
been moved to Saturday and Sunday and put down that strip to put down the
weekend dinner I kind of end up not really liking how I did that
but I left it just because and then I moved to Saturday and started off by
putting a half box down I put some deco from the kit to note that my niece and
nephew were in town and they were gonna stay with us for a week and we took them
to Round Rock Donuts and I don’t yeah I don’t know why I wrote it
like that and then I put down that pineapple robots and then we kind of
explored Austin it was really hot so after that I put down some deco from the
kit tomorrow he went to the Oasis which is known from for great news but the
food’s not that pretty and the drinks aren’t great and it was so hot you
really go for the view because there really isn’t another view like that in
Austin so I finished off Saturday with some cuddles a new time and then I move
to Sunday and on Sunday I put down the girl with the clipboard from sticker
studio to mark that I was the reach service producer and then after that we
went to brunch and the kind of pancakes sticker it’s fun plans with Lynette’s
and I’ll just put that down to mark that we wait too bright then I put down the
full box because I knew that I wanted to have that football full box down at the
bottom and then I put down the shopping girl so Mark said we went to the domain
for shopping and that shopping girls from Tina Prince I then put down a washi
strip and I end up having to move it down a little bit and I use the last
sticker from the honeybee shop the NAP queen sticker to mark that we took a nap
it’s Sundays that’s what Sunday’s are for I then put some washi strips down
kind of perfect it looks even more crooked when I’m watching it back but
I’m not noticing as much I put down the piece of sticker from plans with finesse
and then I tried to pull it out and it didn’t go so I just put the wine sticker
from the kick on top which is amateur I’ve been marketing with the
pint house and finished off by saying we would to see the bats so then I filled
the rest of my sidebar in I’ve speed up so I can put down a bunch of deco cross
things out and I show you the last remaining sheets I hope you like this
place I feel like it turned out beautifully I love these colors I love
this kit and it’s like it please give it a thumbs up please consider subscribing
I’m sorry you had to hear about poop and this and this and play with me but
welcome to my life and thank you and have a good week bye you

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  1. “13 and in diapers” 😂😂😂 girl … it’ll happen, it’ll be fine! One of mine waited until THE DAY she went to pre-school. I swear she did it on purpose ….

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