Plan With Me | April Clouds ft. Erica G Designs

Plan With Me | April Clouds ft. Erica G Designs

hello planner friends I’m jessica
and welcome back to another plan with me in the Erin Condren life planner season
I put my marker in the wrong spot well actually this is currently where
I’m at this is my last week’s plan with me and this is my notes page and my
monthly view I just had a plan with me on that so here’s the current week we
are on it’s actually the last week of April but we have the first day of May
here a little bit confusing I guess we have May 1st so here we are in me but I
did want to take advantage of this kid called April clouds I think the colors
are gorgeous and it is by Erika G from brains to beauty here on YouTube as well
and i watch her plan with me video and she gave me some really awesome ideas on
how to use this kit so I hope you don’t mind Erica I might become a little bit
of a big fat copycat and also I wanted to mention that erica is offering a
coupon code for her shop it is 15% off of your $10 order or more if you use
missus mom next door so I will link her shop that coupon code down in the info
bar just click where it says show more so you could see that and let’s go ahead
and get started with this week I always like to start with the washy and she
does her fight to strips of flashy for the bottom replace those down I really like the way that she placed in
the bottom section and it made it kinda look like a son so I think I am going to
do the same exact thing and place the second tape for boxes down here and I’m in a match the colors too proud day headers to place above the bus is
here and this will be my today section and I’m going to work with the littles
and I really like the little icon says she’s provided because I love putting
down a dinner each night because I do meal plan and then I love that she has a
TV because I’ll be honest I watch something every day and then or the
other 10 just pick put that that’s me and then I will top it off with the
little things in a matchup the colors with the days I’m gonna take them matching my heart
necklace and then top it off with my to-do headers really like the way that this has turned
out to let her move on to the site bar section now erica has included some
awesome things for the sidebar we have five are stackable Here I am going to
choose shores next week and reminders I’m gonna skip the hydrate just because
me personally I don’t really need to track it I drink water all day long I am
going to use my lap decorative pillow box at the top of the think we’ll talk
box start stackin those ladies up in the sidebar placed on the weekend banner I’m any use
this sheet of really nice functional half boxes and were able to take the
half boxes and then a place plan right field low each box just they have meat I
love the bright colors of this thread and since I am done with them main
layout of my week it’s time to start pre-planning monday is always my big
cleaning day because up from the weekend and I do all the loads of laundry so I
manny’s her icon from her kids and please up in my to do I have been doing
a giveaway on my channel and on Monday I need to go ahead and edit that video to
announce the winner so I’m going to take a label this sheet here in place that
down and to represent that I am going to use the present icon from her kids I also have a personal doctors
appointment so I’m gonna take another label and I’ll go ahead and use her
doctor appointment icon Monday on every Tuesday and Thursday I need to
mark my son’s martial art class till I am willing to do that click this icon by
mare bear crafts and a label from Erica G design can’t Tuesday is also my
brother’s birthday so I’m gonna take another label and I are to use the
present for the giveaway I’m getting use this present icon and click the blue
color for my brother by kina print on Wednesday I am going to start working on
a DIY project for heaven’s really few crafty planner supply page by the
planners to stir sticker I really like the little mason jar with the pencils so
I’m in a place that in my to-do box section checklist whatever you want to
call it for wednesday on Thursday I’m gonna remind myself that it’s trash
night and I’m going to use the icon from the kids and I think I’m gonna place it
in one of the flag down in this today’s section Friday is the day that I know my plan
with me so bye sweet quiet design I’m in a used one of these cleaners sticker
icon this is something that I look forward to enjoy very much so my son is
in first grade and he’s been working on his first book report and it is due on
Friday the 29 we need to turn in the tri fold poster board that we have been
working so hard on so it could be on display for family night out of school
and to represent that I am going to be using these adorable glasses by Leonard
Bell perhaps I am going to put this TGIF little
banner up above Friday because once everybody gets home from school and work
the weekend starts this is why he’s sweet sticker shop on Saturday we are
going to a big dinner parties so it represented that celebration I am going
to take a tactful manner by planner Bell hora and stick it in my to do because I
really honestly don’t write a lot of meat reducing the weekend is it time to
spend with the family and relax on Sunday my plan with me will be uploaded
so I’m putting damage from Ikon by this week sticker shop I also like to get
onto the Erin Condren band is but page say hello to everybody over there and I
like to post a picture of my planners read on Instagram my week is all
pre-planned but I did want to take advantage he’s really cute little hearts that came
in the kit I think I’ll use it as decoration and place them near the date
up top my week is all complete I just want to
thank you guys for taking the time to plan with me this week if you enjoyed it
please let me know by giving me a thumbs up I would really appreciate it also hit
that subscribe button before you go so that you could see me again soon I
always enjoy your comment and ill get down below in the Description box for
all the coupon codes until I see you again have a beautiful day by friends Plan with Me Erin Condren

12 thoughts on “Plan With Me | April Clouds ft. Erica G Designs

  1. I love how dreamy this spread is, the clouds are so relaxing! I'm glad you put the half boxes over the bottom washi because it was way to blurred out and it looked weird next to the normal clouds! xoxo

  2. Girl… I always love your PWM's! Gives me ideas on how to change it up with my planning. You should check out my channel. It's a combination of planning and beauty. Great video!

  3. Oh my goodness, this spread was so pretty, whimsical, and dreamy. I loved the colors and the way that you went about doing your spread in general. I think you've given me ideas! lol. ๐Ÿ™‚ <3

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