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  1. I think it'll be a good idea to put together some combination tricks to show intermediate yoyoers how to do some of the tricks learned from these videos together. Perhaps add one or two videos at the end of each playlist, and have subtitles showing which trick is being performed as the video is playing.

    Keep the videos coming. Love them.

  2. It's funny you mention that, because I was just thinking something like that might be useful. I'll have to think about how to implement something like this.

  3. Go get their app on the app store! ( no I was not told to do this, I just think it's a good app if you like their vids)

  4. The Luminator Yoyo which you can get on the YoTricks website. In this case it is setup according to the Advanced Kit which is also on the site.

  5. Please do you have any tips on how to keep the yoyo spinning in the same plane (up and down motion ) please? When I hook my finger on the string like this the yoyo spins in the horizontal plane and just die 🙁

  6. I don't know of any tips other than just making sure you move the string attached to your yoyo finger out of the way to make sure you can spin the yoyo on the same plane.

  7. The Shutter. We carry them on the YoTricks website, and if you live in the states it comes with free shipping. We also offer a Pro Pack with the Shutter which includes lube, strings and a Center Trac bearing which helps it play even better, all for under $70.

  8. I have a question. How long will u b carrying the brake pads and replacement bearings for the luminator? Thank you love all u guys do.

  9. At this point we do not have any plans to remove them. The bearings also fit the unleashed, so we will most likely keep those around for as long as we have that yoyo. The thin pads still fit the Metal Drifter and other Duncan yoyos, so we will keep those around as well. The thick pads are the only ones that only fit the Luminator. Once we are out of stock of those we will not reorder them.

  10. I NEED HELP ON THE BREAKAWAY TRICKS D= PLZ does anyone have any tips?
    i have a velocity yoyo from "yoyofactory" but i dont knoe when to stop spinning with the unique dial thingy help plz
    i am new to yoyoing.

  11. this trick looks very difficult to me, here are my problems.

    1. in this video you are saying that if i already learnt the side mount corrections, its gonna be easier. but in the side mount correction video , you are doing the correction other way. you pinch it there,bend your finger and kinda twist it around and it lands on your other fingers. 
    Here in this video you are showing the correction not the same way. you just drop your point finger and then it lands on your fingers. i tried to do it , but sometimes i lost the string and it doesnt land on my fingers.

    2. because of the first reason , i see the pinwheel really hard. because when it lands on my point finger and i try to drop my finger, i cant do it easily. it just wraps around my point finger tightly and i cant continue the pinwheel motion because i am not familiar with the correction way you are showing.

    I find this trick really challenging and i dont even know if i am gonna be able to learn it.

  12. Do u have to have certain kind of yoyo? I only have a Duncan Butterfly it was only $ 3.00 and it's not that good. Could I still do tricks? Can't really buy expensive YoYo.

  13. I find it hard to do pinwheels in line with the groove of the yoyo, my yoyo always tilt after a few revolutions. Any tips for that?

  14. +Darksider95 It sounds like you already know the answer, that you need to work to keep your pinwheels in line with the groove of the yoyo. It is not the easiest thing to do at first, but if you keep at it I am sure you will get it before long.

  15. I don't know what your doing in the pinching part? Why isn't it looping around your finger?

  16. I put yoyo string at mid finger end
    but some people put it in mid finger mid position
    so which way is correct

  17. cant you just stay with the finger down so the string wont wrap around it, instead of getting this up and down all the time?

  18. I thought the pinwheel starts with a sleeper then you grab the string with your non yoyo hand(lightly pinching the string) and pull the string up with your yoyo hand then move your non yoyo hand to the outside causing the yoyo to rotate doing a few revolutions. You know, using the upward momentum to start the rotation.

  19. I just got an unresponsive yoyo and the bearing stopped working after like ten minutes. I tried to clean it but that didn't work, what should I do?

  20. I can make this trick by pinching the string with my thumb and pointer finger of my non-yoyo hand and rotate it for about 5 times an then the spin dies.I have a yyf replay pro.Can somebody help me?

  21. wow you actually reply to comment sections. i've been doing various simple loop tricks easily with cheap and wood yoyos when i was a kid. i'm trying to level up by having more unresponsive yoyos which i never had. now i got a level 2 auldey blazing teens. do you think mine is adequate to do all the tricks listed here? you seem to be using a responsive yoyo with clutch and it sleeps so long while mine only sleeps for 20s (and it vibrates). does yotricks ships to indonesia? or do i have to contact third party forwarder instead?

  22. Great tutorial, but how can I do a pinwheel in the other way ? Cuz i want to combine it with a brain-twister.

  23. I do something similar but it's doing it with the front mount where you miss the front mount and it wraps around your finger, then you flip it backwards to unwind it from your finger into a walking the dog. Don't know if it's considered a real trick but it impresses people

  24. Pinwheels is a great transitional element that takes a little practice, but it's totally worth it!
    When you're ready for string tricks, get our top recommended yoyo for string tricks:

  25. man ur videos are helpful ima beginner but i get 60 second + ads every video-unskippable. anythin u can go about that?

  26. The video confused me a little, but then i just practiced with the Yoyo dead and it clicked. Such an easy trick, thanks for the vids otherwise id still be just doing gravity pulls.

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