Pinwheel – Full Movie

Pinwheel – Full Movie

(dark ambient music) (woman panting) (loud incision)
(dissonant strings) – [Woman] Stop, please stop. (screaming) (squelch) (mellow rock music) (phone ringing) – [Voiceover] Riley, it’s uncle
Jacob. I know it’s been a while
since we all last talked but, it’s your father. He’s missing, give me a call
back. I love you darling, bye. (dark orchestral music) (dark ambient music) (man chuckles) – Whoa. How can I help you? – Can I get 10 on pump one? – Anything else? – That’s all. – Hey you, why, you’re headin’ up to
that Canterbury farms, aren’t you? Yes, you are! (laughing) Small town is all. – Well it’s nice to meet you,
Larry. – Oh, it was nice to meet you. (Riley sighs) – Oh, God. (sighs) Hello? Anyone? Larry. Fuckin’ beautiful. (sighs) Fuck! (sighs) (door closing) Eric! – Riley? Oh, my God. (chuckles) What are you doing here? It’s been a decade since
I’ve last seen you. – Really has that been
that long, hasn’t it? – Yeah, it’s really good
to see you again, Riley. Do you need a little help? – Yeah, I can’t get
the damn thing to work. – You just have to wail it a
little bit. And if that doesn’t work,
kick the damn thing. (Riley giggles) There you go. – You’re still pretty handy,
huh? – So how long are you gonna be
back for? – (sighs) I’m not sure exactly. Something came up and I’ll
be here until it settles. – Well, it’d be great if we
could meet up while you’re still around. – Well, would you like to
come over for dinner tomorrow? We can catch up. – (chuckles) Yeah.
(Riley giggles) Sounds good. – Okay. I think it’s done. So, tomorrow at seven? – I can’t wait. (Riley giggles) (dark ambient music) – Hey darlin’, come give your
uncle a hug. – I missed you so much! – How was your trip into town? – It was exhausting. – Glad that. – Three days coast to coast. – Well, I’m just glad you’re
back. – Me too, I just wish it was
under better circumstances. – I know how to get your
mind off it for the moment. Mind helping me put away
some of these groceries? – Pass them over then. I hope you don’t mind, I
invited Eric over for dinner tonight. – Eric? (chuckles) I haven’t seen him
in years! – I know! We haven’t really talked in
years. When Dad sent me to
boarding school, we just, kinda went our separate ways. I didn’t wanna come back
because of how angry I was at Dad, but, now that he’s gone… it’s hard to stay mad. – I can tell ya, it was one of the hardest
decisions of his life. – I see that pinwheel is
still where he put it. – Of course, it’s still there. Your father loved that thing. – I remember it so vividly. My father brought it home
when I was a little girl. He found it while touring
with the carnival. It really seemed to mean a lot
to him. (chuckles) I would sit out
there for hours and watch it twirl with the
wind. Eventually, clouds and
dark skies would come rushing in and, suddenly stop. My breath would rush out of me and I’d come running into the
house. I was scared of it. So when I came back here and I
saw it, that it was still there, I was kinda surprised. This pinwheel that my father
put there, I can still feel the energy
from it. (sighs) So how’s the farm doing? – It’s not much of a farm,
anymore. Crops died. We got a couple animals left,
but they aren’t doin’ much. Last winter, really cleaned us
out. We got a couple of your
father’s old carnival friends up in the barn and, a writer set up in the spare
room. But it’s been tough. (ominous ambient music) (door creaking) – [Eric] Hey there. – Hey, I’m glad you made it. – Get in here, Eric. I hope you brought your
appetite. So. What are you up to these days? – Not much. I’ve been bar-tending at
the Pig’s Head Tavern. – Yeah? How do you like it? – It pays the bills, but
my real passion’s aviation, so I’ve just been saving up
until I could head out to flight school. – They gonna let you fly
with your hair like that? (laughing) I’m kidding. When do you think you’ll be
doin’ that? – Well, it’s not cheap, but I figure when I save
up enough, I’ll just go. I mean, even since I was a
kid, there’s been something about being a pilot, and I feel like if I
don’t pursue this passion, then I never truly be satisfied. You know? So how’s L.A.? – It’s shit. Everyone’s always judging you. It’s stressful. But, now that I’m back here, just feels good to be home. – I have an idea to ease
some of that stress. I would love a drink. What’s your specialty? – Specialty. All I do is pour beer. – Well, we have some cold beer over in the cooler if
you’ll grab some for us. Thank you. Right next to the cabinet
where the hard stuff is that you guys used to sneak
into. Right, why don’t you
grab some of that also while you’re over there? There’s a bottle. That’s what I’m talkin’ about. (chuckles) – [Voiceover] Hey, guys. – Hello. – I see you’re enjoying
the finer things in life. Riley, right? I’m Jonathan, the writer! And you must be — – I’m Eric, the bar-tender. – It’s nice to meet you two. I tend to keep to myself when I
write, but I got a craving for some
scotch. And I’m the kinda writer whose
veins are flowing with the stuff. – Cool. – I think this will serve me
better off if it’s in my room. I’ll leave you two alone. Have a good night, guys. – You too. – So, tell me, miss movie star, how’s it feel to be back? – Eric, please, I was an extra
like once. (giggles) It feels different, that’s for
sure. But, it’s only been a day so I
just need time for adjusting, right? – Probably. So, where’s your dad at? Still towing with the carnival? – Remember when I said
something came up and I had to come out here? My father’s been missing for
over a week. – Are you serious? – Yes. – If there’s anything I can do
for you. – I used to think that I hated
my father for sending me away when I was
15. But, all I can think about are
the good times I had with
him when I was younger. And, after all, he still is my
father. I still love him very much. Do you remember when we used to
sneak out when my father was sleeping? – How could I forget? – And, somehow, he would always
find out and he would yell at me, and
(giggles) then we would just start
laughing and he would tell me
how much I was like him and my mother at that age. He just wasn’t the same after
she died. Do you think we’ll find him? – Yeah. Yeah, we’ll find him. (ominous ambient music) (screeching) – How are you doing today? – (groans) Feel like I was hit
by a bus. (sighs) (dark ambient music) Who’s the big guy outside? – You mean Ivan. He’s part of the carnival,
with Riley’s father, Ethan. Same with the rest of
the fellas in the barn. – There’s more? – Six of ’em. They’ve been stayin’ there
for a couple of weeks. They were training with Ethan
to get back on the road. Then when the horses died, no one else was using the space
so, I let them inhabit the place. – Never seen them before. – They enjoy their privacy. – Anyways, have you seen where
Riley went? – She’s on the porch with the
writer. – [Eric] Thanks. – Anything over there? – It’s beautiful. – Yeah, it is. Got a headache, though. Fucking scotch.
(Riley giggles) – Hey, what’s up, guys? – [Jonathan] Hey.
– [Riley] Morning. How’d you sleep? – I had the strangest dream
last night. But I was kinda wasted. – Hey Riley, can you
come here for a moment? I have a meeting with the
detective on your father’s case. After breakfast I’m gonna
head down to the station. – Can I come? – Actually, I was gonna
propose that maybe you could help with some of the
house work while I’m away. – But I really wanna come. – Don’t worry Riley,
when the time is right. I just need you here at home. I’ll have a list for
you before you head off. – Sure. No problem, uncle Jacob. – Who’s that? – They’re part of the carnival. Unfortunately, they tend
to keep to themselves. Keep trying to weasel
my way into a interview but I haven’t been successful
yet. But I will be, soon enough. – Why? – I’m writing a book on
travelling carnivals. And let me tell ya, this place
has it all. I’ve been to many towns for
this book, but this one has all the
recipes for a best-seller. After all, there’s nothing
better than a carnival with a haunted history. – I think you might have
had too much to drink, yourself last night. There’s no such thing as
haunted anything. – What if I told you your
dream wasn’t a coincidence? You have any time to take
a look at my research? – I actually have to get going
to work. Next time. – I’ll be here. – Hey guys, I gotta get going
to work. It was great seeing you again,
Jacob. – Just call ’em and tell
’em you’re gonna be late. – I could try. There’s no service here. – Out here? You gotta use a landline. – Alright, so I gotta get going, but we should do this again
soon. – Tonight? – Sure, I’ll head over after
work. – [Riley] Good, see you tonight. (dark piano music) – Shit! (phone dialing) Come on! Hey, it’s Jonathan. I can’t wait to show you what I
have. This place is a gold mine. This’ll be worth the time I’ve
taken off. (whirling) (dark ambient music) – [Jacob] Is everything okay? Riley! – Yeah, I’m fine. How did it go with the
detective? – It went well. The detective wants to talk to
us tonight. He thinks he has a lead. – I hope it’s promising. – Well, it’s something. – Good evening, you must
be detective Damian. – They found Ethan’s car
about 15 miles from here, down a dirt road deep into the
woods. – Dad’s old car. – That’s right. But there was no signs of
foul play or forced entry or anything like that. – [Riley] Have you searched the
area? – Yeah, but I heard your father
was a very tough man. I’m sure he’s gonna be okay. – But why isn’t he back yet? – We’re trying to piece that
together. I’m gonna go up there
personally, and survey the entire area. – Is there anything that
we could do to help? – Right now, everybody
just needs to hang tight. (door knocking) – You don’t think that’s… – It’s probably Eric. – Who the fuck is Eric? – A friend of mine. – [Damian] Oh. – [Eric] Hey.
– [Riley] Hey. – Oh, if you have company, I
could just come back later. – It’s okay, Eric. Come sit down. – Do you think his
disappearance had anything to do with the occult? – This isn’t one of your books! I’d hold my tongue if I were
you. – I meant no disrespect. – Hey, this doesn’t concern you. – Apologies. Eric, mind coming to my room
while they conduct business? – I’d like to stay with Riley. – It’s okay, I’ll come
get you when we’re done. – That’s the Orion book of
Torture. There was an emperor of
Babylon in the 1600’s B.C. that was known for some
of the most heinous crimes against humanity. – Never heard of him. – He’s one of the most
notorious kings of that era. He’s known to perform sacrifices in front of crowds of people. – That’s terrible. – Yeah, he would set up a
bazaar, and people would think they
were just performances. But in reality, it was much
more sinister. So the begs for help from
the people being sacrificed went unanswered. – That’s fucked up. So, you wanted to show me
some of your research, right? – [Jonathan] Yes, of course. The dream you had, what was it
like? – [Eric] I don’t know, I
couldn’t really make out what I was seeing. – How did you feel when it was
happening? – I was kind of scared, I guess. – I have come to find
that Ethan’s carnival may have dabbled in the occult. And perhaps, someone had
let out some evil entities on this property. – What are you talking about? – I have had similar dreams
while I’ve been on the property. They only get worse. And I have found books and
symbols on the property that point to the possibility
that Ethan’s disappearance may have something to do with
the occult. – Bullshit. – Look in the history of this
town. You wouldn’t believe the
things that have happened. Demon worship, mutilations,
sacrifices! – Here, in this town? I’ve been here my whole
life and I’ve never heard of anything like that. Sounds like the fucking
book you’re reading. – Believe it. You just have to do some
digging. For a small town, this place
has been riddled with corruption and mysterious gruesome murders. (dark ambient music) One of those murders was
Riley’s mother. – I remember. She was found with her
heart cut out, right? – Yes. And they never found
out who did it either. – And now her father’s missing. – Hand me that book to the left
there. Look at this. In 1935, a small local carnival
started in town, right? They set up shop and stayed
for about two decades, before a big fire burned down
their tents. Killing hundreds of people
inside. The carnival didn’t reopen
for another three decades. That’s when Riley’s father
Ethan bought it and started it back up. Then he took the carnival on
the road, all over the north-east. – But, you don’t think
this has anything to do with why Ethan’s missing, do
you? – I can’t say for sure. – Hey. Why didn’t you come get
me when you were done? – You guys sounded like
you were having fun so I didn’t wanna interrupt. – How are you holding up? – Honestly, kinda shitty. I’m glad you’re here. – I’m glad you’re here too. It’s been such a long time
and I’ve really missed you. – I’m really sorry the way that
things turned out the way they did. – It’s not your fault. And look, we’re back together. – Together? – Yeah, I’m here. You’re here. (ominous ambient music) Jacob? Jonathan? So, um, I had a crazy dream again last
night. It felt so real this time. – Are you still a skeptic? – Have you talked to
anyone else about this? – Not yet. But keep it on the down-low. I don’t want anyone hearing it
from you. – Yeah, sure. No problem. Hey listen, I’m gonna
go get some fresh air. I need to clear my head. – Fall in love with Ivan or
something? – What’s his story? He seems odd. – Well, he is a carny. They all kinda have that vibe. It’s the same with my
dad when I was a kid. He doesn’t talk, he’s just
there. – Don’t you find that weird? – Yeah, and so are clowns
and chicks with beards. – Seriously, though. There’s something about this
place now that’s strange. – You wanna know what’s strange? – What? – You not eating breakfast. Come on, I’ll make you some. – I’ll be in in a few minutes. – Alright. Hurry up, I’ll have it out soon. (dark ambient music) – You’ve been doing this
all day, you want some help? – [Riley] Hey Eric,
come on, food is ready! – Day 10. The dreams have gotten worse. I’ve noticed occult imagery
in every single one. All centered around the barn. And the pinwheel. There’s another person here
visiting who may be experiencing the
same thing. (door knocking) – Come on, Jonathan, I made
breakfast. – I’ll be right there. – Good morning, Jonathan. – Good morning. – How’s your writing going? – It’s goin’ great. Very engaging material. – So… what kinda outlook for the
carnival are you writing? – Something, uh… a little bit darker than normal. – Interesting. – Like what I was telling Eric, back in the day, the carnivals were said to be
cursed. Now, these guys were into some
weird, not for the faint of
heart, kind of evil stuff. Some research says it’s
actually the town. – I don’t think I’m fond of what you’re doing
in my house, Jonathan. That was not what we had talked
about! I’m not interested in
your satanist bullshit! – It’s not like that at all. You know I’m just writing a
book. – (scoffs) You don’t seem to
get it. That kinda shit is not
allowed in my house! And I would appreciate it
if you would stop trying to connect your theories onto us! Fucking writers. – Uncle Jacob!
(somber string music) (dark ambient music) – Help me, you fucking bitch! – Wait! It is not your turn yet. – What happened to keeping
this on the down-low? – I don’t know. I just got excited. How could he brush this off so
easily? He may be the answer to finding
Ethan. – You think Jacob knows
something about this? – I just don’t know. (dramatic string music) – Eric! Jonathan! Come quick! – Shh. You hear that? – [Jacob] Eric! Jonathan! – [Eric] What the hell’s going
on? – I found her like this. Call an ambulance! – [Jonathan] I’m on it. – I gotta check somethin’,
I’ll meet you at the house. (Jonathan breathes heavily) – Shit! – [Eric] Jonathan, move! Move! (Riley gasps) (Riley cries hysterically)
– [Eric] You’re okay. (somber piano music) – I had another strange
vision in the bathroom. – [Eric] What do you mean? – I saw a mutilated body in the
tub. Its face and body was rotted. I could barely make out what it
was. It doesn’t make any sense. Every other time I’ve been a
spectator in what I can only assume is
the barn. – The barn? I’ve had dreams about the barn
too, but it doesn’t mean that there’s some crazy evil shit going on. – How much more convincing do
you need? – I think the only way to find
the answers is to get into that barn. – Are you kidding me? You have to be more sensible
than that. If Jacob finds out — – I don’t care, fuck
sensibility. This is some weird shit. I thought there were carnies in
here. (groans) What the fuck? (breathing heavily) – What do you think
you’re doing in the barn? – Um, I was just curious. – That’s a $50 lock you broke. Have you lost your mind? – I’m sorry, it’s, me and Jonathan have been
experiencing strange dreams. What happened with Riley and, I guess I got a little anxious, and I wanted to check it out. – A little anxious? It was a damn dream! I had a dream about skiing. You don’t see me driving off to
Aspen. We have bigger things to worry
about. Like Riley. – You’re right, I’m sorry. – Yeah, I bet you are. Go check on Riley. And try not to break
anything along the way. – It won’t happen again. (ominous ambient music) – Good evening. Oh, okay. You did? Well what do you plan on doing
about that? I see. I’ll be right there. I have to take care of
something first. (car engine revving) (dark electronic music) Hey there. – Can I help you with something? – Well maybe you can. Stay right there. This person, her name is Faith
Victoria. Have you ever seen her before? (woman gasps) Are we that whole? (woman moans) (woman sobbing) – Tell me everything you know. – I already told you what I
know. – I found an occult
symbol drawn in the blood in the fucking barn. – Are you sure it was drawn in
blood? – It sure as hell looked like
it. – Remember what I said before, there’s something deeper here,
and I’m slowly uncovering it. – Is something wrong, guys?
(ominous music) – What do you think we
should do with Riley? – She seems to be getting
better. If she needs it, bring her to the doctor. But I’m not worried. You guys should get some rest. (woman screaming) – Hey, detective. Yeah, I know it’s late. But I need you to stop by the
house, now. I don’t know if this is
connected to Ethan’s case, but I think something very bad
is about to go down in the barn. Alright, bye. – Are you sure that you saw a
body being carried into that barn? – Are you sure that you’re not
letting your imagination run wild? Fucking writer! Between you and the boy,
I’m starting to wonder if something’s in the water. – I’m positive. I know what I saw. A big hulking man was
carrying a girl into the barn. – [Damian] (chuckles)
Are you on drugs tonight? – I don’t do drugs, detective. I know what I saw. Now are you gonna do your damn
job? – Don’t fucking talk to me like
that. And since you dragged me down
here, what do you say to three of us
going down to that barn and having a look? – You think that’s a good idea? – We have absolutely
nothing to worry about. (chuckles menacingly) – I don’t know exactly what you
saw but, I’m sure it was just a
big misunderstanding. – Carrying a body into a
barn is no misunderstanding. Where are the carnies? – Oh, they’re probably over
here. (dissonant strings) (Jonathan choking) Too bad you’re a writer. Enough. (gun shot)
(splatter) (incision) (Riley gasps) (haunting bell music) – Hey, welcome home, Riley. – Oh my God. Mom? – I’m sorry, Alexandra. – Go to hell. – I know you don’t
understand, but it must be. – You’ll never get away with
this. – Your master protects the
faithful. – Help! Please don’t do this! – It is the only way. – No! (incision) (Alexandra gasps and chokes) (squelching) No. – [Eric] Wake up. – No, no. – Riley, wake up! Come on Riley, wake up! – No! (heavy breathing) – God damnit. We gotta get out of this place. We could grab some of your
things, and just get out of here. Come on. – No. I don’t know what to do anymore. – I know. But we could figure this
out anywhere but here. (door rattling) (creaking)
(ominous music) – Jonathan? Uncle Jacob? – Stay put. (creaking) I’m gonna go check on Jonathan. Stay put. (dark piano music) Jonathan. Jonathan, open the fucking door! – What’s the matter? – I was just looking for
Jonathan. – I think I heard him go
outside. – He went outside? – Maybe he needed to… clear the cobwebs. There’s nothing to worry about,
Eric. Get some rest. – You’re right, sorry. (Jacob scoffs) – Fucking writer. (abrasive electronic music) – What are you doing? (screams) (choking) – Get off. (Riley screaming) – No. No! (Jonathan coughing) Why? Why are you doing this? (panting) (screaming) (heavy breathing) What is that? What is that? What? (panting) (screaming) – We have to find uncle Jacob. – Fine. But we gotta make it quick. I think I saw Damian’s car
outside. – What’s he doing here? – I don’t know, I have no
fucking clue what’s going on. But we have to leave. – [Riley] There’s no dial tone. – We can go to the station, but let’s get the fuck out of
here. – What was that? – Wake up! You almost figured it all out,
didn’t you? I thought maybe you’d wanna
see the truth before you die. See, I’m not that bad of a guy. (woman gasping) Open your fucking mouth.
(woman screaming) (squelching) (woman coughing and crying) A tongue to tell. – Hey Eric, check this out. – [Eric] What’s that? – I don’t know. – [Damian] Well, well. Look at the two of you. Riley, how are you doing? – Why don’t you tell us
what the fuck is going on? – [Damian] Well, I don’t really
wanna do that but, nothing. Nothing’s going on. – There’s a dead carny
is our fucking room, he tried to kill her. And we saw you pull a dead
girl out of your fucking trunk. – I don’t know what you’re
talking about. What do you mean? – Where’s Jonathan and Jacob? – Jacob is probably outside, and Jonathan is in his room. – We were just in his goddamned
room. – What’s going on? – Riley, has anyone every told you you
look exactly like your mother? – Damian, you’re scaring me. – Well, this’ll all make perfect sense,
very soon. – What are you talking about? (Riley gasps) (Riley screams) (repeated stabbing)
(man groaning) (man choking) (man gurgling) (Riley sobbing) – Get in there, you little
bitch. (Riley screaming) – Let me out! Why are you doing this? Help me! (heavy breathing) Jonathan. – Help me. – Who did this to you? – My notes. I believe they want you for a
sacrifice. Your mother. They will, yes. (mumbling) conduit. To open a conduit, they need
your blood. – Jonathan. Come on, Jonathan. What do you mean? (heavy breathing) (sobbing) – Shit. (eerie bell music) (brooding ambiance) – Help. – What’s happening to you? – They’re, they’re torturing us. – Have you seen a girl come
through here? Have you fucking seen a girl? (man screaming) – Help me! Help me! (dark orchestral music) (thud) – [Riley] You stay the fuck
away from me! (screaming) Why, why are you doing this? – I’m sorry pumpkin,
but it’s just your time! – What? (screaming) – Stop trying to fight! Your mother was much more
submissive! – Help! Somebody please help me! – Oh, somebody please help me! Shut the fuck up! – Get off of me! (Riley screaming) – Jacob, that’s enough. – Uncle Jacob, why? – I know you don’t understand, but this is what must be done. (Riley screaming and sobbing) – [Damian] The knife. (Riley screaming)
(squelching) – Where the fuck’s Riley? (thud) – What should I do with him? – I’ll take over from here. Wake the fuck up! – [Riley] Stop it! – Shut up, you little bitch. It’s no fun beating up on a rag
doll. Maybe this’ll wake you up,
princess. (incision)
– [Eric] Fuck! (screaming) (coughing) – You know, I thought you
were tougher than this. (Riley sobbing) Disgusted with you. You reek of fear! I’m fucking tired of these
games! – It’s all set up out there. – You take over from here. – You fought hard, kid. Too bad it isn’t going to
amount to shit. – Fuck you. Fuck you. (dark ambient music) – Jacob. (gunshot) (Jacob choking) – Eric, get me out of here! – Listen Riley, I just
need you to be calm, okay? (thud)
(squelching) Riley. (choking) Riley! (incision) (coughing) – Hurry the fuck up, let’s go. – Please let me go, I won’t
tell anyone. – You still don’t fucking get
it! – Ah, no! (gunshot) (panting) Please. Help me.
(dark choral music) – Where are the others? – Dead. – I see. Then we shall begin. – What do you want from me? – You still don’t know. Hello, Riley. It’s good to see you
after all these years. – Dad? – My, how you’ve grown to
be just like your mother. – But you were missing. – But ever present, pulling the strings of my
puppets. – What are you talking about? – I have waited. I’ve sent for your return. Your life must be given. – You killed her! – Don’t look at it that way. I loved her. Just as I love you. But she fulfilled her purpose
in life, as you will tonight. – For what? Why are you doing this? – The master requires sacrifice. The heart of my love, and the blood of my blood. – Dad, please let me go. Please! – I’m afraid I can’t do that. I didn’t have the strength
before. So I sent you away. But not again. – Please. – Do you remember this pinwheel? – [Riley] Of course. – It’s the conduit of our dark
divinity. It’s the only way we can
truly understand our master. The great Bathamet. – Dad, please. – Hand me the blade. – [Riley] No! No, no. (panting) No. (sobbing) No, no! No. (Dad speaks in ancient language) – [Riley] No, please stop! (Dad speaks in ancient language) (Damian groaning) – She’s still gonna die, boy. (Eric groaning)
(cracking) (Dad speaks in ancient language) (Eric groans) – Eric! – You’re a little too late. Soon you will be with your
mother. You’ve got spirit, boy. But I’m afraid these matters are well beyond your fragile
existence! (groaning) (Riley groaning)
(piercing) (groaning) (black metal music)

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  5. 2 minutes in… I'm intrigued!

    Where was Riley's Momma in all dis?

    31:23 Ok Now I get it! (Riley's Momma)

    42:08 I KNEW Eric & Jonathan were in cahoots!

  6. abouɫ ɫhis movie.. i ɡive 2 and 1/2 star. coz ɫhe scene in ɫhis movie very slow and to much talking..
    not good for horror movies that's
    bored n suck u know ☹️☹️

  7. Καταπληκτικες ταινίες. Αλλά θέλουμε να έχει ελληνικούς υπότιτλους

  8. I fed my cat my baby that's my cat I fix myself something to eatI watch the man out my kitchen window Park his car for damn near 30 minutes LOL I video my cat tripping off of the sun being on the wall in my living room and this damn movie haven't got good I did all that and this movie's still a damn flop lol

  9. Thanks for the upload….as for all of you other things that are watching….whst do expect for free. If you didn't like the movie too bad. Click off and find something else. At least you didn't have to pay for it. Some peopke enjoyed this movie as for you who did not like yoy don't have to chastise the one who put it up for free. Just go away.

  10. Hi I m from all European countries. The following are :-
    1. Albania capital Tirana city
    2. Andorra capital Andorra la Vella city
    3. Armenia capital Yerevan city
    4. Austria capital Vienna city
    5. Azerbaijan capital Baku city
    6. Belarus capital Minsk city
    7. Belgium capital Brussels city
    8. Bosnia and Herzegovina capital Sarajevo city
    9. Bulgaria capital Sofia city
    10. Croatia capital Zagreb city
    11. Cyprus capital Nicosia city
    12. Czech Republic capital Prague city
    13. Denmark capital Copenhagen city
    14. Estonia capital Tallinn city
    15. Finland capital Helsinki city
    16. France capital Paris city
    17. Georgia capital Tbilisi city
    18. Germany capital Berlin city
    19. Greece capital Athens city
    20. Hungary capital Budapest city
    21. Iceland capital Reykjavik city
    22. Ireland capital Dublin city
    23. Italy capital Rome city
    24. Kazakhstan capital Nur-Sultan city
    25. Kosovo capital Pristina city
    26. Latvia capital Riga city
    27. Liechtenstein capital Vaduz city
    28. Lithuania capital Vilnius city
    29. Luxembourg capital Luxembourg city
    30. Malta capital Valletta city
    31. Moldova capital Chisinau city
    32. Monaco capital Monaco city
    33. Montenegro capital Podgorica city
    34. Netherlands capital Amsterdam city
    35. North Macedonia capital Skopje city
    36. Norway capital Oslo city
    37. Poland capital Warsaw city
    38. Portugal capital Lisbon city
    39. Romania capital Bucharest city
    40. Russia capital Moscow city
    41. San Marino capital San Marino city
    42. Serbia capital Belgrade city
    43. Slovakia capital Bratislava city
    44. Slovenia capital Ljubljana city
    45. Spain capital Madrid city
    46. Sweden capital Stockholm city
    47. Switzerland capital Bern city
    48. Turkey capital Ankara city
    49. Ukraine capital Kyiv/Kiev city
    50. United Kingdom capital London city and
    51. Vatican capital Vatican city

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