Pinwheel Block for the “Shades of Grey” Block of the Month for Aug

Pinwheel Block for the “Shades of Grey” Block of the Month for Aug

Welcome to SewVeryEasy, my name is Laura. It is August and time for the block of the month. This is a free pattern that you can follow along with from Quilting Confections. The block of the month program is called Shades of Grey, so they’re all grey or black with a hint of blue. Just like all the others, this is another really striking block. It is a pinwheel block. What’s really great about it, it only takes two fabrics and you start with the fabrics exactly the same size. You’re going to need three 6½” squares of a black-and-white print and one 6½” square of blue. You’re going to take the blue and one black and put them together, right-sides facing. Then you are going to cut this, once on this angle and once on that angle. While you have the rotary cutter in your hand you will take both of these and cut them right in half. We’ll put these aside. We’re going to work on the square pieces. You need to sew the right-hand side of the triangle. You can still see that this was the outside square. This is the left side; this is the right side. This is the side that’s going to need sewing, so that would be the right, that would be the right, that would be the right. You can stack them all in front of you. With the square side facing you you need to sew each right edge. When you open it up you will have this arrow shape. Sew each of those four edges. Now press it so that the seam is going towards the darker fabric. You can just finger-press this. By just finger-pressing it you’re going to prevent it from stretching. Now the next seam we’re going to sew is this one. That’s where the four larger triangles are going to come into play. These will get sewn together. Now when you sew them together you will notice that the back triangle is slightly larger. That’s good because this is going to give you a chance to square it up so it’s perfect when you’re done. To square it up the 6½” Eleanor Burns Square Up Ruler is really really handy to use. There’s a 5½” mark. You’re going to take that 5½” mark and you’re going to place it on the seam. That center line should be lined up to the stitching on the fabric, going up to the point and that 5½” line is going to go on the seam sewing the two triangles together. Then take your rotary cutter and trim off the extra. While I have the rotary cutter in my hand I do like to cut off the little dog ears. When you open them up it will equal a 5½” square. Now press the seam going towards the solid piece. If you hold the corner you will be able to rotate the pieces around. By rotating them around it will help keep the pinwheels in order. All of the points are going in the same direction. Now you’re going to be able to take and sew these two together and these two together. So the two halves are together. If you flip it over you can see that the seams are going in this direction. Continue to press the seams in that direction. So this seam will go in this direction, this seam will go in this direction. Now you’re able to nestle those center seams together. Because they’re opposing, they’re going to stay nice and tight and you’re going to be able to get that point really nice. Once that seam is sewn you need to continue the pressing going in the same direction. You will be able to just separate a couple of the threads right in the center. When those threads are separated you’re going to be able to continue that pressing and it will stay nice and flat. Even this point here where there’s a lot of fabric together will lay flat. So this block is done. It was so quick and easy. Let’s do another variation. Let’s do the same pattern in different fabrics. Choose two fabrics: A solid and a print. Make two blocks with the solid pinwheel in the center and the print on the outside. Make two blocks opposite so you have the print on the inside and the solid on the outside. Now let’s sew them together. We’re going to put a print and a solid together. Then we need to put them together, sewing the center seam. The same idea as you did with the pinwheel. So we’ve taken one simple block and we’ve multiplied it by four. By doing that we get a table topper. It’s a very cute little table topper. Now you can continue this and make more blocks and make a full-size quilt out of it. It is especially nice in children’s fabric. Because of the pinwheels, it’s very bright and cheerful. I do hope you’ve enjoyed today’s episode of SewVeryEasy. I’ll put a link in the description to the fabric and the free pattern. Thank you for joining me today on SewVeryEasy. Feel free to subscribe and, as always, come on back. Let’s see what we’re sewing next time
in the sewing room. Bye for now!

7 thoughts on “Pinwheel Block for the “Shades of Grey” Block of the Month for Aug

  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! I like the idea of being able to make it with just two fabrics. Thank you Laura.

  2. I enjoy each of your tutorials…you explain them well. The grey series is especially nice. Will you ever do a video with you sewing?
    See you next time…..

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