Pikachu Origami –  How to make Origami Pikachu: By Origami Artists

Pikachu Origami – How to make Origami Pikachu: By Origami Artists

Hello Friends Welcome to Origami
Artists Today we are going to make my Favorite Pokemon Pikachu We need a square sheet and white should be up Fold along the diagonal Unfold Now fold along the other diagonal and unfold Now fold this right side along the center crease unfold it Fold right bottom side along the center crease Unfold Now we will make Rabbit Ear fold on right side Mirror right side steps on left side also Here we got our fish base Pull these flaps upside Rotate 90 Degree Pickup this side and fold it along center crease Now fold this side along this line Now we will fold upper layer as shown unfold Now we’ll repeat these steps on this side also unfold it Now we got all these crease Now we’ll fold tail of Pikachu Now we’ll make a rabbit fold along these crease And here we have tail of Pikachu You can keep it left or right depend on your taste Now pull down these flaps keep tail between these flaps Pickup top corner and fold it down as shown Now fold this up Crease should be just above tail Now we will again fold this down upto this pinch mark Now we will fold along this line which is passing through this point we will repeat this step with this side also Now We will squash fold along this line do this for left side also Now open this head as shown Now we’ll fold this side along these points Fold it’s ear along these points Now fold these ear upwards Repeat this step with left side also Flip it Fold these hands as shown Fold second hand also Now fold leg as shown make crimp fold on tail to make it curly and reverse fold on tip of tail and here our Piakchu is done We will make it’s eyes mouth and red cirlces on it’s cheek Thanks for watching Please Subscribe and leave comments

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