9 thoughts on “Photoshop tutorial beginner : Star Wars Fan Art Episode 2 Color Correction

  1. Hello Serge Remelli. I want to say something. I learned everything about lightroom from you. I found my editing style because of you. No offence but why are you changing what you use to do before, i mean all that street photography and bridges showing us different lightroom tutorials. I used to love your channel for all that epic shots of yours in Paris. I hope L.A must have something which suits your old style. I am sorry if you felt bad but I am missing the old Serge Remelli from whom I learned to lit up the lamps in Lightroom. I need more of the old you.

  2. to bad the star destroyer have the sun reflection the wrong side. thats make it hard to look real.great tuto tho , thanks !

  3. Serge great Episode 2! By the way did you ever see Inglorious Basterds? There was a scene where the British officer posing as a German gave himself away when he said “three beers” and held up three fingers. The real German officer told him in Germany they use their thumb and two fingers so he knew he was British. We use three fingers in the USA too, so when you used your thumb and two fingers I thought “haha Serge is definitely not British”. I’m ready for Episode 3!

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