Photoshop: How to transform photograph into digital painting.

Photoshop: How to transform photograph into digital painting.

hello here im going explain you how to tranform an photo this is original image this is transformed image

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  1. This was sooooo helpful! Thank you! Best of all was that you explained how to add a stroke to a pen path. That is what I've wanted to know for ages! You just transformed my graphic design life. I almost cried. Seriously. God bless! 🙂

  2. Thank you for this tutorial. I found it invaluable for learning how to use Photoshop properly. And the music is a bonus. Also well done. Unlike some others posting here, I can either listen and watch but I cannot do both well at the same time.

    Watching the mouse and what it does taught me more in 10 minutes than several thousand words. In addition, I appreciate your concern for non-english speaking people. And for those who complained of no narration; what language do you speak?

    Yes, This video will teach you also. It crosses all language barriers.

    Thanks again,


  3. hey thank-you very much for this tutorial ..this video is very easy to understand!!! can you tell how to fade pictures
    in photoshop ?

  4. OMG! Why don't anyone speak during these fucking videos! You create awesome work but never explain your steps via voice. I'm sure your voice is wonderful, so please just share it so we as the viewers can know what's going on, because we can't read your mind.

  5. I really enjoyed watching your video. The music was very relaxing and I enjoyed watching you transform the pic into a painting. Well done!

  6. Dump the music. Irrelevant and distracting. Please redo w voiceover and tutor us as to why you're doing things.

  7. Here's a tip they never tell you in these videos. It is almost essential to start with a hi-resolution photo that has professional lighting. It's very difficult to do this with some random picture you snapped with your phone or typical digital camera.

  8. i love how people complain about how you didnt talk and cant follow the tutorial… listed to me here, if you cant follow the steps that means you are lazy as fuck and have never used photoshop in your life… use it a bit and get used to the layout… or just follow the god damn pointer… other than that, amazing tutorial, thank you!

  9. Excelente tutorial pero falta una voz de fondo para dar explicación para dar los nombres a cada herramienta! porque a veces hay diferencia de lugares en las herramientas de cada photoshop existente después todo muy bien! 🙂

  10. Thanks! Now I see how so called artists are using software to win contests. They use landscape photos and basicly blend the colours together using a brush then pass it of as a watercolour painting with a few digital enhancements. I look closely at the edges of these so called brush strokes and it's like looking at 2d lego. Lazy cheating scumbags, don't try and justify this process by saying "oh but it still takes time and effort" well fuck me bloody, it takes effort to cheat……..just not mych time compared to traditional art, thats why they puke up 5 paintings a week!

  11. Please make more Taylor Swift photoshop, I love it so much! And please add more special effects on it if you have the changes.

  12. Sadly, it didn't work out for me. I would have saved a lot of time with a text guide, instead of searching every passage through the video.

  13. I'm still confused about what he did in the end!! Is it a layer or duplicate copy of the previous 1!? Can someone please tell me?

  14. HEEEEY STUPID….. If you're going to do a Tutorial, giving instruction on what you're doing either verbally or written, would be awesome, so people can follow you. smh. Moron.

  15. The music sounds like it's played through a toaster. Great effect and tutorial, but can you please not compress the music so much?

  16. Wow! fantastic – I learned so much! And I need to learn more from you! Thank you!!!!! (I need to learn the pen tool adjustments a little more) 🙂

  17. This isn’t real art painting stop mocking artists. I find this offensive artists put a lot of hard work learning how to create then u guys come along smudge crap and call it painting. This is disrespectful.

  18. This is such an incredibly elegant tutorial; all the steps are so clear, and the outcome is exactly like it makes itself out to be. All without a single word spoken. Thanks, from those of us who are more craftsmen than artists. Jeff

  19. Thank you for the Tutorial, It is very well done and I love the effect. I have a question though, just before the very last step you show the mouse hovering over the "stroke" layer and then suddenly there is a new layer above it with all effects applied that you called "final", how did you create this layer? Thank you for you effort and for sharing!

  20. I found it pretty easy to follow without sound and the piano music is nice. It's when tutorials go at a million miles an hour it gives me the shits.

  21. A Simple tool to convert photo to sketch in single click. …

  22. Fantastic tutorial! Love the look you ended up with. It was all straightforward, but I do have one question — where you're manually adjusting dodging with the dodge tool, how is it switching from a full circle to a half circle for finer shape and dodge editing? I've clicked damn near every button on my keyboard and can't seem to find it, lol.

  23. All tutorials are on perfect photographs, but no one edits pics that aren't professionally taken. When I do this on my own photos, the effect is not even closer.

  24. I can't read the letter on your video bro, Please record a video on the best camera. But, thank's your tutor.

  25. This channel
    about Tutorials looks good. and here what i found a good tutorial about paint effect in photoshop.

    Check that out and follow updates every week. 🙂

  26. i have a qustion. i tryed another picture and followed your step but the picture  is not digital painting ㅠㅠcould you explain me ?

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